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Thursday, December 27, 2007

5 bobs, 5 3/4 length black coats & a personal trainer in a pear tree...

- Once again the topics being expressed here are my own random private thoughts & not to be confused in any way as the thoughts or opinions of others- that being said- Hi ya'll, how was everyone's Christmas? Ours was good! We stayed home this year for the 1st time in O.k, but it looks like we might be going to Mi. in the next few weeks. It was really nice to just hang out Christmas morning w/ the family. Then yesterday I loaded up the girls & headed to the mall ( I know I'm a freak) & they shopped till they spent most of their Christmas $$.(Wierd as it is, I am just not into that anymore...surprised me too!!) Tonight we went to my dear sweet unsuspecting friend Kathleen's B-day party- let me just say, we really rocked into the night. Kathy made some yummy treats too, but one of her B-day pressies is a personal trainer, who incidentally showed up to the party, so needless to say we were quite vexed about giving in to to much temptation- thanks JARRETT!!!....
I cannot believe its 4 days till 08... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I still have a lot to get done this year...ugh! I guess that also means that the slim chance that I had to get any finiancial help from my ex in Phoenix before the year is out just went to none, zero, nada, zip... grrrr! What do you call that? Thank God my sweet husband is such a Godly man & loves this family, I really am blessed.- It also means that Peyton will be 7 & Kait 15 -which means DRIVERS PERMIT!! - & in the brilliant words of Nancy Kerrigan after she got wacked in the knee by Tanya Harding's bodyguard in Detroit @ a figure skating championship- - "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??" Well, theres no turning back now- & I have 2 more comming up right behind her. Then just about the time I get used to some peace & tranquility for 5 or 6 years ( ok, call me a dreamer) BAM-Peyton will be 15 too starting it all over again.... - Well hanging out w/that person trainer tonight really makes me want to go get a whopper, fries & a double thick choc milkshake...Poor Kathy!!
Till next time.. hugs, LA :0)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ode to Sydney...

Where do I begin... Well in a little adobe hospital in Santa Fe New Mexico just over 13 years ago,the Lord & I brought two precious tiny babies into this world( w/ the help of some very skilled surgeons) . Chelsea was 4 pounds, dark brown & a head full of crazy black hair... Sydney was just under 5 pounds, bald as she could be and looked remarkably like the gerber baby we seem to compare babies to...She was born w/ a smile on her face- literally was dragged out if her little cocoon grinning from ear to ear- wilst her sister was kicking & screaming enough for the both of them! Sydney has always been such a aweome child. She's always been on her own schedule, not influienced by what other people think of her-what she wears, how she acts, does her hair, nothing... She also has the gift of mercy, which @ times has equated to being taken advantage of & enduring countless friendships that have left me @ times screaming in my mind through pursed lips because they take advantage or mistreat her. But because of who she is, she has taught me a lot about forgivness. I am very much in love w/ Sydney, & love watching her blossom into the woman of God that she was predestined to be. I am so thankful for the role she plays in our family & I cannot imagine even one day w/ out her in my life. I'm not saying it hasn't been w/ out stress & drama, being her mamma (she is a girl & mine for heaven sake) but I have truely loved the journey of seeing her evolve & grow (already nearly over my head!) If you are reading this & you have daughters, I want to encourage you to please let them know what they mean to you & how vital your relationship is... So here's to all the precious "Sydney's" in our lives. May God continue to let's us expierience their sweet spirit & unconditional, seemingly endless, Grace......

Monday, November 12, 2007

As it is...

FYI-This is a journal about 5 girls, 1 boy & the goings on w/in the context of said family..It is a journal & @ the same time read by friends & loved ones who can after reading this entry, be very thankful that their life isn't filled w/such wonderful opportunities to grow in their walk. I am one of said girls & @ present struggling w/ another of the 5 girls. As this is a journal, I am going to be very poignant about my feelings.. I have a daughter that we will simply refer to as' miss 14' to protect the not-so-innocent...Well 'miss 14' came home from her dads this summer (for the second year in a row) w/ a new boyfriend that she met on the internet & fell madly in love, hid it very well (surprisingly) for 2 months, then (true story, only the names have been changed) was made to end the torrid texting affair after I found a text stating ' Good night sweet love, I will miss you till after 5 period when I can hear from you once more...' Needless to say, she was put on serious lockdown & swore to be loyal,trustworthy and responsible & to never contact the 65 y.o man posing as a 16 yo boy ever again (well, how do we know he isn't a 65y.o pervert? I've never met the guy!!!)fast fwd 3 months..'Miss14' gets off punishment, her life & cell phone back, go's on a minivacation w/ her bff & WHAM-Back in love affair w/ 65 yo man posing as a 16 y.o boy...(still no proof to the contrary) So once again, I've been driven to take matters in to my own hands.. I have txt 65y.o man & very innocently asked for his address & home # "cause I'm putting it in my fone book and I also want to 'send him somthing" I'm going to call his house, & if he really has a mom (like any self respecting 16 y.o boy does) I'm going to have a conversation w/ her about the trouble 'Miss 14' is in over all of this. Oddly enough, he hasn't text me- I mean her, back....Tune in next time to see how this all plays out, in the meantime can you share w/me what your thoughts are & what you would do in the same situation. Uh oh 5th period is over,gatta go,bbl-LA

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tis The Season...

Hot tub season that is! Today we got it all drained so now we have to get it all clean & ready.... Its the most wonderful time - of the year... Like the song says! Come one & all, I'll get the wine, ya'll bring your suits!~ Cept you Trace, you get Cider & to put your feet in!! ;0)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


There's NO LURKING ALLOWED YA'LL! IF YOU READ THESE - REPLY TO SAY YOU WERE HERE!! -& as Peyton would say" Thanks & have a God Blessed day" hugs

Ohhhh Sunny Florida....

