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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gone Home...

I know Most of you have heard about Precious Haley, but I want to just take a moment to share some of what I have learned about her life and what she meant not only to our little town in NE Ok. but also to countless people all over this planet. We attended her funeral Wed. at the church we called home for 2 1/2 years and it was such a precious ceremony. The entire room was filled to overflowing, and the color pink was in full bloom (it was as we all know, her very favorite color) Haley was going to be 13 next month, she was a star on and off the soccer field, on the honor roll, student council, and truely loved by all. She was diagnosed w/ CF when she was 3 years old, but she never complained and she never let it get her down. Not only was she the ambassador for CF, she helped to raise over $100, 000 for CF research! As I sat to listen to what an amazing little person she was, I also watched a video stream of pics of her from her life I was so touched by not only what a beautiful girl she was but also just how much life she packed into those precious 13 years.. She was a serious warrior for Christ, & she believed w/ all of her heart that she was going to raise money and awareness for this disease, which she did. There were 2 people that rose to speak about her, the overwhelming theme of the day was her strength, courage but most importantly her possitive attidude, she was an encourager. Im going to now post somthing that was written and shared w/ all that were in attendance at the service, and I pray that it touches you the way it did me. We love you Haley, and thank you for sharing your love, courage strength and wisdom w/ all of us, you will not be forgotten..

Sitting on the knee of God
she looked into His face,
I know I have a job to do
Please send me to that place
And so He smiled down at her
and said, for yes its true
Now is the time for you to go
I am so proud of you
And so was born one August day
A precious little girl
Who came to show His love and grage
All across the world
She came to show us how to live
She taught us how to love
She showed us how to be strong
With her faith in God above
And all the while she suffered
She struggled just to breathe
But she had a job to do
And knew she couldnt leave
And so she reached across this land
To teach all that she knew
She touched so many hearts
Haley we are so proud of you
Take your wings and soar so high
Never be in pain
Gram is waiting just for you
Until we meet again
And when she entered through the gates
The angels singing loud
He looked into her face and said
You have made me proud.................

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We are in Michigan on vacation with the girls. We came up for Chris's cousin Melissa"s weddin & what a great time we have had. The wedding was yesterday & one of my closest friends/sister in law Tracy did all of the florals. Theres just one word to describe this girl, terriffic!!! She"s seriously such a precious friend to me, and we joke that the reason we married the boys is because God knew we both needed a sister & would truely love and appreaciate eachother! I can get on the phone with her and by the time I get off (serious hours later, thank goodness we are both on the same network!) tears are streaming down my face ( hers too) from just laughing so hard..... She just inspires and encourages me so much. I have other friends who are dear to me, & precious for so many different reasons, Tracy's friendship just simply fills a real need in my life, the need to just be loved on and love w/ out expectations- just because, made even more special becasue shes family!! She did the most wonderful job on this wedding, we were all blown away! The bride Melissa looked seriously radiant! She and the groom have known eachother since they rode the school bus together in grade school...It was very special and we are really honored to have been a part of it. The reception eneded @ the hall around midnight, but went well into the next day @ the after party @ the home of the bride's parents ( suprisingly, a few of whom stayed were of an older pursuasion (my inlaws age even!, You go gang!) Another important reason for our trip home is because my precious mother in law has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Shes just starting her chemo and has to go every thursday to the U of M and get her treatments. Shes holding her own, & we are all really encouraged with her prognosis-Please join our family in praying for Diane, we all know that nothing but nothing changes things like prayer does! We leave tomorrow for our 14 hr trip home, & we are leaving 3 of the girls w/ my inlaws(per my mil's request) they will bring them home

Saturday, June 14, 2008

When life doesn't seem to be going your way,Gods got a much sweeter road ahead for you. - Corrie Ten Boom

"Ahhhhh". That's the emotion that reading the above quote envokes in me, if only I could truely embrace it. The road He has chosen, what does that look like? I thought it might maybe look a lil somthing like; married to my Godly man
(ok,1 down) 6 children, all serving God (I know, there's still time enough!) seeing (because I believe) His hand in miraculous ways, daily ,even hourly -The road I'm on looks long & winding, frought w/ old hurts healed & unhealed ( by Gods grace & love, on the way to mending)- new friendships budding- old friendships evolving , growing - & a less passionate love, deepening, healing , protecting , sticking. I could be in reference to my precious man, or to my precious Heavenly father- infact I'm refering to both. My husband was & is the love of my life. He has shown me (through his simple act of going through his daily life w/ me, side by side) what it is to trust & to love -completely. I don't know what lies around the next bend in the road, but I have the assurance that it can only sift, bless, grow, challenge & strengthen me, and my God will be there to carry, lead or walk side by side w/ me, & that's alright w/ me. What does your road look like? Are you truely able to lay "it" down & fully trust your God? I challenge you to look for Him daily in the little things. When you see Him in those, He'll knock your socks off when you are called to believe Him for the "Bends" in your road! Till next time- L A

