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Monday, April 26, 2010

ummm, may be dead by friday...

*& thats if I stall!!...
Ok, sit right back & let me share with you just how & why I am in this perdiciment... It is NOT however my fault, I'll just go on and get that right out of the way!!.
Soooo, I have this children's boutique saved in my ebay fav's ( yep, you know right where I'm headed) today I get this email reminding me of how fabulous & thrifty their adorable "Couture" clothing line is. "Ok ", I say to myelf, "I'm just going to take a look & see what they have that's new", then I hear myself say, right out LOUD " & lil P is 8 years old, & pretty soon I won't be able to dress her in these pretty frilly clothes any more" ... Oh- No- I- shouldn't- Have, that my dear friends, was my downfall... Before I knew it somthing came over me & I'm knuckle deep in "Buy it Now's", & "Is that your final bid"?... Enter, Enter , Enter~ then I remember that my other daughter dropped her blackberry yesterday. "Well", (I say to myself) "We certainly don't want to have to replace her $100,000 dollar phone DO WE? & besides, that's not really fair for P to get somthing & not her". So, off I go on another search... WHAMO~ I'm now the proud winner of the cutest lil Leopard Bling case!!At that point I've got to go & get my a big ole Un~Sweet Tea (because by this time I am just plain parched & wore nearly plum out!) & think, "You know, if I can get free shipping & find me a case from that same seller"... Well, you guessed it!!. A proud owner of a super cute blingged- out Palm Pre Case to boot!! Seriously cute, you should see it!! Then............... it hits me & I can see Big Daddy's face.. DBLE GULP.... Here I sit, finger sore & sweat beading on my foreghead, the excitment fading &, I get the "Summary Purchasing Email" on my Palm... Now, Im in strategy mode... Well, it's just got to be this diet. Doesn't he know that I havn't had sugar in 2 WEEKS??? I bet he couldn't nearly starve & get an email like that just taunting him & not atleast go & see what all the fuss was about, after all I'm weak!! Well, if he thinks he's going to act like that & get away with it, he's got another think comming (meanwhile, he doesn't even have a clue about any of this~ Hey, don't you dare judge me, didn't you just read that I havn't had a lick of sugar in over 2 WEEKS & frankly if you arnt going to help me, then until you are ready to appoligize, I frankly have nothing else to say.......................... Oh yeah except, I'm open for any & most all suggestions... ;) I better get going before He comes home. Heyyyyy, maybe if I get back on & get him somthing too. What was the name of that cell case place... Or, he does have a golf bag that I'm just certain would love to have another.................................................................................................

Monday, April 19, 2010

Serious Thankfulosity!! ;)

A lil backround... That guy right there (in the middle of those beautiful precious girlz) is my Dad. And for over 30 years I really didn't know him. Then about 4 years ago he contacted me & told me he had given his life to Jesus & asked if I'd be open to seeing him to talk about things.  I. Was. Blown. Away!!. This guy was, well lets just say "the furthest person from a relationship w/ God" in my opinion. A total loss to me... But God knew, & reached into the darkness to reach my dad & totally transformed his life!
 Since that time he & I talk regularly & now my 4 babies have a grandad that loves the Lord!! Woooot!
 If there's somone in your life that you have written off, or that you have unforgivness for, God has a plan. He knows your heart. His plans to bless you & he wants to reconcile the lost to Himself & your loved ones to you- don't give up believing Him for them! I've got plenty more loved ones on my "hit list" & when I feel discouraged or like it's just to impossble, I look @ this pic & thank God for the new legacy my girls will be a part of!. I never could have even dreamed this big!! In the famous lyrics of Steve Perry"Dont Stop, Believin"!! LYLAS • LA

Leah Allen
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What the Hizeck Wednesday?!

So, this precious lil girl @ church told me (very excitedly) that I remind her of Rain.bow.bright!!!........Rethinking the haur ya'll!!!...

Leah Allen
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Not me Monday...

I did NOT go to an Eggstravaganza on Saturday & not wear sunblock- nope, that would just be silly!!
I also did NOT not put sunscreen on lil P... :(

I did NOT overeat @ lunch & vow to never eat again, ughh!

I was NOT tempted to push one of the girls in the pond by our home today as they were leaning over looking @ turtles! Nope, now that would just be down rite mean!

We are NOT heading out in a bit to see "How to Train your Dragon" on a school day, no we are not... ;)

I did not sit & think about how in the world I can eak out a trip again this year to fly home (Florida) & lay on the beach w/ my bestie... & Ahhh, I'm NOT dreaming of it now...
So, what did you NOT do today? ;)
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Leah Allen
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