I miss it. I don't necessarily miss 'it' persea, I miss my friends & our spiritual growth while we were there really. I also miss my routine. Meeting my friend Dawn for lunch & then a latte right around the corner from our church. I miss our friends Rachelle & John comming over on a Sat. to grill out & then stay late to watch a movie. I miss my friend Janice & meeting her & a few other ladies for a late dinner and some girl time. I also really miss our friends Jen & Jason & all the sweet time our familes shared. Well, John n Rachelle no longer I've in Fl, (although we are still very close, see them a few times a year). Same w/ Dawnie & I- still very close. (Now, she doesn't go to curch there anymore)...... And we now live in the same small town in Ok. as Jen & Jason, sadly though it seems the Lord had other plans for our friendship. 'Times & Things Change'.... Except for 3 constants; 1. Chris & I are doing better than ever, 2.we also continue to grow in our relationsip w/ God and 3. if any of you know me, you know I homeschool. I don't just do it, no one who homeschools just 'does it', we live it, love it. I'mmmmm not saying its for everyone, nor do I claim to be the best @ it, I simply know I am called to do it. My sweet friend I mentiond before (whom I dearly miss) is praying about homeschooling. I am a firm believer that if your praying about it- then your well on your way. I want to encourage anyone considering it, to"pray bout it" ;o)
Well, its a windyyyyy day here in Northeast Ok . & we ( Peyt & I ) are learning Phonics....( Pray fir us!!) So, off I go : tr-uck, truck! tr-ay, tray! tr-iain, train! Till next time! L.A.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, we have truely had a jam- packed week! My inlaws arrived on Wed. for the 3 birthdays, (as they do annually) then we were off to the races! We had 10 girls over Fri. night for the twins 13th, we then had a neighborhood wide treasure hunt, then various other activities which involved my planning and burning of calories, yeeeeehaw! . (I'm still pooped!) After which they camped out on our back lawn & partied well into the morning... On Saturday we had Peytons 6th, "Princess birthday party" which started here @ 5 pm then moved over to Justus where 5 "totally decked out" princess's got hair, makeup, nails & various other special treats! It is one they have yet to stop talking about, & won't soon forget! ( Peyton still has glitter in her hair& wore her new long pink beautiful, flowing gown (her words) for 2 days, we simply couldn't get her out of it! !) This morning we met my inlaws for breakfast, after which they headed back to Mi. (and I headed back home to lay in my room to just relax! Ahhhhh) . Its so nice that they get to come, we always really have a wonerful time, and the girls truely love seeing them (my mil seemingly bounds w/ energy, which was perfect for this weekend!) So now its "Back to life, Back to Reality" But I'll see ya back here soon, L.A

Friday, October 5, 2007

Is it love?

Seems to be a theme in my life right now. You know the bible says that "You can tell a man by his fruit". But it also says " The greatest of these is love". So how can the Lord remain in me and I in Him , if I don't have full forgivness and love?(cant have one w/ out the other)You think you love. . What does that mean really? That no matter what she does or says or no matter how many times you have realllyyyyy tried to "love" her & you are never enough, its never enough, nothing you can humanly do, or will ever do, will ever be enough, but you are to still "love"? ... So how then? Does that then mean that even tho I love, I don't have to be in fellowsip? But if I truely love, then wouldn't I be able to be? How can He remain in me, & I bear fruit, if no matter how hard I try, (over and over) I cannot seem to fully "love"?? I don't want to miss out on God, but this just simply eludes me "Yes, but maybe I was just to "love" for a season" Heard that one? These are just some of my thoughts... Be certain that He has heard these same lamitations..... I will report back when I have gotten word, and would surely take some "councel".... Feel free to email or call... 80) ........L.A

Monday, October 1, 2007

My precious friend....

I am hurting so much you for my friend. Along w/ the hurting, I am praying my heart out for you both. I know the fight your in right now, & words cannot express the sorrow and sadness I am feeling for you , but I want you to remember that God is so much bigger than this. I am praying "Peace" for you ..... In these battles we face in our lives, our peace is a mighty weapon. Your confidence declares right out loud that you are not falling for the lies of satan.The first step in having spiritual authoriy over our adversary is having peace 'inspite of' our circumstances. Remember whenever Jesus confronted the devil? He did not confront satan w/ His emotions or in fear, He knew satan was a liar, He refused to be influenced by any voice ther than God's. I'm praying that right now while your being pulled in so many different directions, that the only voice that you hear is the Lords. I'll talk to you this evening... I love you, L.A

Thursday, September 27, 2007


For the past few days I've been keeping tabs on a precious family (via their blog ) I found out about it through my friend Traci. They had a baby girl named Copeland that would have been 9 days old today.Her mommy & daddy found out just before she was born that she was very ill & wasn't expected to live through even the first hour. Last night around 5:30 pm she went home to be with Jesus . I have witnessed some things so incredible & miraculous since first finding out about this family. First is the innate strength & courage of believers who know His voice & are believing Him during a time when it is all that you can do to simply open & close your eyes. When the pain of merely existing through something is almost not worth it, to put one foot infront of the other is nearly more than you can muster, & still.... still you believe Him. She writes about as the people from the funeral home come to take the babies body last night she felt compelled to chase after them to get her baby back...Oh my heart breaks for her........I cannot even put into words the feelings that this envokes in me....
The second thing that has really gripped me as I have stayed close to this family's blog is the sheer volume of comments from Christians who are ' standing' on behalf of this sweet family. I -AM-BLOWN-AWAY! Last night over 550 posts, prayers, lyrics to songs , words of love and heartfelt burdens people are feeling as we read daily, hourly about what's happening within those four walls. Stories to bring some peace, stories of love, His love.... People from everywhere that haven't ever met this family in the flesh are on their knees , on their faces pleading to the Father on their behalf, and I can just see how God is using the sheer volume of believers who are loving on this family to pour out His grace. It has set afresh on me Gods vow to be with us during the fire. To encamp us as we endure something none of us can ever make it through without Him....
I will never Leave you, Or Forsake you....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another week down....

