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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uh, No she did'nt!!!

Hey, Turn your Volume up, I'm playing a Fav of mine ( and I'm sure you'll love it!!)

(repost from a post that was posted prior to this post)
Ok I'm just gonna get out with it.. I've totally turned into my MOTHER! We had our cable turned off for the summer to try & encourage our youngins to venture outdoors, read a book or I dunno,actually hang out w/ big A & I. (not the part thats like my mother) Because we don't have cable we are watching things we don't typically watch (I've just started to get over my Hgtv, little people big world,kardash & Flippin out addictions)-Sooooo tonight we are watching PBS & I am literally sitting here jamming out,( tv volume full throttle) to Stevie Nicks!!! I like Stevie, and just now my eldest daughter just strolled in & said "Mom,who's the old lady your jamming out to? WHATTTTT?? How could she, doesn't she know that Stevie is one of the Queens of rock?! Of coarse she doesn't, she just 15 duh. Back to where I'm slightly resembeling my mother, I can remember her listening to music way back when & I would just roll my eyes & snicker,or sigh because I just hated it. She would give me what for,then try to convince me of how great whatever she was listening to was -I never got it. Well, I just sat KT down and attempted to explain the diff between the classics & the junk they play today on secular radio & I stoppped cold in my tracks. I distincly recall as I sat time after time w/ mother pushing her ideas on me that I would never do that or make my kids do chores, I'd let them drive @ 15,stay out half the night, sleep half the weekend away, watch whatever they wanted to on tv, make out w/ their boyfriend on the couch while my rich, investment banker, model husband & I sat holding hands, looking lovengly into eachothers eyes as he carressed my - uh, oh sorry, I digress...Where was I, oh yes ,well I once again recommit myself to not cramming my ideas down their throats! Ok ,the girls have just been asked to go and get the record player set up so I'm off to dig out my reo speedwagon, pat benitar & rickspringfield lp's! I'm sure they'll luv it! What bands do you still rock out to, come on, you know you do! - Oh and this is a SHOUT OUT to the Lurkers, you know that I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW who you are- Care to break free and leave a little comment? Till next time! LA

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Soooo, its that time of the year again when I start to hearing grumblings from the girls,about going somewhere and paying good money to get the poop scared out of them.(and 15 of their closest friends). Here in T town theres this thing called "Nightmare" that a huge church puts on and its so terrifying that you have to sign a wavier and cannot be under 12. ( The things that this church does are like scenes to scare kids straight, like of the crucifixion , a realistic experience of what hell is going to be like, the loss of someone you love who isnt saved, ect...) Last year 2 girls accepted the Lord and died on their way back to Tx. Its a real out reach)

Now all of that terrifying stuff makes me certain that this isnt the place for me, but to the girls it just sounds like the perfect invitation!!

Here they sat with me not 20 minutes ago "researching" on line @ all the different places

we can go to be terrified --what do we happen upon but a place so scary that this fella literally


Ok, I took it off, I just can't show it here...

But I will put this link w/ three strapping men going through, Just funny, not Scary!!

(If you do look, I want to hear your reactions... ;)

The girls have asked that their friends bring some Depends with them and also some wipies!!

( you can't ever be to prepared!!!)

I truely dont get it, I mean I was a kid once not so very long ago and dont remember that being important to me. Sooo, I guess we are doing it. The plan has been hatched and all the call's to the other victims, I mean friends, have been made. I wish I could say that on friday I will post a video or at the very least pics, but alas, I am a fraidy cat ( I guess thats a horrible thing to be called , because every time they say it they point at me and laugh). However I will report back with juicy details!! I also would love to hear what experiences you have had and if there was ever a time when you were driven by terror to nearly poop your pants.... Reporting to you live on the scene, near Tulsa Oklahoma , its "Fraidy Cat Allen"sighning out,( till next time...... )


Monday, October 27, 2008

4th of the 4th tag...

My girlz
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Ok, I was tagged for the "4th of 4th" Tag- (where you take your 4th folder of pics and your 4th pic in that folder, and tell the story about it!!) from Kerri, (thanks Girl, my very first tag or anyhting!!!)

