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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twitter Schmitter....& Other Random Thoughts!!

Okay people, what is this "Twitter" you speak of? I have checked it out & just don't get what all the fuss is about... All I can figure out is that you post what your doing right at that moment, but isn't that what we do on facebook? (If you have facebook, whats your name on there, mine is " Leah M. Allen" feel free to add me...)
Also, on twitter its seemingly not a community, its like this random screen where you are only connected to , you? What fun is that? Please enlighten me!!

Also, are there any of you that have teen girls & had a terrible time with them, & are now back on track w/ a good relationship?? ( need encouragement!!) It's sometimes (often) feels like we won't ever recover from this time in her life. And as a parent, you can't help but think that it's something your doing wrong & you just want to fix it.. Your never prepared for this child you know & love so deeply,to turn into this person you don't even like or enjoy being around.( I'm just being honest.) And you certainly don't have a peace about where this child's bad choices & behavior will lead them... No one & nothing prepares you for what has become the hardest season of my entire life. I really miss her .
Lastly, I have found out about this precious family (from another bloggy girl friend whom I have grown to dearly love, Elaine @ Matters of the heart, listed on my blog roll).
Macks desperately need our prayer's. Please stop over & see whats going on in their precious family, I'm certain you wont regret it.
Thanks for reading gang, & even if your just a typical lurker, please share your 2 cents with me!!
I will be away this weekend @ a much needed Women's retreat, but I will receive all of your comments right to my cell, ( which I love getting!!) & I will come in and check you all out as soon as I return ;)
Have a fabulous weekend, & stay warm!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Glory, I made it!!!

Okay, what a day!! We are having a major snow/ice storm here In N.E Oklahoma...

& thank God we havn't lost power.. Last year we had a bad one & some folx were without power for upwards of 2 weeks. We also lost 5 of our 8 trees( one of the main reasons we chose this house was the yard!)

See that poor lil stump?! ^^^^

Here is a pic of our neighbors house and my rose garden...

At this point we only had a dusting, but now have quite a bit more!!

This year we are just enjoying the shut down of daily life .

The girls have had a ball playing outside

They play so well together, and are so loving and kind..

(no teenagers were hurt during the taking of this pic)

I have just chilaxed here

all nice and cozy in my great room w/ my latte, laptop & a book "The Shack" (If you have not read it, I seriously suggest you do, it is such an inspiring and deeply profound book... ) I'm not quite done with it, but it has really caused me to reverse some of my life long thinking. 10 thumbs up!. ( okay, I know we dont have 10, but if there were 5 of us here, I know you would all include your thumbs in this!!)
Also,I'm not sure if it was my laptop (pleaseeee no) or the cloud & snow cover reaking havoc with my wireless card, but I have attempted to get in here alllll day.. And I'm in, YEA, but I am having the hardest time posting pic's and getting any other windows to pull up...grrr!! I took some of the girls outside today, I hope I get can them on here...
Oh and this is a "Wordfull Wednesday" Post.. Be Sure to stop by
for more great WW posts!!!
Big A just got home, & I made guacamole & taco's for dinner, so I'm off to get him all fixed up, then I'll be back to see what all of you-my sweet netty friends- have been up to today !! ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday- & Now remember No Judging yo Neighbor...

Ohhhh Girls , batten down the hatches, this aint your typical Not me Monday... ( No judging, you know , it's in the Book!!)
I did not desperately want to take one of my 14 year old twins over my knee 3 times this weekend.( Came sooooo close, by the grace of God I restrained myself!!)
I did not tell Big A that if he didn't get right home after work he might find a note that read " I'm at the Rennasiance (Hotel) , might see ya Friday-ish...It was Saturday.
I did not turn the sabath into deep house/yard cleaning for the whole fam... Sorry Lord.
I did not have a thin shred of hope pinned on meeting with said 14 y.o's therapist today at 2:30- then he called to postpone because of this weather!!!! Ughhhh
I did not turn Big A down 4 times this weekend.. I know, it just aint right...Sorry babe, seriously it's not you, its me.
I did not drive through starbucks 6 times this weekend ( fri, sat sun..do the math)
I did not sleep in an extra hour & have Big A leave after Sunday school & come home to get me for church, nope, not moi.
I did not stay up on face book till 2:30 am last night and sleep till 10.....