First off I want to mention our be-u-ti-ful days here in North East Ok. Lovin it! Tho, I can't help but wonder what kind of winter we are in for.....We have just had some family drama here in the Allen household, ugh! Things are now starting to get back to normal tho. Why can't there be a web sight where you can type in whatever your delima is & bam, instant clarity!! I wish...... No book, no friends telling you about what they are going through w/ their children or did @ that age, nothing you have done in your past (or may still doing) can prepare you for raising teenagers.... Its a whole new ballgame baby. You know one of my saving grace's is that I daily pray that they won't get away w/ secret sin, that it will be revealed, & up to this point it seems to be working. My other saving grace is, I'm a realyyyy good bluffer. Shhhhhhh..... Tonight the twins have an up all night, very exciting.... 10 pm @ IP, then dodgeball @ another church in Tulsa, iceskating, then somewhere around 5 am they venture back this way for some bible study (how much they will really retain after all of that, only God knows). They are pumped! Chris went to the Dr. yesterday, we see his specialist next week @ the OU Med. Cntr. The new meds he's on are Beta Blockers @ really seem to be working, I'm so relieved, and ready to put this behind us. We got a new vehicle, its an 05 Escalade, the girls just love it!! It has the 2 dvd players & they want to go for drives all day/everyday. Kait's already making plans for when she gets her liscence & gets to take it out.... Right!! As we speek they are trying to get me to take them to Macy's for a "Huge Sale" this weekend, they really do need jeans tho. I'm going to think about it....Ok, well that's all for now but I will see ya back here soon, LA

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ok, Awesome......

I know that word gets a lot of play, however that's truely what our trip to Joplin was.... We went w/ a really great group of ladies from my church, & sat among some other friends of mine from Freedom (a local church ). We had a wonderful time & were all really blessed!
One thing that we can't ever forget is that there are so many ways that our children are impacted in this old world; daily, hourly & minute by minute but it brings me so much peace & joy to know that they are getting so many seeds planted to counteract all of that garbage, such as this conference...They reallydo get it....... Right now I am in a season of silence, any of you that daily walk w/ God know exactly what I am refrencing.. There have been times recently where I bickerd & wined about it, but Gods word says that I am to be still & know... Know what? Know that He is in control....
He does now & always will have His way & His perfect will in my life & my girls too... Which is what? To prosper us ,give us hope & a future. And the best part is that He feels that way about you too... All of us...Just try Him. This is a lesson that just brings us so much closer & closer to Him & that's right where I long to be....
Also right now I long for my back massage that Chris is waiting to gift me w/ then some zzzzz's cause its been a long day...Goodnight, I pray God show you His glory & make His face shine upon you.... Till next time, L

Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, why is it that people cannot just be happy with what the good Lord gives them, they have to go coveting thy neighbors possesions? It aint right it aint Christian! Actually it honesty makes me really sad because it means that they arnt content w/what God blesses them w/ & where they are in their lives... I'm so thankful that I don't struggle w/ it, I'm to free-willin for that. I do struggle tho when people try to compete or out do others, (It changes friendships..) I'm praying about it tho~ Sandpaper!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You want to Mow?

Ok,its the wierdest thing, but my girls (especially Chels, yes I said Chels!!) offers to mow our 2 acre plot of back 40 reserve.... Who here, besides myself feels like I'm being set up? Only week after week we have to patato it out to see which one of them get to do it......I know, wierd! Ok, so today Chels gets right to it. If you know her, I believe you will agree w/ me that she is a glammer puss De-lux. Had her hair all up, her lips all glossed up & her mack mamma reflective shades on..... Truely fabuious -John Deer shiek! Its so nice to have them home & not because they mow. Peyton is turning 6 in Oct, & has her1st loose tooth, its really wierd but it hit me kinda hard. Isn't that early? .....They are growing up @ warp speed & I am just not ready!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks everyone....

Well we have some news about Chris. We found out that he has hyperthyroidism. Its when your thyroid (for reasons unknown), starts burning out. It has caused all of the symptoms he has been exhibiting. There are a few treatment options for it & the treatment we have chosen isn't something he is looking fwd to, but it was the lesser of the three evil's available. He will also be required to take medication for the remainder of his life, but we are just so thankful to have found out what it is & to have it taken care of. Thanks everyone for the calls & support, we have been really touched by all the love & prayers. He has another apt. next week & I'll check back in w/ an update! See you soon, L

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Prayers & a good cry....

So much has been going around here lately,the girls gone, getting ready for the school year, but the hardest of all being that Chris has been ill for a few months. He's a typical man and threfore hasn't taken his symptoms seriously until recently. I won't go into all of the details, but we have just had blood work & a few other tests run & his Dr. feels that there are few things it could be ( 2 of which I won't even say aloud). Those closest to us have known about this for some time & have been such a wonderful resource for us, I am eternaly greatful & want to thank you. Chris is taking all of it in stride, but has said that he isn't looking fwd to the next few weeks & neither am I. Please pray for him & that God give his doctors wisdom & guidance,& also that He fill us w/ His peace & sound minds.. To those of you that have been wearing out your knee's for us, I cannot even express how it had touched us, we couldn't have made it w/out you.Well that's all for now , I'll be back to let ya know when I know...See ya then, Leah.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 to go.....

Well the girls have been gone 2 weeks & 1 day. We have now been doing this for 5 yrs & its not getting any easier eather! Thankfully a few things are diff now,one being that this time Peyton is loving it! We are sitting last week in the drive through of a place that's close to my heart (& shall remain nameless )& she says " Mommy, isn't it much more economical to just have 1 child? " To which I say " One would think so" however she has taken full advantage in her sissy's absence w/ running here & there. It seems that her energy level never levels! I am exhausted! Another thing that's diff this time is that I have friends here that genuienly care about me & are mindful of how hard this time is.... It would have been very easy to just stay home & not shower but we have been quite busy w/ luncheon dates, swimming, movies, dinner dates & family stopping in... I am surrounded by pure gold in the friends the Lord has hand picked for me.. 8 of said friends have come over a few times when as it just happens that I'm feeling particularly sad ... It has been so nice having the deversions (of which I am so thankful for!). The girlies in Az. are having a ball. Their Nana has moved there now, so all they do is eat, swim & shop! Also, just today their other granmaw (whom they hadn't seen for 8 yrs) flew in from Dever to spend a week w/ them, they are fit to be tied! I'm really happy they are having such a wonderful time, but I'm missing them a great deal too & ready to see them! Ok, well right now as we speak, Peyt is in my bathroom wanting a makeover, with or w/out me!!..... Duty calls... Till next time, L

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Well,they are gone......