So My 4th of my 4th pic was this one w/ me & 2 of my Bff's (Amy & Kelly) taken on a "girly only" Week long Trip to Rocky Point Mexico - Nearly the best time of my life!! Dearly love these 2 hot Mama's!! And A MAJOR Shout out to Nikki @ Blah Blah Blah Blog for helping me with my links, Thanks Girl! Now, I shall Tag ____ Marie (refering to my "Yeah, no" post) Ok girls,lets see your pics and please check these awesome blogs out gang!!

Kam @ Faith, Family & Adoption

Margo and Her 5 Blessings

Debbie @ All things are Possible @

Jen @ Balancing Beauty & Bedlam

Have fun Ladies!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Your not even gonna believe this...So last night at 10:30 I took Chels ( lil one in green) with me to go pick up Kait from baby sitting. On the way home they started asking me questons about cerfew.I told them I thought that it was 11pm. Then they started just grilling me about "how old they have to be to stay out late with friends"?. And, "what about with a boy?", "what might happen if they were caught out after 11?"...( ganging up! Honestly, I felt very threatened) I told them that I would simply tell the police that they were supposed to be home half an hour ago, to just go ahead and take them to jail. (I'm just thinking of their safety, we all know that nothing good happens after 10pm, and at least in jail they would be safe) Well, then they just started attacking me.. Threatnening that 'When I'm to old to wipe my own butt and cant remember my name or where I live, that if lil P doesnt want me, they are going to lock me away in some home, somewhere out of state, and that after a few months, they will just "forget" to make the payments on my care, change their phone numbers and return all mail sent to them from the institution that they throw me away in"..At that point as I'm sobbing and cowering,I then innocently might have mentioned that "If they even say that out loud again, or even think it, that when they have children, they will come home from date night and might possibly find their child duct taped in the closet" ... Now I know that sounds harsh,I truly feel that I reacted like people in circumstances where they fear that their very life is being threatened react.. I've barely slep at all, and now every time they walk by me they act like they are wiping,and giving me very little reason to believe that isnt exactly what they plan to do... Therefore, I have decided that they must be delt with -which brings me to the reason for this post... I am now offering 3 teen girls( preferably to be sold seperately, do to ovbious reasons...) up for sale.. They are good kids,very loving and kind, not a mean bone in their bodies, hard working, very clean, and very obediant... I'll start the bidding at $5.00 right .......... Now. If you act within the ext hour I'll even throw in a male cat that has become attached to them for some strange reason... Thank you and I look foreward to doing buisness with you all very kind and wonderful people... L A

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah, no...

So I'm just getting back into the whole blogity thing and theres just sooooooo much to do. One thing I want to do is give my blogs link list a catchy name, so I want to run a few of them by you, and you guys can help me decide!! One that I thought of was "Lovely Ladies that I Like to Look at" ...... hmmmm, I'm not sure if that really captures the essence of what I'm going for. Or what about "Wonderful Women Who I Peep"?? Yeah, again , not really feeling it... What about "L A's Looksee List"??? Wow, this is hader than I thought...I really stink at the whole name thing, once when I was pregnant I wanted to name our baby after a dog we had just lost... I mentioned it to the fam, the older three looked like they had just swallowed pipeing hot chocolate and lil P ran, screaming from the room, "clementineeee,whyyyy did you have to go, I misss you so much"... In hindsight I guess maybe that wasn't such a good idea, but I loved that name, it just seemed to me at the time like it had been wasted. Another time when I was pg with my twins I wanted to name them Rajeena and Rajina (strong I)My husband was fine with it until over heard me telling his mom on the phone, "it sounds like a female body part" he yelled at me as he is wrestling the phone away from me... Huhhhh I guess it did. I also stink at remembering names and Im always wanting to refer to people by their first and middle names, which is very difficult when you can't remember them, so I just call everyone their first name and then Marie as their middle name. Some just smile and go about their buisness, some unfortunately try and get me to remember their middle names, I dont even attempt to, I know my short commings, so after awhile they just realize that its futile and move on...If you were my friend I would lovingly refer to you as _____- marie too. I'm also horrible about correcting someone who calls me by the wrong name. The longer it go's on the more and more afraid I become. We all know that once you get past like the 1st, mayyyybe the 2nd time, its just impossibe to tell them, unless its close to your name like Lisa, or Leslie, but if its say Mary, I'd rather just answer to it. Once big A overheard a lady say to me" Marcy can you please show this lady where the adult classes are " and I just plain got up and escorted her to the class, then later that lady introduced me to her entire family and any passers by, I just plain left the church.... Also, if I've know you for awhile and I forget your first name,instead of asking I'll just refer to you as "hey girl" , or sugar, doll, ect... And most of the time I get away with it, except for when someone I know walks up and I'm obligated to intruduce the two I will just say to the one I know," Oh kelly, this...... and then I will act like I have a fone call or that someone has called my name and off I go...But I would'nt ever do that to you. Ok, back to my list... What about "friends whom I'm friends with becuase we blog and I really like their blog or they like mine so we are friends"? Hmm, that ones not bad.. Ok, I'm fresh out of ideas, so any help would be truly appreaciated.. Well, Im gonnna go check out your blogs that I like to look at as I peep because we are friends... Hope your all having a great weekend!! L A