I am not sitting here watching 'Lizzie mcGuire the movie" with Lil P...
I did not just find my bichon digging through my bathroom trash!! -ewwwwwie
I did not just say "ewwwwwie"
Okay, I'm off to pop around and see how your monday's are going.. Oh yes & -If your lurking and just planning to read this and not reply, I cannot see that you stopped by on my blog tracker & I will not do the same to you... :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey, where's my Aunt Jodi???

Have you guys seen John and Kate Plus 8? Well, God love her, she has her best friend Jodi right around the corner. On Friday's Jodi comes & gets all of the kids so that Kate can have a break. She sometimes will keep all 8 kids overnight!!! She go's on trips with them to help out, she calls in the evenings to see how Kate is doing, she cooks dinner & has Kate over ,they just sit and chilax... . She and Kate have a wonderful relationship, never get competitive, always say nice things about one another. Yep, I'm jealous. I want an Aunt Jodi!!!
OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Okay, so I'm writing this & I do a google search for a pic of aunt Jodi to put on here-you wont believe what I found- I'm totally shocked- here's a video clip of Aunt Jodi crying because of all the fall out from what has been touted as Kate thinking that she comes off looking better than her on the show, & also Discovery Channel offered Jodi $ to be on the show to which Kate says NO WAY-That only her family can receive money for the filming of this show . Read one or read them all, it's up to you.. I found it interesting.
Here is part of a letter about it:
... http://www.supernannyrules.com/jon-and-kate-plus-eight-aunt-jodi-on-a-blogging-warpath/
And here's a video about it from Aunt Jodi:
And here is the blog she refers to, where all of this is talked about by Aunt Jodi's sister:
Gheesh, I really thought they were tight as the spandex on a cycle cop making his usual rounds at Duncan Doughnuts...
( Umm, I apologize in advance if you are one, or are married to one :)
What are your thoughts on all of this & as usual, am I the last to know???
Oh yes, & sweet Jodi when your ready to talk , I'm here for you girl - stay strong!!
** & on the prom dress front, my instinct doesn't have a flash so I wasn't able to take pics :( but as soon a we have some options, I'll post them.
Thanks to all of you that replied to my post!! ;)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Puffy Prom Dresses & Pain In My Pocketbook!!!

Hi Ya'll!!  I'm home & getting back into the swing of things!! 
Kait & the boy are going to prom together in April so first thing today she had me out looking. I was shocked @ how much dresses cost these days... Pretty much every thing we saw was around $300.00. I will show ya one we looked at ( she didnt choose this one so I'll post it, we don't want the boy seeing it!!)
We didn't have it laced up tight so its a little poofy round the middle,
but it was a beautiful dress...
This is another one that she didn't try on but really likes..
We may go back tomorrow so that she can try it on, I really liked this!!.
The dress shop here
asked her which school's prom she's going to because she wont
sell the same dress to more than one girl going to that prom...
We thought that was a great idea!!!
Tonight they are having a formal dress show, so
she and I are going to look at more dresses!! Anyone wanna join us?
( I could sure use the help!!)
I'll take pics and show them on here tomorrow!
So are any of you getting ready for prom, we can chat!!
IM NOT READY for my baby to go.......
Okay, I better git so I can check & see what you
have all been up to...
I'll be back!!
♥ LA

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hola from the Land Of Enchantment!!

Hello Peeps, I forgot to let you all know where I've wandered off to... I'm in NM visiting my family!

My sisters 24th b-day was Thursday and my nieces was yesterday so off we went! I've got Syd and lil P with me, the other ladies stayed back with dad ( I think Kait's reason for staying back had more to do with the Boy than I had realized before my departure, otherwise she might have been dragged along too, I'm just sayin!!) Have you ever noticed that when you are around the family that you grew up around, you just instinctively take the position you always have, & no matter how old you are you will ALWAYS see them just as if you were still kids... For instance, I am the oldest sister of 5 . My sister Jor is the baby & we are the only 2 girls. When we are around one another I instinctively boss her around - she acts like a spoiled brat & narcs me out every chance she gets... My brother who is 11 months younger than moi is the middle child & acts as such. He is pushy, moody & acts out to get attention. He is also my mothers favorite child whom can do no wrong, so it forces me to antagonize him to try & get him in trouble- to no avail!!! ... They are both kids to me & we all act just as we did in grade school when we lived together... I have tried to break this bondage of our youth, but there just ain't no sense, its the way it is & always will be I guess- it (whatever 'IT' is) will always be their fault & not mine!!.
I am really curious to know if it's that way for other families too?!
I love being here, but I know why it is that I live 10 hours away!! ;)
OK we are off to the local pizza joint for my niece's party in a few!!

