Our family's journey, & all the bumps & bruises along the way...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

We survived!!!!

Friday night we had a lock~in birthday party for Kait's sweet 16th. Oh man was it a BLAST!!! I am so dang tired but it was totally worth it!! We had her fooled into thinking that we were meeting friends in Tulsa at her fav. mexican place & that we had to stop by our church for camp papers. So off we go upstairs to the youth area where a room full of people lay in wait to jump out & scream "Happy Birthday" to her. She,was SHOCKED!! The whole thing went off w/out a hitch, including the fact that 5o people from our church & friends knew & managed to keep it a complete secret~ Amazing!!

I had a cake made with a precious pic of her when she was 1.
(It's sitting in the kitchen right now beacause I cant force myself to cut into her precious lil body!! We did eat some, all around the edge, lol!) . 7 or 8 of my girlfriends came up to hang with us. I love my friends. They are truly supportive & sincerely love the girls & myself. I can see it in their actions, & I couldn't feel more blessed!!. Jenn Wedemeyer & Kelly Grubb did above n beyond & were there to get their "up -all- night" on & I am soooo thankful that they were. We played a series of games in the dark & after the boys went home these 2 ladies kept right up with the action & totally joined in on the chaos!  The alarms went off somewhere around 1am & we missplaced the code, we ran around for 20 minutes trying to find it, imagine 15 girls running around , SCREAMING  for 20 solid minutes!! I called 911 to let them know what was going on so they wouldn't send anyone, they didn't know a thing about it!!. The poor security company chap showed up around 2 am, I guess he didn't get the memo?! Mayyyyybe we need to re-evaluate our alarm situation?? lol. At one point Kelly & I hid in an area together that one of us could barely fit in, let alone both of us. We laughed, & laughed our henies off!!!. (also lost feeling in our butts & toes, & still continued at a ridiculous pace well past 4 am!!) And this is a pic of Jenn stuck, in a secret location that we cannot devuldge otherwise there might be consequences!! ;) Thank you ladies for taking time away from your families to embark on that adventure with me, your awesome!!

Kait & her friends are still talking about it & are already ready for the next one. Which is perfect because Kevin & Jenn are already offering to chaperone so I gatta get it on the calendar!! ;)

I cherish this time in our lives & hope to drink it all in. I just really hope that I'm not to worn our when lil P gets this age & needs me to participate in her life, lol!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend & I can't wait to read all about it!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

My baby is turning 16 tomorrow....

Kait my oldest turned 16 in ummm, 28 minutes ago. I seriously cannot believe it!!! Where in the world did all the time go, huh? A few days ago on Mothers day I was sitting doing somthing & suddenly realized that I only have 2 more mothers day's with all four of my girls under one roof~it hit me like a mack truck. I'm just not ready.

Tomorrow we are having a surprise lock-in birthday bash up at our church, & I'm having a pic of her on her first b~day put on her cake. As I sat going through all of the pictures of her over the last 16 years, I started to really struggle with how quickly the time has gone by. Did I spend enough quality time with her?. Does she know how very special she is to me?. Have I been a good mom to her?. Have I listened & encouraged her?. She was born 13 months before her twin sisters, & the first few years were really hard on her & took some adjustment (for all of us!!). I have wondered over the years if she got to be a baby long enough?.

She has really been a great big sister. When lil P came along she just jumped right in and was such a huge help to me. She has always been so mature & level headed & before she was a teen she was already offering to watch our friends children so that they could have a break!!
As of late, our life hasn't been one filled with very many tender moments. She & I are so much alike & there have been times when I wondered if I would make it through, but I have realized is that this is a time in her life where I am working on letting go, & she is working on going......

I couldn't have asked for a more precious Kaitlyn. She was hand picked just for me. I cherish every tick of the clock that God has gifted me with her as my daughter, & right now more than ever I want to celebrate having her in my life.

I love you very much Kaitlyn. Always know that I believe in you. I'm always going to be on your side. And you always , always, have a home here with me.
I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful things you have yet to do, & all of the mountains you have yet to climb.

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!! ♥ MOM

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Florida, Girlfriends, The Lord Jesus, & a sunburn! Ugh...

Had the best week, nearly ever!! I flew off to Fl. last Sat. for a week on the beach with my girlfriends. Just some time to rest and renew & boy did I. We moved from Florida 4 years this Sept. & until last week I really didn't think I missed it. I quickly realized, I do. I not only miss the white sandy beaches, 90 degree days, aqua marine water, but I realllly misss my friends.
I know God moved us here for a few reasons. I have seen our buisness blow up, I've seen God truly work in my family's lives, but theres somthing about girls who know your dirt, & still love you...The friends I have there are strong,so loving, very tan (lol) real women of God who were (& are) such a special part of my life. I came home on thursday & told hubbs to pack it all up!!( although I couldn't leave my friends here.......... with out a few weeks advanced notice... :)
I have found some awesome friends here too. Why, just last night I had a teriffic G.N.O. & feel truly blessed that God has placed them in my life!!
I have just realized that the saying about season's of friends in your life is so true, but it takes alot of time & dedication to grow "old friends". I truly hope you are growing some of your own...