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flashback Friday (4/07)

Ma man
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Well, let me just start by saying" It wasn't my fault" .....
As I'm driving home, this fella down the street with a spray bottle and a cloth hanging out of his back pocket (you allll know the one) is slowly making his way from a neighbor's home towards our street , so I hurry in and close the garage. I remembered him from last year, he was here once again to sell me cleaning products, well actually just one ( its one of them 15 in one thingamabobs) So I proceed to run from room to room telling anyone that might hear the doorbell and answer it, that they were to (very nicely ) say that their mom is simply not interested, no matter how unbelievable this product is ( which I knew was his schpiel from last year, "Its not simply incredible, its a designed by nasa!!" ect.....) so as I lay on my bed trying to pray this migraine away before we had to leave in the next 20 minutes (yes, you know right where I'm headed) here comes Chels, followed very closely by Syd, proclaiming very excitedly how awesome this stuff is and how this guy just cleaned of our ancient (their words) door knob and it now looks " Brand Spankin New" and they had the " I just know that that will make you jump right up and sprint to the door to purchase this "miracle concoction" look!!" To which I said "I'm sure its perfectly good, but "I DO~ NOT~ WANT~ IT"!! Well, that did it then, they must have decided right then and there that it was their Obligation, no, their very DUTY, to get me to see the light, because then they sent in the "Big Gun" ... MY MOM.. (who by this time, was now on a First name basis with the fella, knows all about his upbringing and kin, that we may, or may not be related to...) "Leah, your not going to believe this stuff, its this..... and the guy is so....... and its good for this......... and that and you should see what he said........" so at the end of that~~~~ I bought it.
We arrived home from church about an hour ago and the girls (whom by the way I forgot to ask that they let me very gently tell Chris) were going on and on about this most "awesomus stuff" and how we hadn't had the chance to use it yet, but that they were just certain that they saved me from making a "Huge Mistake" by not letting this stuff get away, to which he innocently asks" Oh, and how much was it honey?" then Syd ( GO oooooo D love her....) says" it was only
$70... (as I'm seeing it all happen so quickly, but in slow motion -all at the same time... Ya know what I mean??) I'm like SYYYYYDDDDNEYYYYY, NOOOOOOOO.. But it was to late...
It has now been well over an hour and he has just now been able to walk away, shoulders slumped, head down, crept off into the bedroom realizing that, yes , it is in fact true... I spent $70 dollars on cleaning stuff, and I'm not even sure if it really works.... The one thing I do know for sure is" that vein, you know, the one just over his right eye, yeah, that one, it really does need to be looked at, and the sooner the better...Amen


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like blogging... <
I know others of you like it too, but I am seriously getting into this whole thing..
I really love meeting all you precious ladies, and making new friends!!
I have found some of the most precious blogs in blogland, thank you ladies for making it so wonderful getting to know ya!!
I want any of you that are ok with me adding you to my blog roll to please post here and let me know and you can add me as well!!!
I hope you all had a teriffic day and
I am off to pop around on your blog now and see whatcha been up to today!!! L A

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is me, I am she...