(Okay I'm back & want to share a pic of the kido's waitin for cake, arnt the the cutest!!)

I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend & I'll see ya in Oklahoma!
( Well I will be there, you will be wherever it is that you are when you read my next post that I 'll be typing from my laptop, which is in Oklahoma where I live... :) Hehehe... ( I know, I'm weird, but I heard that knowing it is half the battle!)
Oh & before I forget , thank you so much Ang, for 'Guest Posting' for me whilst I am away!! You are solely responsible for my latest addiction of you tube videos with the cutest kids in them!!! Uhhh, thanx ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ninja Baby! from a guest poster

HI!  I'm Ang from davisix and I am honored to be Leah's guest poster. 

I didn't think I would do Leah's blog justice if I didn't post something funny....so, here goes.  I hope it makes you giggle right out loud like it does me.  If not, then I will feel alone....and weird! ;)
Have a fun and blessed Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hope you still love me after seeing this....

Well, I went in to have major work done... On my Hair. I have a gf and she is a hair magician. I liked my hair before, it was short and dark red, nice...but it was my birthday and my friend wanted to add a littl color, spruce it up some... What I am about to show you I'm quite certain will shock and amaze you,so please put down any beverage you might be holding near your computer & step away from any sharp object that could possible impale you should you faint....
Also, you have to promise that what you are about see will not be splashed you tube, or any of the sort, deal?? Okay, here go's......
I tell ya, I even shocked myself at how down right delish I looked....

I want you to look at the expresion of sheer shock on that fellars face as he gazes upon my beauty.....
I was so relieved to get out of the spotlight of the crowd gathering to look at me in my infinate beauty....
And here is the final product...
I tell you right now, I love it, but I just don't know if I could go through that again, let alone put Kelly through it.....
We have laughed at these pic's countless times, & I have had to block that kid in the second pic from callin me wanting to take me to the local mexican place for taco's...
I guess thats the price ya pay for looks like this....
I bet you wish we could hang out huh??
Well, I'm off to check you out, I hope your having a fabulous day!!
♥ LA

Friday, January 9, 2009

I have a Confession...Very Personal....

Let me first start by saying that I love the Lord. I rededicated my life 6 years ago. I love knowing that I am not the bottom line, that I have a place I can go where I get rest & answers to those problems that plague us in this fallen world. That being said, I am really struggling & for whatever reason those answers just aren't coming right now... I am ashamed to say that I have had this pious attitude since becoming born again, that nothing could make me walk away from my relationship with God. I shared with Ang a few minutes ago that I read "When Godly People Do UnGodly things" by Beth Moore last year I said right out loud that nothing could make me walk away from my relationship with God. Well, I never should have said that, I think it issued a challenge. For the past 4 months I have been going through somethings that have shaken my resolve & caused me to stumble in my walk in a way that I never would have thought possible. I haven't sinned in it, but I have grown very cold in my conviction level and my faith has waiverd. It first came in the form of my dear "Christian" friend whom I loved & trusted more than any earth bound person other than my Hubbs. We had had our ups and downs over the past few years & at times I wondered what the Lord had her in my life for, but I truly believed that He was using our relationship to work the off rough edges in me... Like sandpaper. I was very wrong. She totally destroyed my reputation, my faith in her & ruined friendships with myself and my other friends. She also would say things to me about others that caused me to alienate myself from them and not give them a chance, I am very sorrowful that I allowed this to happen and I have & will ask for forgiveness.. I know that what she did will be revealed, but I have struggled with the anger that I feel and the depths that she was willing to go to to hurt me...
I am really working on forgiving her in spite of her NOT deserving it. Not an easy task and I am not about to say that I have it down, I don't yet. But I do know God is faithful.. (honestly, I say this more for my benefit than for you...)
I am also trying to be thankful that these other relationships have been culled from my life because as a Christ Follower we are called to forgive & love. I have recieved neither from them...
Recently I have once again been faced with something that I am ill equipt to handel. I am going through something with one of my daughters that has overwhelmed me in a way that I cannot even describe. I just keep clinging to the scriptures about teaching them about Him and they will not depart from it. But I am ANGRYYYYY! I know that's not the "Christian" thing to say, but I'm being totally honest here as the tears stream down my face. I'm angry and so confused/ I don't know how to do this. I have no idea what I'm doing and I am fighting the fleshly instinct I have to cut & run......
I don't know why I'm sharing this with all of you, except to say that I am drowning and would really love it if you would pray for me. I am so tired of trying to fight this on my own , so I am bringing it out into the light.
 If you feel compelled to talk to me about any of this, I will be happy to share with you what's going on with my girl, I could surly use the council, but I will not be going into anymore detail about the frienemey, I would very certainly sin in talking further about it....
Thanks peeps and I appreciate you... LA

Do Not Fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fired Up Friday!!!