We took the girls to the Airport this morning.... Sooooo hard to see them go! Peyt is already taking full advantage too! So far she wants to go to Toys R Us & she now wants a bead kit to take over to her friend Kennedy's house...(its only been 2 hours, there's no telling how bad its gonna get!) We just had our very dear friends Kelly & Dave w/ their sweet family here all last week,& then my baby brother & his gf were here Monday, so we have gone from a full house to totally empty! Thank goodness my dad is on his way & will stay tomorrow.... I don't think you ever get used to the quietness... But they will only be away for 3 weeks, hopefully it will fly by! Naturally they are very excited so they won't miss their momma until about day 4 when the party dies down, & I'll be a waitin! To my friends @ AWH my passport won't let me in, & had to get a new email because of my new palm, so just post your email when you reply & I will send ya my info! I better go, she's supposed to be cleaning up her toy room, but its oftly quiet all of the sudden! See ya soon!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm still here!!

Hey everyone, sorry I havn't been in, we had computer issues & so we now have palms. I will now do all my posting & email from here, (good Lord willing) ! Be patient w/ me its all so new !Ok so now onto what's been happening round here:

Thursday, June 7, 2007

well well well....

I'm here to tell you that I aim to continue to be connected to my fan base on this blog, no matter what life throws at me. I'm not one of those gals who takes her friendships lightly, & cant squeeze in a little girl time, no way, not me....
More random thoughts from Mc allen: I'm doing great, you?? Yes, we have alot going on, but good times, good times.... Is alot even a word, because when I use it and then do a spell check, it gives me options of other words, none of which are "alot".
My Peyton literally just came in here with them big ole croc tears filling up her eyes because she is starving nearly to death ( after eating junk all day @ Big Splash, and then going tonight to Incredible pizza, & you know what all they have there...) & she asked her daddy to make her a tortilla & butter, he then said for her to git to bed. I really think you guys from Mexico, ie: Tracy, Aim , Kelley, and yes even you Kathy by association) might have started something with her and that delicioso Mexican treat). So where y'all all at and whats the happs , huh??

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

And so it begins....

We are off and running , wide open into our summer..... We were supposed to go to Collide Fest this weekend, but alas, it has been postponed until next June because of all of the rain we have had. Which works out great because we are due to go to Mi. next Thursday for a little over a week. We were planning on going to St.Louis & have the in laws meet us there to go to Six Flag and stay @ Yogi bear campground where Chris and I had rented a cabin for 4 days and my inlaws were due to camp in their trailer but w/ Tracey finding out shes having twins, naturally, shes not been feeling her best & may not be up for all of that. Chris's granparents have a house on the lake near where my in laws live, that my girls dearly love to go and hang out @ during the summer. The whole family of 4 generations get together. They have boats and jet ski's, and a swim spot where the girls literally swim their little heine's off. My B.I.L. has a fun jet that he is working on for them to ride while we are there too, lots of fun to be had in Michigan.We really try to do those things w/ them because in a minute they will be gone. I want them to have wonderful memories of our family together, I didn't have that, except for the times I spent w/ my grandparents on the ranch. We would camp all summer long on the lake w/ a bunch of their friends, all in motor homes, I practically grew up on the water. If it wernt for them, I wouldn't have had any memories like that. I am very thankful!!
Because Collide was postponed we wanted to then just go up to Branson for the weekend, but the girls said they would rather just kick around here, go to Big Splash and do some other fun stuff that we have been talking about doing, then my brother and his wife Kari w/ their 4 precious babies are due to arrive here on Monday for a few days of relaxation, sun & naturally swimming in the pool!! (I have worked very hard to get it ready) We are all excited to see them, Peyton can talk of little else. Ok, enough for now, I hope you all are having fun making summer plans too, & I shall see you here next time!!! Till then, God Bless & don't forget the sunscreen!! Leah

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Boy, what a rush!!!

We went to see the Tulsa Talons last night. Woooo hooooo!!! There isn't a local Pro. Team here, so we got to see the next best thing. We got stomped unfortunately, from a team right out of where I haled from @ birth (Arkansas!!!) I mean to tell you, it was a massacre!! I guess we are 7 & 0 , or were that is, till last night...This team beat us 3 times last year.... But the game isn't about winning or loosing ya'll, its about the free gifts and the Disney Radio gang being there & throwing all kinds of stuff into the crowd, & having awesome half time show!!! We got these plum obnoxious horn things, I couldn't even hear anything as we left the arena... The girls had a blast, laughed and played around doing the Macarena and various other crowd dances lead by the Talons Cheerleaders... It was a good family time had by all, & that truly is what matters... That and the fact that I scored MAJOR points w/ Chris, his needs are very important to me ya know!! Next week, we might even go play some golf together, that's right, I'm being a good, loving, nurturing help meet, just like the Good Book says..So let that be a lesson to the rest of ya.....
See ya next Time ~Mc Allen

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now the countdown begins......

Well, somewhere right around the first of June my mother will be heading back to N.M. w/ my sister in tow. It has been three months, and it is now time. We certainly have had our ups & downs, but one thing is for certain, I realized how much I love and cherish my family time w/ the girls Chris & I , also that God was doing something in all of it, even if I'm not totally certain of what it was yet.
It is really interesting to add two very strong personalities to an existing family dynamic (especially where there are 5 females already co~existing~ alot of stretching happening in me). I feel really confident that there isn't anything more for them to learn or do here. I have seen them grow & I know that they will be going back w/ a new perspective, & healed of alot of things. Naturally there will some readjusting for the girls, they really have had some fun times w/ them: The late night games, swimming in our pool while it is 68 degrees outside. Late nights in the hot tub. Hide and go seek w/ Jordan countless hours at night. So as you read this, if you would, please pray for the 2 of them & the road that lay ahead of them, also for the loss that the girls will be feeling as they leave. Till next time ♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There comes a time in every mothers life....

