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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Law...

For the law of the Spirit has"set us free " from the law of sin & death.
(romans precepts) Well? That's the rub!!! We live here in a fallen world where it is socially exceptable to be gay, bi, do drugs,be divorced ect... Lately I've been very concerned w/ the state of my walk. If you know me you'd say I'm a christian woman, you might even say a "strong christ follower" & you'd be right, or atleast that is my desire. I'm a struggler. I struggle daily to feeeeeeel His presence - I struggle to maintain a close relationship w/ my heavenly father & spend many hours hurting, questioning, wondering , why it is that my walk is slipping. I've spoken to many a girlfriend over the last 6 or 8 months about the strong sinking feeling of mine of drifting from God. I know He's here, I feel Him & His faithfulness to my family, but I miss Him @ the same time- like somethings not right. The book of Romans penned by Paul deals w/ giving over to the flesh. " and those who are in the flesh CANNOT please God!. uh oh, well there it is. In The Flesh ie: the things we fill our hearts & minds with- Tv shows, music, friends, coarse talk (cursing) or our poor attitudes & lack of showing love & patience to our children , or "NOT" loving our neighbor (friend family member actual neighbor:) as ourself..... I , you as a christian (Chris - Follower) are to be set apart in mind & deed -& if we are Not then how can we question why it is that we don't feeeel Him in our days & see His miracilous Risen power over our marriages-our finiances -our heath-our prayers for unsaved family members & friends. Maybe this is just for me, I don't know , but I'll say it again , somthings missing & if you sence it too then I want to encourage you to seek Him to find out what is your FLESH choosing? Only you can seek to find out, when you reply to this please let me know if I can join you in believing Him for somthing your flesh is giving over to that you know isn't His will for you. I'm off to pray & repent... In Him LA


Janice said...

Leah, I know this feeling you're talking about. I was struggling with this before we left Florida. I started reading the power of the praying wife again, because it was a good way to "retrain" me to pray vigorously again (I allowed myself to slip out of that habit and life to take over that time once used for prayer) I started to feel that gap, the distance between God and me shrink. I stopped feeling so "lonely". I'm not saying you need to pray more, I m saying thatin my case I needed to pray more and it brought me close to him. This made me think of something you told me a long time ago, but I'll email it (don't want to take over your blog :~) Love ya!

6HappyHearts said...

Oh I'm prayin for ya all right! Keep lookin' up & steppin out in faith & He will work it out.
Just keep prayin' for me that God allows Jeff back in my life.
I miss him so ; )
I'm tryin' not to "Flip Out"!
(I just couldn't resist the pun)
xoxo-your actual neighbor