I don't know how many of you are aware ( hopefully you haven't had an occasion to feel the pain & anguish that myself and the hubbs have been recently subjected to, okay, maybe not pain and anguish, more like anger and aggravation!!) but I have unfortunately found out that there is this "Secret underground Society" of looting & wearing of Automobile Bling... Yes, you heard right, AUTOMOBILE BLING!!! -that is seriously what its called. "How??" you might be asking, did I come to hear of this despicable practice...Well, I have a Cadillac Escalade & over the past month 2 of my rim center caps have gone missing.
Evidently the emblems are in high demand for gang initiation & also for wearing on a chain around ones neck. Seriously????? This makes me really angry, an steals my joy, we work hard for what we have!!. Here I am , minding my own business & Bam, right in the mall parking lot I get robbed. I'm on the web right now trying to hunt some down, these babies ain't cheap either. What is this world coming to that a girl can't even have her center caps left alone... Grrrr
Also, since Big A has had this head cold (that followed the awful stomach flu) he sounds like that chubby gay guy that was in that movie "The bird cage" with Robin Williams... What's his name??? It's dring me crazy.....
On to brighter things... My dear , sweet loving friend Ang @ Davisix gave this to me before the crazy Christmas season so I am honored to place it here on my blog... We all know how much I love & should be apart of the Cullen Clan.. I suppose this will do for now ;)
Ohhhhhhh How I love thee....... And you too Ang ;)
Enjoy ladies!! Now I'm gonna pop around & see who
made off with my New Moon ticker.... LA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Operation, Lil P.....

Well I am back, still feeling the fog of this flu/head cold/stomach bug thing we have been hit with... But I'm back!!
Lil Miss P has taken full advantage of her daddy and I being home, in bed - basically at her beck and call..... As soon as Big A could sit up and focus she had his undivided attention in between trips to the bathroom...
She lost her top front tooth this week and now has the cutest lisp...
She also finagled him into letting her beat him at removing ribs and kidney bones....
And she didn't even noticed when he passed out and ran back and forth to the restroom... What a gal huh??
I also managed another rendezvous with my dearest Edward...
( yes Okay, that does make 5 times... And??? Well, what was I supposed to do, my sweet friend needed someone to go with, and I was kind enough to join her... Isn't that what friends are for?? ;)
And, humph, now that I am feeling better, Big A asked me very innocently (right) .... " So sweetheart, when do you think you might be up to, Oh I don't know... Doing some of my work clothes or putting some of our things away from out trip??" (over a week ago) To which I sweetly replied , "Your arms don't seem to be broken" ...No rest for the weary... Is anyone else feeling the after CHRISTmas/ start of the new Year blues???
I am so glad to be back, I can't wait to see what all of you have been up to, I'm off to check ya out!!
Oh and uhhhh, I just sneezed and think I might have wet myself a lil bit... Those dang kegals Do Not Work- The Great WET lie!! I've done em in every grocery & starbucks line from here to Great lakes of Michigan....... LYLAS/B!! ♥LA

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ahhh, romance...

Last night all of the girls were away at my bff's house.
While they were away Big A & I had the most wonderful night...
It was just so romantic.

Let me share with you our very special night of bliss!!...
We drank thera flu,passed cough drops back N forth,shared tums..

He even got our small trash can ready for me at a moments notice...

( yes thats the little white thing in his arms)

Isn't he truly wonderful!!
Ahhhh romance!!!

I havn't even been able to re-read (for the 4th time) twilight which as you all know has miriculous powers and can make even the sickest cougar,err I mean girl, feel better... thats when I knew this virus was serious!!!
Oh and before I forget, I just thought you all should know that Ang (Davisix) & Keli
(Dream Imagine Live) are hanging out right how @ Ang's & didn't even bother to invite any of us... Thats why neither of them are on posting pic's & letting us know how much fun they are having with out us!!. Just thought you should know...
Okay, I'll be back just as soon as I'm feeling better...
I'm feeling a little loopy right now
so night night!!!
( PS/ FYI: No, I'm not nekked, I'm in my perfectly acceptable for takin pic's n posting them on my blog-rainblow polka dotted brown tube top dress... Smexy heh?? ;) You know you want it!!!