When her eldest daughter turns 14. Frankly, your choices about what to do are very limited!!!
Lets go back in time shall we?? We had her around 9 am in Scottsdale Az. on a beautiful may morning. Precious little baby girl, with beautiful round blue eyes, and the softest sweetest smelling skin I think I had nearly ever smelled. As with every mother who looks foreword to her babies birth, I had so many hopes and dreams about how our lives together would be...
Her birth was scheduled well in advance so naturally we very naively assumed that we knew exactly how it would go down, we didn't then & frankly haven't known much of anything to let her tell it, since then. What happened?? Where is my baby??? & why is it that she knows full well that I have been on this earth for 36 years & have pretty much been there, done that, yet that gets me a huff & a roll of the eyes. ( actually I don't really ever see the rolling of the eyes naturally, because by that time, she has stomped away hating me for asking her why, for the billionth time, did she leave her straightener on, & didn't she know it could burn the house down?? ect.....(But then I hear "Mom, shes rolling her eyes again~~ SLAM"!!!) She stands now looking @ me eye to eye as we struggle, her to get me to the ground, me to keep that from happening come hell or high water, even at the expense of not being able to stand upright for the next week and a half!!! ( never , EVER let them see you sweat!!!, or limp around!!) She begins to laugh because I can still take her down ( & thank the good Lord, because if she EVER gets that over on me, I just don't know what might happen to the safety of myself and her sisters. My brute strength just might be what is standing in the way of complete & total anarchy!!!) Then all is well again, until in about 5 minutes,when I do , or say something else that rubs her the wrong way, might even be her name, we just never ever know...
I hear tell that it is her job to hate me, that secretly she doesn't, that when she says go away with her mouth she really means come here, that she needs love and affirmation... But what about when she says it with gritted teeth, screaming, whilst shaking her fist at me with the look of horror, & all I see is the whites of her eyes?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, HUH??????
I just happen to have kids that are early teens & also a younger one who is 5 ( all girls) so I fit into 2 groups of mothers. Quite a few of my friends happen to have kids Peyton's age, so they get a front row seat in this psychotic episode that has become my life and in seeing me muddle through this maze. I hear from them time to time,"Thank goodness that by the time I get there with mine you will have already been through it and I can look to you for guidance... WHAT??? Have you NOT heard my prayer requests??? They go a little somthin like this " Please pray that I make it through this next week when we will meet again so that once again you can pray for me..... Sometimes you might hear" Please pray that whomever swapped out my baby 14 years ago in the PICU in Scottsdale Az. would contact me and bring my child back, no questions asked. Or it might go a bit like this: " Please pray that I get a word from God soon about when, when will he be coming back for me, I NEED TO KNOW!!!????
I know, its not all that bad, I'm just telling you , if I hear her sisters walk out of their room one more time asking " How does this look?? & hear her HUFF, & make this barely audible noise that has become the benchmark of our rivalry, then see her sister, shoulders slumped, walk back into their room to change for the um teeth time because of her disapproving grunt, I'm going to loose a grip!!!
Ok, seriously I want to end this on a positive note, so as to not offend & so that you don't mistakenly contrive from this that I am not one million percent in love with, & totally adore my child & her three sisters. I know w/ every part of me that they are what I was created for. To love nurture & yes, even mess up in my humanness & imperfectness from time to time. The good news is however, they have parents who pray, & love them plum past the moon and back. There isn't anything that I have ever done (w/ the exception of their births, my wedding day and being in the Lord presents ) that has brought me more pure utter joy or total & complete bliss, than having this life as I walk daily with my babies.
God has been so good to me, & I pray daily that I can be all that He has called me to be for them. If you don't grasp anything else from my misshaps and blunders, please remember this: They are only with us for a minute, after which they are off fluttering around learning life's hard lessons with us hopefully doing in tandem what we are each called to do on their behalf :~~Standing on the sidelines Cheering them on, while we are also " Wearing out our Knees!!" As the word says, "Teach them the way they should go, & when they are old they WILL NOT depart from it....
Ok, thats quite enough for now, thank you for your patronage & be certain that I will let you know if she gives up the grunt, but as Im sure you know, its not very likely!! :0)
See ya next time!!! ☻

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am having a great time cause my very good friend Tracy is here. She Kathy and I have spent the last 2 days together,except for today for a few hours when I took Kait on her B~day lunch/shopping extravenganza w/ her bff Faith (and w/ the exception of the running of the bulls I entered into by being the first to finish my plate of freholes in the Placo del Rio while on vacation in Mexico when I was there last month w/ a few of my compradres, I cant remember being so plum wore out & sore.....) Kait was very blessed by people that love and care for her this year , we are very thankful!!
They my loyal /trusty girlfriends, are sitting here right now being really mean to me @ 10:55 pm & I am totally undeserving of it......It is their belief (I say their, but its mostly Kathy, and less Tracy) that if I would put into a Roth IRA what Chris & I spend on coffee each month, we could retire in 10 years...Like I'm going to fall for that one.....
Back to the fun Im having, last night we went out to dinner at our fav. local spot for mexican, Compadres, where we were joined by another sweet friend Erin and her husband Eric, as well as Tracy's husband George whom I was very miss informed about, he is to a United States citizen and very easy to understand....
Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of lunch with the girls and a day getting work done... Mani's & Pedi's for the lot of us... I tell ya, sometimes the hanging out and having to "Socialize" when kin comes a callin, it really wears me out!!!
We have so much going on this summer. My calendar is very quickly filling up, and as Im sure will can guess, the girls are very ready to get our summer underway!!! We will school for 2 more weeks, then we will be off until sept. They are going to their dad's for 3 weeks in Aug, so we will resume when they return home.
Ok, well we are watching a movie now, and so I must focus, so good night and see ya next time!!

God Bless!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

We went, saw, listend, grew & bought!!!

Boy that went to quickly!! Kathy and I went to OKC and stayed at her sisters home near there. She is so sweet, and about to pop!! (8 months pregnant!) We didnt make it to the first day of the convention, but were there bright and early yesterday morning. ( she really is a good driver, we didnt get lost even once!!! :)
I once again realized just how important as a home school parent, that you go to these things, and every time I do, God really impresses on my heart exactly why we do it... Its about Him and the love that we have for our babies. I hear moms say all the time like this " Its not for me, I need my free time.." Or " I think christian kids need to stay in the public school system" Or " I'm not smart enough to teach my kids..." There are many reasons why people don't feel like they are lead to do it... But there's only one reason why you should, because no one loves your kids or thinks them so valuable, impressionable, and precious as their Lord and the parents He gave them.
Its a call that not everyone is obediant to, & I know full well why; Like being a mother, its a thankless job, it impeeds on your schedule of things "you " have planned in your day, you never get a break (or so you tell yourself). Only a parent who truly knows that they were created to nurture the children God has blessed them with, and can lay all their selfish reasons and all the doubts aside to know that God never brings you to anything He wont get you through.....
If you even have a seedling growing in your heart about doing it, please just know, none of us are perfect, but we are created in His likness, and we are never alone.
Ask yourself one question: are your reasons for doing it selfish or for the children you love so much??.... Ill get off my soap box now... till next time!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tomorrow we are offf!!!

