Our family's journey, & all the bumps & bruises along the way...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Butterfly Kisses...

We had a wonderful day today. One of our friends precious daughter was married and the wedding was truly beautiful. I was so touched during the ceremony, as her daddy walked her down the isle to a song he had prerecorded. Big A & I ( & I'm sure countess other parents) couldn't help but look into the future of our babies & how fast they have grown. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. They showed a picture reel of the two as they grew up & my heart ached because I know in a minute my girls will be big girls & ready to start their own journey's. Its so hard to even imagine that I'll be ready by then!! I'm so in love with my children & I've made it my mission to show them just how much. I've got 3 years with K & I know its going to fly. I can't help but wonder if other parents feel this desire to see their child grow up & @ the same time not hardly being able to stand it!? 3 of my girls are teens & I still kiss & hug them often. I still walk around the mall holding their hand. I want when they leave our nest, to know undoubtedly that we unconditionally adore them, just like their Heavenly Father does each one of us,and that they will always have a safe place to fall. Well now I'm off to kiss them all snug in their beds & then to pray for Gods will in their lives to be fulfilled. Here's to our precious babies, no matter their age & to their futures so full of promise... Thank you God... LA

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi gang! Sorry, I've been so busy I know I've neglected my blogging. I've heard from a few of ya that you've come in looking & I've not been on.... Well let me tell ya what's been happening in the Allen home! I've got one of my babies starting her sophmore year, also has a ery hectic schedule playing ball for NOAH jags! Also teaching 2 8th graders & teaching lil P to read & add! I know, a lot of us are hitting it hard this year but honestly having 3 teens, their schoolin & schedule is a serious juggling act. I want to make so certain that I don't skim over teaching P because these times are just so special.Today we did word families. She really for the first time made some real progress & was really excited, sooooo was I! I've also been involved in helping to get a new academic co-op started & off the ground, that's been such a blessing! So now I'm just finding my rythm.We don't have a home computer so I do all my net from my Instinct but soon I'll have the net ! Then I promise,I'll post pics & be more creative ;) If you want to see pics of the gang, check us out on facebook! Leah M Allen! Till next time, LA