Chop chop
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OKAY, I want to start a truth thread.. When you read this if you so choose to accept , I would like for you to post 5 things that even your closest friends may not know ( nothing that you would be uncomfortable with sharing, but not easy things like, " I hate the color purple, or sushi" ) then leave a comment telling me (and the others who will read this) that you have done it... It will be great to see how many of the same things we as women struggle with, and we can encourage one another because we have been there... If you'd rather not, ya can just leave a shout out to say ya were here ;o)

----I am in this group on tuesdays to help ya heal any stuff that you have stuffed. I went wondering what, if anything , I needed to recover from. I know where I've come from and I know that God is daily healing me of junk, but Im aware of it all. Well let me tell you, satan has such a shifty way of making things that you think are jut "who you are", or " just a part of your story" or that "stuff just 'happend" so you just made lemonade. Well, those things leave a mark, and if you dont realize that its not necessary to carry all of that around, you are never truly free.

*One thing that I realized is that I am crafty, and not in the Marth Stewart kinda way, in an muchhhhh different way... I can easily acess a situation and do whatever it takes to arrive unscathed. I adapted this very young and learned this tactic because of the environmment that I grew up in. Not pretty, just the truth. One example of how that translates in my life now is that I can tell imediately when someone judges me. So right away I eaither turn off, or I set about to disprove their perception of me. And often times people will later say to me that they had misjudged me.
*I have a very strong personality, and I loveeeeee loving people. I am often the life of the party, but I dont want the spotlight just on me, I want us all under the disco ball partying... ( as my friend Dawn has said)
*I am often sought out by people who are shy or lack the personality traits that I do and then they later become jealous and competitive because I am so outgoing and fun lovin, and I'm over here lal la la la la in my own little world totally oblivious to the fact that they are ticked. A blessing and a curse at the same time.
* I want deep friendships , but I just had my butt handed to me from someone I really cared about and trusted, so now I just dont want to do the work that it takes to put myself out there again...
*I used to really struggle to love one of my children. It was work. I prayed oftennnn that God would make her the apple of my eye and help me to see her as He does, He is soooo faithful and now I cant get enough of her.Ok enough bout me, thanks for reading, now I just cant wait to learn more about you... Love ya, L A

Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not put off going to lunch with my daughter to go and get a haircut( sorry baby)

I did not tell myself I wasn't going to eat unhealthy at the get together tonight and then fill my plate, twice...Eak

I did not tell lil P just what to do to get her daddy to watch a movie w/ her tonight ( and it worked!!)

I did not let Kait have a friend who is a boy , over this eve to watch a movie...
(Im not readdddyyyy)

I did not call big A on the way home from hanging out doing crafts with my friends and complain because they hadn't cleaned the kitchen after making cookies..

I did not ask big A to hurry home with the laptop so as I could get on and see my friends on here :)

I did not forget to call my dad back, even tho I know he gets really perturbed...

I did not just drink a huge glass of cafinated tea @ 10;16 pm...

I did not spend 25$ on product today and "forget" to tell big A...(man ,Im getting in deep....)

I did not forget to wash hubby's work clothes that he asked me to...

I did not just think to myself I'm a terrible wife...

Wow, ok, its over, whew, now check out Mckmama's blog to see who else is in the Not ME by clicking on the "Not Me Monday" link on the top of this post!!

Okay, now who else didn't do things today? L A

Sunday, October 19, 2008


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I was going through pics on my phone and found this. Im looking so much old er lately. My dad was here last week and I heard him tell big A that I look like my mother. She's beautiful, but I have no desire to look like her. Would it bother you if someone told you you look like your mom?.People all the time tell my girls they look like me, they roll their eyes as if to say " lady, your smokin crack" I dont blame them, look at those bags. I think not wanting to resemble your mom is universal. I had lost over 100 pounds on atkins a few years back, but I have gained most of it back. I'm starting to have the desire to try and loose it again. I didnt have the desire until now to really commit, I have a husband who sits beside me in bed at 11 pm and eats a corndog and chips ( he is literally here right now beside me eatin that!!!!) When you are trying to loose weight if your husband eats junk and snacks all the time do you feel unsupported or get upset? I sometimes do, I think I feel that he is undermining me and not appreaciating my struggle. I know it isnt his fault, its just so difficult to not think about food when someone is smacking on popcorn right beside you. That was a real struggle for us when I lost all the weight. He never really did get it. Are any of you to the point where your realllly ready to commit? If so what are you doing or going to do to loose? Do you need a buddy to support, encourage or kick ya in the butt?? Please share with me your thoughts.. L A