Tomorrow Kathy and I leave for OKC for the Homeschooling Convention (yeaaaaa) ....I haven't been since the first year I home schooled & went to the one in Kissimee Fl. I really loved being around 1500 others who had the same heart for their children and the call on their hearts that I do, to try and instill in their lives what I feel God wants them to know, about Him, life and even the love of themselves and others. Its wonderful to get some fresh perspective when your at the end of the year and might not be "Feelin the Love" for it right now...
I wasn't sure when I went to bed last night that I would be up to going, Chris and I both were feeling like we had been hit by a Mack truck. I am starting to feel alot better now,and so is he, thank the Lord. ( although I am getting wore plum out from all the rain... Feeling a bit like Noah must have felt...;0) Well, we found out that our Homeowners Ins. will not be paying for our septic, so I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned to knock our socks off in getting this all worked out.... I know its going to be good. I just keep telling that mountain to "MOVE"!!
Kait plays softball and hasn't had a game in over a week due to the rain, I'm wondering is she will ever have another one... I just saw the forecast and looks like a few clear days and then back to rain, and since the septic is not working, we have a little pond in the back yard~ EAK!!!
Next week, a really wonderful, loving, friend of ours ( Kathy and Mine) is bringing her family down for a visit, I am so excited I just cant wait, we just need really some happy times around here about right now!!! ☻
I'll see ya soon to let you know whats happening in" The days of our lives here in Owassa Oklahoma!!! Till then, God bless, and good bye !!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lots going on here....

Let first me start by saying " Hello" to all of you that come in and see whats happening in the Allen Household....
This is such a crazy time for us, w/ wrapping up end of the year homeschooling stuff, getting ready for summer camps and all of the busyness that summer brings into our already hectic schedule. Also, my term with the MOMS Club is coming to an end in June.
We have 4 family trips planned, Kaits big 14th birthday, some great are friends headed here next week, & this is just April!!
We will soon have some transitional things happening around here as well...For instance, as you all know, my mother and sister have joined our family & have now been with us for 2 months. I have just received news that they are planning to return to N.M. While I am sad, I know that God has a Divine plan, & He doesn't always agree with me about how I think things should happen, so once again He has shown me that He is in control and not me in my "Infinite Wisdom" (thank goodness) . I will miss them dearly, but I know that they came for a season and I just have to believe that they received here what they were meant to, and pray that they go back a sew some Godly seeds.
God really is so good to us however none of us are immune to drought. We have seemingly been under a spiritual attack in our finances ... There a few things don't warrant mentioning, however one got us right where we hurt...
We had our septic system pump freeze during the ... well, the freeze. So it filled up after the rains . We had it all pumped out last week and then a few day later the alarm went off again. We called them back out and were told that a wall of the tank fell in due to it swelling w/ all the water, so now we have to replace it. The price will fall somewhere around $6, 000......... My initial reaction??................
then once I woke up and Chris put a wet towel on my forehead I began to hear the Lord whisper, "Is this to big for Me"?? & " Have I ever forsaken you"??? .." "No Lord, you have never" So now we are waiting on the Lord ( and an also estimate from our homeowners Insurance!!!)
To be continued.........

* A Trip to Mexico w/ 4 of your girlfriends ... $600.00
*Having a full house and the septic system breakdown... $6000.00
* Having your mother & sister move in with your family ....... Priceless

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Im doing it!!!!

Hello Friends and Family!!!

well, actually I'm doing alot....

Today Kait and I have started on Weight Watchers (she just wants to eat healthier, I want to loose the equivalent of a 10 year old child's weight) .....So now I don't just have to figure out what to fix for the other 6, I have to figure out what I'm eating 6 times a day, and then find her meal stuff too. Did I mention she is about to be 14...(DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS????) .... Then I listen to them all complain about what I have made ( except Dear sweet Chris, he learned very early on that if he didn't like it, then he could just make it himself next time... Worked like a charm "On him" the others would just as well make, & then eat up everything in the place!!) There are times when I will look around without Chris seeing me and he will have what looks to be a grimace on his face , but as soon as he sees me, its a Big ~ole~Smile & a Nod. Goodness knows, I love that man!!

.... How in the world do people that cant cry out to God do it????

Remember the house I talked about back in "Im done hook line and sinker"?? Well, we have found a home in that neighborhood that we might be very well buying. It is in a newly Developed & Desirable area that is really growing, just on the outskirts of town. We have over an acre here , so we really wanted a large lot, this one is just over 1/2 an acre ... We are now talking to the Mortgage Co. that we have used for the past 8 yrs to see whats what.. We are also working with Realtor and as many of you know, it is a long arduous process. It's really driven home what my father~in~law/ Husband/& one of my Closest Friends have been saying to me over and over... To get my Realtors Licence... I'm not sure when I would squeeze it in, but I know there is money to be made!!!

Today the alarms went off. You know, the ones that signal during a rain storm,that a cone shaped wind has been spotted.. What~is~that~called?? Ohhhhh, yeah a TORNADO!!!! And you can bet your sweet bippy that my kids were like " monkeys on crack" today after the Eldest Female in the house ( who shall remain nameless) was going from winder to winder giving a play by play about the impending darkness, & nearly swore that whatever it was "was headed right for us"! I finally had to have the girls leave the room where they were all watching the news, you would have thought I had grounded them from the phone... Faces long, on the verge of tears, and I realized why... Through all of that commotion, terror, fear , and cursing ( there wasnt any cursing, but it does sound dire doesnt it???) they were bonding with their Meemaw... Some peoples kids.... ☻

Till next time...

