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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here comes the rain, da da da daaaa!

Its been so nice out, until now (still nice, just diff)... Its amazing how quicky you can take a few sunny days in a row for granted! Its wednesday so we will head off to church in a bit - in the rain, ugh. This is such a strange time of the year for homeschool families because its most of our hearts desire to "finish strong". Its our mantra honestly) & if your anything like us, its a struggle! Thankfully this time of year also marks the start of homeschool conventions in the area, whoooo hooo!! No, really, we love it, need it look fwd to it even. Its a time to hang out & share stories, get a reprieve, gain insite from like minded moms & dads & get totally geared up & refreshed after a longggg school year. Its truely been a great term, Syd & chels are buckling down & trying to finish early, thankfully, usually they want to dilly dally so I'm pleased. Kait is just Kait! We have so much on our calendar already this summer. We start off w/ a trip to Nm in just a few short days for a visit w/ my family, weekend in Ka for the conventionan, throw in a trip to Ar, camping & concert in Tx. youth trip to Co, a week in Mi, & end it @ Disney in Fl.... I'm pooped already. I just want so much to enjoy this season w/ my babies,this time go's by so fast. I press in to God so much more now than ever before & its such a sweet time as I get to see my littlest baby learning to read & my oldest gearing up for driverssssss Ed! (I ask myself often where the lil blonde w/ a raspy voice & piggy tails has run off to) Can't stop change & its so wonderful how just when your @ the stage where its necessary for you to be strong, let go & move fwd , God is there holding on & moving w/ you, ahead of you & behind you. Take heart, its just gonna get sweeter ladies. Much love & see ya next time -L. A