Saturday, October 18, 2008


You have new Picture Mail!
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She's laying here beside me as I watch HGTV. She's so nice and snuggly, her little tummy rising & falling as she breathes. With the exception of the snoreing its a very peaceful scene... I lay over beside her w/ my face in her hair, and it hits me- She doesn't smell like a baby anymore. When did it happen? I've made certain to make myself stop from time to time and take it all in, to not take my time w/ her for granted. Etched in my mind are sweet expressions, games we've played, the way she says her "r's"..... I was so careful.... And yet still, its happend. I feel betrayed, like somehow I've been hoodwinked. Not long ago I held my friends sweetest little girl, she smelled sooooo- baby. She grinned that 'all to familiar' toothless grin & I was taken back in time..... We can't stop the clock... Turn back time, we just have to go willingly, or unwillingly, into the next season. She knows I don't like to think of her "getting bigger". Not long ago we were @ gap and she tried on an outfit , I was around the corner looking @ something, and her daddy says, "Awww, you look so much older in that" then, I heard her say," Then I dont want it, it will make mommy sad"..... I've got to get better @ disguizing it, I have to let go... So into this season of our lives I go, more unwillingly than willing, knowing that its all a part of the plan. Thank you Lord for your strenght and Peace, and thank all of you for holding my hand as my baby starts to let it go.... L A ( portions are reposted)


I found this neat blog group called secrets in the sauce! If ya get a chance, check them out! ;)

christian mom blogs...

I am having the best time meeting women all over the net who have a heart for God as I do and who homeschool their babies ( which is an ovbious passion of mine) Its been a real joy to see thir pictures, read about their lives and see how very much alike we moms are. Keep blogging ladies and may God continue to make His face to shine upon you!! L A

Friday, October 17, 2008

angry lil filly's....

Well we seem to have a lil issue with what might just be an addiction. I'll tell you what happend and you tell me what you think... Big A got in the car tonight, our family was headed out to have dinner with friends, and he happend to glance back and noticed that the back of my car was littered with trash. Well needless to say he reacted with his typical " Ok girls, thats it, hand your phones up, you've lost them for the night". What happend next took even me by surprised. Now, I wont go into all of the specific of the hysterics but I will say that you would have thought we had just run over their fav. dog. OH GLORY were the tears a streaming and the mouths a jabberin. Soooo he added another day, OHHH MAGOODNESS!!!-- 2 warnings later stilll a yammering.....So one of them, ( can ya even imagine which) threw herself back against her seat and started to nearly hyperventilate... I nearly dropped my gum!! My final attemp to get the riot under control was to threaten loss of said wireless devices for an entire week if the shananagins were not immediately halted. What in the world is this world comming to?? Ok, maybe not the world, but I am seriously having an issue with the amount of frightning fondness these kids have for that little contraption. I have very strick guidlines for their usage and they have limited time that they can be on it. The reasons they have them is - they babysit and I can stay connected to them no matter where they are, they opted for phones in leu of allowance ( cheaper on our wallets), we dont have a home phone, we get free texting and its a nice way for them to stay conncted to their family but most important is the fact that we can use it as a leverage /learning tool. It works wonders when they maybe need a little incentive to get their stuff done or to maybe be home on time ect... Well after their very annimated display we are going to be revisiting the issue, and I'm not really sure what might be the final verdict... I'll check back and let ya know what happens.. Till next time, LA