P.S.~~ K.S. I really hope "you know who" feels better soon, talk to you tomorrow...♥

Friday, April 20, 2007

Well, The Good Lord strikes again!!!

We are going to Collide Fest this June (its a concert where 30 of the hottest christian artists will preform for 3 days, there are speakers and you camp out) The tickets are somewhere around $9o? apiece, (we will also drive to Tx.) So we have been trying to budget it, knowing God would provide... (He has shown and daily shows us sooooo much favor) Well, Mom was listening to a local Christan station this morning, & was asked to call in w/in a few minutes to win tickets to the event.
I get a call whilst I'm waiting in line @ the post office this morning, & she very excitedly (screaming into the phone, while in the background the girls are running around like a, what is it , tribe of Indians!?!!) & proceeded to tell me that she has won 35 tickets (which includes camping) to the festival!!! So we are now taking 20? of our closest friends and family!!!
I'm serious, I am blown away.........God Is so Good!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I hear a ringing, & smell pee....

hello all of my loved ones!! Here I am once more at the computer after I have just put my beautiful ladies down for the night. Kait thought she had practice today, so after a long day off we run to the softball field. Not another team mate or coach in sight, notice I said "thought"?? So home we come. I had plans to go out with a friend of mine so I hurried home and off I run. (Thanks Kathy, I really had a great time... My hands have never felt better!! *There was a lady giving out hand massages at this local place that a friend of a friend owns here)
I have looked fwd to getting on here and be~boppin around but as I sit here reveling in the quietness of the night and the time I get to spend, I start to hear this high pitched shrill noise that is really subtle,somewhere in front of me, I turn off the speakers.... still shrieking..... I try like 10 different things.... still shrieking.... so in utter defeat, I slouch down... IT STOPPED!!! Sit up, shrieking........ slouch , stops!! Hmmm????

So as I'm slouching, I get a whiff of something and I'm fresh out of the shower (and no it isn't giege shes in bed...) it is pee, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where it is coming from. If any of you know me @ all you know that it simply isn't tolerable to have odoriferous waftings in my presents....I'm at a total loss trying to find out where it is. I look high and low sniffing all around me, cant find it ,
So I have a thought: I sit up........... still smell the pee... slouch.......still pee....
Just thought I would give it a try...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

May She (I) rest in Peace.....

Well, let me just start by saying" It wasn't my fault" .....
As I'm driving home, this fella down the street with a spray bottle and a cloth hanging out of his back pocket (you allll know the one) is slowly making his way from a neighbor's home towards our street , so I hurry in and close the garage. I remembered him from last year, he was here once again to sell me cleaning products, well actually just one ( its one of them 15 in one thingamabobs) So I proceed to go from room to room telling anyone that might hear the doorbell and answer it, that they were to (very nicely ) say that their mom/sister/daughter is simply not interested, no matter how unbelievable this product is ( which I knew was his schpiel from last year, "Its not simply incredible, its otherworldly" ect.....) so as I lay on my bed trying to pray this migraine away before we had to leave in the next 20 minutes (yes, you know right where I'm headed) here comes Chels, followed very closely by Syd, proclaiming very excitedly how awesome this stuff is and how this guy just cleaned of our ancient (their words) door knob and it now looks " Brand Spankin New" and they had the " I just know that that will make you jump right up and sprint to the door to purchase this "miracle concoction" look!!" To which I said "I'm sure its perfectly good, but "I DO~ NOT~ WANT~ IT"!! Well, that did it then, they must have decided right then and there that it was their Obligation, no, their very DUTY, to get me to see the light, because then they sent in the "Big Gun" ... MOM.. (who by the way was now on a First name basis with the fella, and knows all about his upbringing and kin, that we may, or may not be related to...) "Leah , your not going to believe this stuff, its this..... and the guy is so....... and its good for this......... and that and you should see what he said........" so at the end of that~~~~ I bought it.
We arrived home from church about an hour ago and the girls (whom by the way I forgot to ask that they let me very gently tell Chris) were going on and on about this most awesomus stuff and how we hadn't had the chance to use it yet, but that they were just certain that they saved me from making a "Huge Mistake" by not letting this stuff get away, to which he innocently asks" Oh, and how much was it honey?" then Syd ( GO oooooo D love her....) says" it was only

$70... (as I'm seeing it all happen so quickly, but I slow motion all at the same time... Ya know what I mean??) I'm like SYYYYYDDDDNEYYYYY, NOOOOOOOO.. But it was to late...
It has now been well over an hour and he has just now been able to walk away, shoulders slumped, head down, crept off into the bedroom realizing that, yes , it is in fact true... I spent $ 70 dollars on cleaning stuff, and I'm not even sure if it really works.... The one thing I do know for sure is" that vein, you know, the one just over his right eye, yeah, that one, it really does need to be looked at, and the sooner the better...Amen

Sunday, April 15, 2007

MY Required Read....


It is my Hope that any of you that read this realize that these are my own interpretations of reality & that I can in no way be held liable for the content being "Accurately depicted" on this blog. It is completely @ the discretion of my own creative depiction and I am in no way saying that any of my ramblings that are posted here is the "Truth and nothing but the Truth" .... In fact, I would say that 89 % of it is reality, and the rest is simply my "Version"of the truth.... In other words: I may at times stretch, shall we just say, reality, in order to interject humor into what might seem a "Not~ So~ Funny" happening.... Comprende?? Furthermore, If your reading to much into my bloggings, this might not be your cup~o~tea..... It is my hope however that you grab a drink (pop, tea, water, whatever you prefer) kick up your feet, come and hang out with me in "The day's of my Life". Please also be sure weather your my bff, our family, my ex , his lovely new wife, my girls nana , or just a passer by, to please post comments and let us know what you think of our little place here.... I hope to see you on the blog, ☻ L

Im done, hook line and sinker!!!

