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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Well I'm taking...

A self (well really a somewhat forced) imposed break from blogging right now. In the past week & a half I've gone through somthing very painful in my personal life, my husband was also rushed by ambulance to the hospital & now my baby has 2nd & 3rd degree burns covering the entire right side of her torso because she took hot soup out of our micro & spilled it down the front of herself.( after being forbidden to do so- the reality of the consequences of disobediance did not escape me) We've seen 2 specialists @ pediactric burn center (the 2nd one has asked why the 1st didn't admit her because of how little she is & how large the burn is -you just never want to hear that) Its been 3 days now & praise God she's doing much better everyday, I just feel like I'm nearing my limit. I know as a Christ follower I'm to dig deep, bend a knee & lay it @ His feet. I have. I just feel like my reservoir is nearly dry. So I'm going to be spending time w/ my man, nursing my babies wounds & lovin on my older 3, but I shall return when time permits. Please, say a prayer for little P -Love ya'll all.... LA

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well its happend!

Ok I'm just gonna get out with it.. I've totally turned into my MOTHER! We had our cable turned off for the summer to try & encourage our youngins to venture outdoors,read a book or I dunno,actually hang out w/ big A & I. (not the part thats like my mother) Because we don't have cable we are watching things we don't typically watch (I've just started to get over my Hgtv, little people big world,kardash & Flippin out addictions)-Sooooo tonight we are watching PBS & I am literally sitting here jamming out,tv volume full throttle,to Stenie Nicks!!! Dont get me wrong, I like Stevie, its just that my eldest daughter just strolled in & said"Mom,who's the old lady your jamming out to? WHATTTTT?? How could she,doesn't she know that Stevie is one of the Queens of rock?! Of coarse she doesn't, she just 15 duh. Back to where I'm slightly resembeling my mother, I can remember her listening to music way back when & I would just roll my eyes & snicker,or sigh because I just hated it. She would give me what for,then try to convince me of how great whatever she was listening to was -I never got it. Well, I just sat KT down and attempted to explain the diff between the classics & the junk they play today on secular radio & I stoppped cold in my tracks. I distincly recall as I sat time after time w/ mother pushing her ideas on me that I would never do that or make my kids do chores, I'd let them drive @ 15,stay out half the night, sleep half the weekend away, watch whatever they wanted to on tv, make out w/ their boyfriend on the couch while my rich, investment banker, model husband & I sat holding hands, looking lovengly into eachothers eyes as he carressed my - uh, oh sorry, I got of track...Where was I, oh yes ,well I once again recommit myself to not cramming my ideas down their throats! Ok,the girls have been asked to get the record player set up so I'm off to dig out my reo speedwagon,pat benitar & rickspringfield lp's! I'm sure they'll luv it! What bands do you still rock out to,come on,u know u do! Till next time! LA

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Weapon of Praise...

Last night my faithful sidekick was taken to St. Francis hospital by ambulance. He has been taking a painkiller for a cracked rib & this particular painkiller dehydrates & zaps the potasium from your body & brain. It can be lethal. Thankfully he had been drinking water all throughout the day but the emt said he just couldn't have drank enough to off set the dehydration caused by the painkiller. When I arrived @ the hospital he was gaunt,had a shallow voice & was hooked up to an iv naturally to get him flowing again. After a little bit his color started returing & he started to feel hungry. Later he was released after they got the results from tests that were taken. We were given instruction for him to stay home & take it easy today. And today I am just so thankful. "From the rising of the sun till its going down, I will praise Him. I called to the Lord in my time of distress, He answered me, The Lord is on my side & I will not fear." ps 118:5. The worst thing you can do to satan is not to surrender to the "what if's".( Beth Moore speaks on this) I can't even imagine what lost people do in their times of distress. I am overflowing w/ thankfulness for our Lord & Savior that is closer than a brother. Today as I sit having lunch w/ big A, I have a song in my heart & praise on my lips. He's doing so much better now & we are off to the video store & catch up on some movies we've wanted to see. Thanks to all who were praying , we felt it! - Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!!! Till next time, LA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My friends & I ....

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday-Special Day!

5 years ago today my wonderful husband & I were given to one another in marriage!!! The saddest thing nearly happend today , if 3 of my precious friends hadn't gotten together & to wish us well, Chris & I may have never realized! We have been so busy we had totally FORGOTTEN OUR VERY OWN ANNIVERSARY! - Can ya believe that? Well we ended up having the best night & enjoyed celebrating it even if it was last minute, lol! Thank girls for your love & taking the time to remember our special day! Also, thanks to you C.M for hanging w/ the girls all day & tonite so Chris & I can chilax! -Love all Ya'll! - LA

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Law...

For the law of the Spirit has"set us free " from the law of sin & death.
(romans precepts) Well? That's the rub!!! We live here in a fallen world where it is socially exceptable to be gay, bi, do drugs,be divorced ect... Lately I've been very concerned w/ the state of my walk. If you know me you'd say I'm a christian woman, you might even say a "strong christ follower" & you'd be right, or atleast that is my desire. I'm a struggler. I struggle daily to feeeeeeel His presence - I struggle to maintain a close relationship w/ my heavenly father & spend many hours hurting, questioning, wondering , why it is that my walk is slipping. I've spoken to many a girlfriend over the last 6 or 8 months about the strong sinking feeling of mine of drifting from God. I know He's here, I feel Him & His faithfulness to my family, but I miss Him @ the same time- like somethings not right. The book of Romans penned by Paul deals w/ giving over to the flesh. " and those who are in the flesh CANNOT please God!. uh oh, well there it is. In The Flesh ie: the things we fill our hearts & minds with- Tv shows, music, friends, coarse talk (cursing) or our poor attitudes & lack of showing love & patience to our children , or "NOT" loving our neighbor (friend family member actual neighbor:) as ourself..... I , you as a christian (Chris - Follower) are to be set apart in mind & deed -& if we are Not then how can we question why it is that we don't feeeel Him in our days & see His miracilous Risen power over our marriages-our finiances -our heath-our prayers for unsaved family members & friends. Maybe this is just for me, I don't know , but I'll say it again , somthings missing & if you sence it too then I want to encourage you to seek Him to find out what is your FLESH choosing? Only you can seek to find out, when you reply to this please let me know if I can join you in believing Him for somthing your flesh is giving over to that you know isn't His will for you. I'm off to pray & repent... In Him LA

Friday, July 4, 2008

Whoooo hoo @ Home on Vacation!!

Some of our close friends are here from out of state & we are just having a ball. Have you ever had friends that you may only see a few times a year but when your w/ them its like no time @ all has passed ?That's these guys! My pals husband & mine are halirious when together ( I actually see a side to Big A (my man) that I truely have never seen until he's around D.) & our kids really love eachother. Its wierd but when they visit it changes the atmosphere of my home- its like "Allen Vacation Land"! Chores go undone, dishes lay around, laundry gets piled up, the pool gets non stop action... Its such a blessing! We are all out @ the pool sunnin & swimmin now & I had to get out of the sun (I get seriously fried!!!) so I thought I'd catch up on my blog & wish you all a very blessed 4th! I'm hitting the shower then we are cookin out, & then off to the "MP & the 3 F's" - A bash we are attending where an entire field is now a Mud Pit (we even purchased special " muddin clothes" for the kids ) then Food Fun & Fireworks!! - It occures to me ( & I'm certain to you as well) how privileged we are to have these freedoms. Please take some time today to pray for the men & women that serve in the Armed Forces so that we have these freedoms ..... I hope you have fun tonight , be safe & please remember the Reason for the Season!!! God Bless LA