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot tub hotties

Hot tub hotties
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We had framily ( friends that are like family, my word) over for dinner last night and these lil hotties couldnt wait to hit the hot tub!!Here they are last night chilaxin in it.. First is Chels, lane, lil P and Kens. They even put a tube in to float around on...I really likie the hot tub, but Big A isnt a huge fan so I don't get to get in much, (also, its not real nice to his lil swimmers :( )but believe me, it gets alot of use. P seriously will ask to get in when it's like 70's out but its much nicer in the 50's, like now!! This family that was over moved here from out of state and our families are very close. Her lil one and my P are thick as thieves. Its just been one of the many things I've seen God do and I am so in awe and continiously reminded of how His plans are far better than anything we can strategise! What a relief huh, cause I have been known to get in His way and make a mess ;) . This time of the year is may FAV, even the brisk air has a special feeling not to mention the beautiful leaves and gettin out the hoodies ( a real celebration here in the Allen house.) If you will, please share with me what are some of your fondest things about this season, and Happy Fall Ya'll ... LA

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

50 questions

Da lips
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First I just had to share lil P's kissy face with ya'll- aint she just precious!!! Second, Flip Flop Mama encouraged the taking of these very probing questions so I'm taking the challenge ;) I also want to share these with you, so please take and enjoy!! LA
1. Do you like blue cheese? YUCK
2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? yep
3. Do you own a gun? No.
4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? Vanilly.
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointment? Sometimes.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? I like em if I don't think about what I'm eating.
7. Favorite Christmas Song? Come all Ye Faithful
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? slim fat ( I still aint lost a dern ounce!!)
9. Can you do push-ups? Plural? Um, no
10. What is your favorite movie? The Holiday
11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring
12. Favorite hobby? blogging.
13. Do you work with people who idolize you? Yeah Right!!
14. Do you have ADD? yep
15. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? my flab
16. What’s your middle name? Michelle
17. Name three thoughts at this moment:
a. thank you Lord for another day with my family
b. I need a slimfast
c. Why cant he ever just get up w/out waking me!!!??
18. Name 3 things you bought yesterday: Ummm, gheeze... Jeans , a cute jacket and a pretty pink shirt... Honey, I was going to tell you about it, seriously!!
19. Current worry right now? That my flab will get unpacke dand wanna stay!
21. Current hate right now? not gonna say
22. Favorite place to be? anywhere tropical
23. How did you bring in the New Year?chilaxin w/ homies
24. Where would you like to go, Anywhere in the world.Italy, spain, carribean
25. Name three people who will complete this? dunno...
26. Whose answer do you want to read the most? yours
27. What color shirt are you wearing? blk
28. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? neeeooooo
29. Can you whistle? Yep
30. Favorite color? green, orange.
31. Would you be a pirate? naw
32. What songs do you sing in the shower? my God is an awesome God, or somthing like that..
33. Favorite girl’s name? Peyton
34. Favorite boy’s name? dunno
35. What’s in your pocket right now? Nothing
36. Last thing (Person) that made you laugh? kelly
37. Best bed sheets as a child? black hole
38. Worst injury you’ve ever had? torn hammy OUCH!!!!!.
39. What is your favorite snack? YEAH
40. Favorite thing to do on Sundays? tv or take a nap.
41. Who is your loudest friend? Melissa
42. How many dogs do you have? 3.
43. Does someone have a crush on you? I hope my husband does
45. What is your favorite book?
46. What is your favorite candy? Reses Peanut Butter Cups
47. What is your favorite sports team? THE BOYZ!!
48. What song do you want played at your funeral? Um....?
49. What were you doing 12 AM last night? blogging
50. What was the last thing you thought of when you went to bed last night? hmmm, am I tired?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Takin advantage!!

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One of our Co-Op's went to a local orchard, I took all of the girls & we had the best time!! There was a maze, an old fashion corn splitter ( was a huge hit!!) and alot of games that even the older girls enjoyed.When we had our fill of the games, we headed over to get our apples. After a short while the object wasn't just to pick apples, it became to pick the biggest apples and the challenge quickly spread throughout the orchard, you could hear little voices all around saying " that ones huge" and also smaller apples being dropped from sweaty little hands. I have to admit that I got drawn into the competition and my apple was a monster to which other apples were being sized up against... Good times. Then we all sat around under a lean- to on bales of hay to eat our lunch and fellowship with our friends. As the day came to a close we all were laughing and sharing our favorite parts of the day . Peyt said hers was that she had the largest apple.... I just dont understand where she gets that competitive nature ;) ... I'm going to take advantage of having all of my babies under our roof. I know the older girls get to thinkin they are to big to take part in these type things, but I just lovingly remind them that soon enough they will be on their own and then they will be thankful that they went along and built lasting memories!! Hope you all are enjoying your fall ya'll!! Till next time, LA

Sunday, October 12, 2008

hello world!!!

