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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bink Blink Blink....

Thats what my cursor is doing as Im sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about...
Do you ever have those times when you have so much going on all at once and yet you can't even think of anything to say... No?? Me neither... Lol.

Hi Ya'll , wow how I've missed your beautiful faces!!!

Lets see, where to begin...
Well, K & the boy broke up. We let him in our home and lives (against Chris's better judgement). He was right, I was very wrong. The boy was sneaking over when I went to NM to see my fam & also on Tuesday nights locking himself in K's room with her when hubbs & I were at a class at church. K got busted, & asked him to come over & take his lumps with her, he said nope & left her out to dry-alone. She cries every night, has trouble eating & sleeping, has no life, no cell, has lost all her priveledges & is on complete lockdown... He has already asked another girl to Prom, & has pic's of himself with a girl already up on his facebook.

I'm very happy it's over. I can see now that he has no character & certainly didn't care about her. This was her first love. She really loved him. My heart breaks for her, & yet I am so thankful that God was faithful & removed him. She and I are fractured. She blames me, & I am very angry. But I am also prayerful & know that God is the God of restoration & forgivness. I cling to that. Also to the fact that He say's that they have the truth in them, have been brought up knowing , so they will return to it...

I have made an appt. w/ a christian councelor next week for her. S (other former wayward daughter, ok still wayward, but Im speaking it as tho it were... ;) & I saw him today. Awesome man of God and hugely annointed. I truly believe God is guiding my steps right now because I am at the very end of myself with all of this -with both of my babies. I'm sure I'll have more to say as the next few week's unfold round here...

So much has happened, and so much deep dark pain~ I am really working towards forgivness in some other areas too, inspite of their underserving-ness ( its a word, uh-hu it is...) . I am making friends now. For about the last 7 months I wasnt the least bit intertested in moving foreward because I went through such a painful season.... Maybe not interested isnt the right phrase. I was just stuck, didn't know how... But God is placing some really wonderful girlz in my life & I am finally at a place where I can open myself up to them. Boy, relationship stuff is work huh?? I know God had work to do in me about why it was that I let myself get sucked in to such disfunction. Looking back I see it so clearly now. How exciting to realize over and over that I don't have to fight this on my own. Any of it. He is here fighting, all I have to do is know who I am in Him & stay prayerful. Ahhhh. Do that with me, okay??... Ready, Now say " Ahhhhh" & realllllly let it out.
Feel better?? I know I do. Okay, its your turn. Whats been going on in your world. I am seriously anxious to hear from you. It can be anything you wanna share. Just know, if you need encouraging or an ear (eyes) I am your girl!!
I just love getting to know y♥u better!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tragedy...

We lost a 14 year old boy Sunday night here in Owasso. He was with a friend & crossing the freeway that runs through town. They were crossing to go home after meeting friends at a local pizza joint & didn't want to go all the way around. 3 cars hit this boy going 65 mph and he was dead on the scene. The tragedy isn't just that he is gone, it's the uncertainty of where he will spend eternity... His mother just dropped dead in the parking lot of a local grocery store a few years ago & this was this couples only child together. The boy occasionally came to our church & after his mothers passing, some of the leaders in our youth took Jesse in. He stayed with a couple for a few moths & they got to love on him and share Gods love & purpose for his life, but he never was able to forgive God for "taking " his mom....The friend of Jesse's has barely been able to breathe since watching this happen to his friend, I cannot even imagine.. I am unable to express the sorrow that I feel for this family & for this young boy as I write this, it's one of those times when things just don't make any sense. As a Christ follower you know that the only way to get through it is to know that God is here, in the midst of all of this pain & to turn to Him, but as a child who really doesn't know God & His love n grace you are just left with all of this pain & wondering, why... And as we as believers all know, satan could very easily use this in Josh's life for a very long long time... Please join us in praying for this family, his best friend Josh & also please pray for wisdom for the couple that got very close to Jesse as they minister to this man who has lost his baby boy...
We love and miss you Jesse....
Please, tell your babies what they mean to you, & if you haven't already, make sure they have asked Jesus into their precious he♥rts. It's never to late, until it is....
Thank you all, ♥ LA

Friday, February 13, 2009

H♥ppy Frid♥y!!! ( the 13th)

We had our co-op party today and what a fun time!! Lil P ran around all hopped up on sugar and sprinkles for 2 hours...
Aint it precious!!!
We had close to 50 kids, 5 diff. age groups, totally un-organized but arn't those the best kind?? I am really growing to love this special broup of kiddo's and I remind myself daily, before I know it, lil P wont even want to decorate cookies & play tag using Moi for the base... Yep, These really are the days...
Last night my ex. MIL came into town. We met at incredible Pizza( heard of it? Its a huge pizze eatery, arcade, go karts, putt putt & prizes!!
Fun for the whole family!!) She's in town for a few day's so the older 3 will be staying and hangin with her in Tulsa... Which means we will have P for V-day!!
Soooo, what to do, whatttt to do??
Okay, now its your turn, Please let me know in your comments what your planz are for Valentines day!!
I hope you all hav a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wow, 162 posts & Missed You!!

Hi Gang!! Well, I've never celebrated my post # before, & I just noticed that I have 162. Thats a good # to celebrate huh??
As some of you have noticed, I have been MIA. We have had a busy few weeks, & also going through some things with one of my daughters has honestly T totaled me.
You just arn't ever prepared for the choices that they start to make when they get to be a teen. She's been headed south lately & as a mom & someone that loves her , has dreams for her future, it's honestly overwhelming.
I'm taking some steps to get her help, but I just have no idea where to go from here.
So I'm here letting it out with you, my blogsphere bff's.
If you want to talk more about it & you have my didgits , just text me ;)
I also wanted to share with you all how great the womens retreat was that I went on. God is sooooo Goood. He knew I was stuck - some awesome things happend there.
One thing was that I kept teasing a girl that was a personal trainer to give away 5 free sessions , well she did & guess who won... THATS RIGHT I DID!! I tripped out & so did she. Well I met with her last Thursday & she told me that she wanted to offer me 3 months of training for FREE!! 12 weeks, no moola. I told ya He is good!!! She said she just felt like she wanted to do thast for me. I was blown away. On the flip side of that, she's having me keep a calorie journal... OMGash, its soooo difficult. I just tallied it all up since last Thurs. and I am now having an apple for dinner, lol!! I also got to do some very cool things like skeet shooting.. I rocked at it!! My shoulder ached after for 2 days but it was totally worth it... What a stress reliever...Here is a pic of me during one of the talks just being silly...
I have also put a bunch of new pix on Facebook - check em out ;)
 I have been tagged in the 4th of the 4th pic( you go through your 4th folder or page in your pic's and choose the 4th pic... by Mayberry so heres the pic..
This is a pic of myself (2nd on the right, black shirt) and 4 of my girlsfriends on a girl trip to Mexico!! Soooo much dang fun.....
I would love to have another one of these!! Anyone game for a few day's in our condo in SW. Florida right on the water?? ;)
I also have to choose 4 peeps so I choose
Dana My neighbor here in Ok.
And Last but by no means leastanother very special feller Okie
Jen of Living our own Fairtytale & is 10 weeks Pregnant! Yay JEN!!!
I'm watching the bachelor right now, quick, who do you think he will choose??
 I thought it was really wierd that Melissa 's family wouldnt meet him...
 What's up with that & what do you think he thinks about it??
Okay, well, I'm off to wrestlle with Lil P, she's on my bed and fiesty!!...
I hope you all have a teriffic Tuesday!!