We went out and about today, down to Skiatook, across the dam, went out to the camping area by the lake then out to Sperry... You know, just crusin along checking out our beautiful surrounding areas that we hadn't yet seen. Then we came back towards town across HW 75 . As it turns out, they were having some open houses in a community that I will now refer to as
"Where we now live" (we don't yet, I'm just prophesying) We walked through 4 models, and Im telling you right now, one was stolen from my very dreams~Copper down spouts, peakes and all... I cant even describe the eerie feeling as I climbed through the window to unlock a door that was so very obviously mistakenly locked ( after all, there were ribbons and flyer's tied to the mail box, and strung from the garage to the street was infact flags eluding to the fact that indeed they were encouraging us to " Come on in" ...) So as I'm scurrying across the gynormous great room to let the rest of the family in, I let out a shrill scream alerting the rest of my clan to my utter sheer extaticism (emphasis mine) as I round the corner to see what shall now be deemed as " My master bedroom" and see the beautiful stacked rock fireplace.... As surely as I'm sitting here, Chris and I ( mostly me, and very seldom him) will speak of little else... Check back in the next few days and see my comments after I call tomorrow and ask to be "Shown" the models that the doors couldn't be pried open and locks picked with a hair pin or a credit card....☻

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Did I mention...

My sister and mother are living here for a bit. Today my dad came for a visit. It is really interesting to see them interact, I really cant explain it. Just that its hard to imagine them getting along well enough to have me.. Not to mention my two brothers. I would have liked to have seen it, I mean them, you know married and hanging out, laughing, talking, you know. I really cannot even fathom it. All I know is, one thing is for certain.........

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I dont know if I'm gonna make it...

I am on the Net looking at our credit reports....... I am feeling nautious. There are so many things on there that are innacurate, and trying to dispute them, is like trying to break into the IRS's accounting records. Its no wonder that things stay on your credit for over 50 years, no one can figure out how to dispute any of it. I am now in the process of printing the report off, and am on page 3 of 92......You know, it occurs to me that I can pay someone to do this for us, and if it wouldnt cost us 3000 dollars to do it, I would!!! Hey..... are any of you interested in writing a series of letters to the three credit reporting agencies for us, having them notorized and then asking for verification of reciept??? I will go out of my way to be nice to you and at some point may even offer to make you dinner??? If so please respond w/ in the next four hours, which is when I expect this report to be finished printing.....

Friday, April 6, 2007

Me and My Gang!!!

I smell somthing... It aint bacon!!

I have questions, soooo many questions..... Well, here I sit , just minding my own business when suddenly I get a wiff ... Ummm, I cant describe sactly what it smells like, but let me just say this, " Im no longer hungry..." So please, let me ask this question... " Why is it that you can take the dog out every 20 minutes, and as soon as you come in they " go"...??? When I get to ask questions one day , you know, up yonder, I wonder if that will be one I think about asking... I hafta write it down, otherwise I wont remember it. Thats another thing, when was it that my memory went? One day I'm just minding my own business , remembering things from like as far back as infancy, (ok, might not have been that far back....) and just like that~whamo, I cant even tell you where in the world my keys went to, or remember to get t.p @ the store when its the very thing that I went there for... I honestly think if my thirties are any indication, I am in deep doo~ doo in the next half of my life...Actually Chris and the girls are , cause I just know, I'm going to be the one in my 70's that wonders off , in the middle of the day in my slippers and bathrobe to check the mail and end up at down @ the neighbors swimming pool , naked with a bar of their soap and a wash rag, yelling for someone to bring me a towel. Needless to say, its scary in here (my head that is) This is a cry for help, and if your reading this, just say a little prayer for all of us. Tune in next time, maybe I'll have more questions ~Hugs.....☻

Thursday, April 5, 2007

No It Aint!!!

Well, as I sit here & look out of the window to my left, what do I see?? In the Month of April... You know, when birds are a singing, flowers a growing, sun is a shh.............. SNOW??? Yes , it is in fact SNOWING here in our Southern Sate of Oklahoma. Its so cold infact that our dog wont bark inorder to try to conserve her body heat ( if she aint barking, its serious!!)
Somthing my dear friends is at hand, and it occurs to me that somwhere towards the end of the little book that some of us live by (our daily bread) it refers to these types of things happening in our weather as a sign. I aint saying it is, I aint saying it isnt, but I am sayin its lookin mighty fishy...Thats all I'm sayin... You feelin me????

Well, that got me nowhere....

I guess the neighbors might be the type of parents that really dont think their kids are capable of shooting a gas line with a bee~ bee gun, and then covering it up by placing gift wrapping tape over the hole. If it were me I would be like "Ok, hand over the gun" then I would have them march their little butts over there to wash windows, fold some laundry, sweep the lawn , warsh the dog , somthing.

Days like these ( by that I mean, days where my kids are up walking around, all ho hum, taking 2 hours to have lunch, walking the dogs 15 times in the last 3 hours, putting fake nails on Peyton MY 5 YO, giving me an update on how Kait is doing on mowing the yard every 5 minutes, and bickering about whose toenail polish is pinker) makes me want to head right back off to MEXICO!!! Any Takers???

the sun is out, now its not...

But noooo, thats not stopping us!!! A dear sweet friend of ours loaned us their riding lawnmore. I had expressed that after our lunch date, I was on my way over to our local " If -you -need- it- no -matter- what- it- is-they-just-happen-to-have-it-store!!( we all shop there!!) to get a push mower for our just over 2 acre plot of land. And she tells me that they just happen to have a John Deer just sitting in their garage that we can have for as long as we want (they dont even use it). Its an older one, but I am really thrilled about it just the same... A God thing?? I think So!! YAY ME!! Actually Yay Kait, because she is the only one on the island voted old enough to take on our "pasture of ill repute". And boy is she cute bouncing around on it whilst listening to her ipod over hill and dale.. (thats her posing up there....) Thank you Kathy & Jarrett, & Kait thanks you too!! ♥

Well, around here we are now in preperation for our "Lord and Saviors emergence from the Tomb a few thousand years ago" ( we now refer to as Easter) and my inlaws are due to arrive sometime tomorrow, Peyton can hardly wait!!
I just had a knock on the door and as it turns out while Kait was mowing they smelled gas over by our meter, so I called the gas Co. He is now here and just told me that the tape "someone" put on the hole in our meter wasnt working. Tape, what TAPE??? I now know why our gass bill was over a third higher...
He also asked me if we had a bee bee gun?
Ill be back, I have a 12 yo neighbor boys parents I have to go and speak to......