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lord, make them hungry for your word

Todays message was really good & last nights was, to put it mildly "in-tense!" The pastor is from a little well know town called Cedar Point.. Sound familiar? My precious husband thinks its the "most awesomest " ( I know, not a word) place on earth because Cedar point has claimed the title of having the theme park w/ the best, most terrifying fastest coasters on the planet, & my husband is their biggest fan! (personally I think 6 flags Arlington rocks!) The message was on salvation, & was really straight foreward about hell & what it really looks like to "pick up your mat". The reaction was stark. There were vast revelations & kids realizing that God isn't like burger king, we can't have it our way. You could sence that it wasn't a message that any of them were to comfortable w/. (not often taught in our western culture) Then an alter call - and one that was hugely different than any I'd ever seen, in that he didn't say a prayer over all that stayed. He asked that no youth leaders pray w/ them. He wanted them to work it out w/ God mano e mano, after which 2 of our girls gave their lives to Christ!!! (I would call that a success & we arnt half done yet, Go God!!) Today the lesson in our book we are teaching on is based on Mat 15:16.-teaching to fish verses feeding.They are working on it now- I'm really encouraged about how they are applying themselves. I must go discuss & challenge butplease keep praying, changes are a foot here @ the foot of the rockies !! In Him, LA

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've told the kids about this blog & they are asking questions reguarding who's been in so- who's checking in & reading this (if you just read that, post your name in a reply please) ... I'll be checking back! LA

Monday, June 2, 2008

its 9:09 pm. & we are back on the road!

We have just spent the 4 hours ribsticking & playing frisbee alongside the most beautiful mountains I have nearly ever seen. It has totally made being stranded w/ 20 teenagers funtastic! Our ride has arrived from Camp, 40 miles away so we are off to Winterpark- what an adventure already, isn't God so good!

17 hundeed & 50 hours-

ok, so we are on I70 @ exit 256 just outside Denver & the van, she's broken. Not sure what the problem is but think it might be the battery. Soooo 2 of our fearless leaders have headed up the mountain to find one. The wonderful children we have brought along are in great spirits & have not yet begun to turn on us. Please join us in praying that we will soon venture on to camp. (& thanks fer the prayer J to the 2nd power, um remind me what our prayer is please ?!) In Him & His glorious power to resurect old church vans doing Gods work, Amen!) LA

We're off!

Its 5:26 am & we are going through down town. The girlies are all chatty & hyper- I give it 45 minutes! :0) We are following the guys & they are hauling the bikes that all of you donated for the week, it blesses me that our church is such a wonderful family! I just hope that all the bikes make it back. Oh well, it would be tax write of! :0) The theme of our week is thristy, so pray that they all are, I. gonna go dig for my skittles!! Till next time! Leah

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pour Me out....

Fill me up w/ you...I am an Emmaun,which basically means I'm part of a particular christian fellowship because I took part in a retreat that you have to be asked to go on(there are now some who don't want to do it the original way it was set up & just take it upon themselves to get hooked up & go,that's not the way your supposed to experience it-it defeats the whole purpose & well, the ones that do that don't have the same experience,they are left lacking. I would really encourage anyone wishing to go to just pray & wait.After I went I returned later to serve & during that week I was poured plum out & came the closest to a mountaintop experience that I have ever encountered. I can still feel it when I stop & think back,I hope I always will.There are few times in your life when you get the chance to truely lay whatever "it" is down,I have been blessed & my life made so much richer during those precious times in my walk.I pray them for you too! Tomorrow I leave @4:30 am for camp for a week. I'm headed for the mountains of Colorada & am praying that as God leads me I will follow as I try & lavish His love on these10 precious girls.I am getting old, 37 isn't old, I can hear it now, but make no mistake, I aint no spring chicken. And when I think about whats required of me on these camp trips(yearly,sometimes bi annually)I'm always tempted to dred it.I have this time however, changed my approach. I'm believing that He's going to set our feet upon the rock & restore us to those high places. At FBCO when we go to camp they give somthing out w/ all our names so that we are all being prayed for while there,please pray for mountaintop expereinces for these girls & boys( not just high altitudes;0) that they lay "it" down & that we will see the glory of His Majesty in those Mountains & beautiful surroundings...Above all that He is magnified & that we all come home smelling just a little more like my Precious Savior. Thanks gang & I'll be checkin in if you'd like to let us know your a praying & believin! Till next time, LA