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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whooo Hoo Spring has Sprung!

Hello faithful readers! I hope your having a beautiful sunny day! We certainly are here in OK.! Along with the warm weather comes out door play, right? Well our lil chels has been readyyyy for spring, she & Peyt are taking full advantage of it, so on monday eve Chelsea jumped on her rollerblades & rode around on our culdesac then as she's comming into the driveway Peyton was riding her bike, made a quick turn & down Chels go's... Well she fell back on her tailbone & wrists. ( YES SHE WASNT WEARING WRIST GUARDS,OR HELMENT! VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED!!) Her left wrist swelled up right away & her right one ached abit. We let her sleep on it, then yesterday the left was still swollen & hurting so I took her in & sure enough- its broken. We went today & got her a pretty green cast. Moral of the story? Don't brag to your 3 sisters that your the only one who hasn't broken a bone!! If all go's well she gets it off in three weeks,which is right around the time we are planning to make a trip to Fl. I hope she is healed by then, its not a big break. I would hate to think what it would be like if we wernt in the shadow of His wings, I'm so thankful that God looks out for us & is protecting us from things we arnt even aware of, could have been much worse!!! Sorry I havnt been on, this time of the year is crazy for us, & its really important to Chris and I that we finish strong w/ school!! But now we are off to take the Teens to a "Super Hero bowling party" So I will report back A.S.A.I.C! See ya soon.... L.A