Hello there!! This is Sydney! I'm blogging to tell you of all the fun I had today.
Today was an awesome day, we had a cook-out (which i really wanted), i was craving those burgers and hotdogs! I also got some money! but you know... it's not all about the gifts.
I loved spending time with my aunt kelly and uncle dave! I love them!
But the part I loved the most was getting to be a year older, 14 oh yeahh! And spending time with family and friends. thank you all for wishing me a good day! I had an amazing day!!! thanks for all the love, Sydney!

today is such a special day...

So big!!
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Its Syd's and Chels's birthday and what a long road they have traveled. They were born at 35 weeks weighing in at 3 and 4 pounds but as all babies do, they lost a little over a pound a piece which made them teeny tiny. They wore doll clothing for the first 3 months of their little lives, then started filling in rather nicely ! Its so amazing to see that God had a purpose for them even when they were being dropper fed in the PICU. These two are truly amazing, they are very loving, ready to help at a moments notice, and have shown such character despite the challanges they have faced. I wont go into all of that on their special day , I just want to take a minute to celebrate what awesome daughter's, sisters, and friends these two precious girls have grown into, and to say just how much we love you girlies!! Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love Mom

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My babies....

You have new Picture Mail!
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Well, let me catch my faithful readers and non repliers( you know who you are!!) up with what has been happening in our little corner of NE Ok. My precious peepod Peyton turned 7 yesterday,and omgoooooodness was it a wierd day. I know I may be the only one in the world that feel'sthis way but I'm in no hurry to see my girls grow up....And in October we happen to have three of our babies turn another year older. The twins will be 14 on Sunday and we have instituted a 'no birthday talk' rule until the week of your birthday, so guess what I have been hearing about nonnnnnn stop for the past 3 days. We also made a rule that we wouldn't have big b-day parties cept on their 6th, 13th, 16th and18th b-day's. So we have heard grumblings about how rough they have it because we dont love them enough to show it with a party to celebrate how important they are, bah blah blah. I'm not falling for it. This weekend we are Wichita with Kait and the NOAH Jags vball team. This is their first year playing together and they have done really well. We played 2 games tonight and 3 tomorrow. During the last game Kait rolled her ankle and heard it pop, dropped to the ground and had to be carried off the court. We bandaged it and iced it until we got her back to the room. I've checked it out and it looks pretty good, a little swollen but not real bruised looking. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!!!I just love watching her find her passion and as a home schooled girl in this era there are so many avenues available that wernt even an option 10 years ago. Its really exciting. I know other mothers struggle with their decision to home school, but I never waiver, I love it, know I was born to do it!!There is somthing so powerful in finding what you were created to do, and when I have days where I'm in a funk or the girls think they are smarter than I or it's a struggle to get them to focus (more often here lately) I just hang my hat on the promises of God. He will never leave me, He makes the Sun to shine upon me, He delights in me, I am chosen, my children and their children have been set free from the bondage of perfectionism and insecurities because of the love and desire that God has for them that has absolutely nothing to do with how well they do, how good they look or how perfect they act. He is love!! Forgive me if I seem a little distracted, I'm sitting here listening to 3 teen girls giggle and chit chat about how complicated their lives are , I cant help but smile.... They have noooo idea!!! On that note my hubby is ready for some attention so I must bid you adue' but I will check back as time permits! Till next time, LA

Papa and the girls!

Papa and the girls!
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Well we just got back from Wichita with the NOAH Jags and boy am I tired. My dad is in town visiting us and the girls just simply love it when he's here because he's a 55 year ole kid himself. As I mentioned before the twins will be 14 tomorrow and he just gave them each money. (as all good grandads of teen grandaughters do, he lined their pockets with cold hard cash!!!, oh to be 14 again!!) So off they went with him at the helm to shop till they dropped. I just have to mention that the mere fact the he is in our lives is seriously only because of my precious Lord. Up until 2 years ago we didnt even know one another, and to top it off , he is a spirit filled christ follower, I seriously couldnt have planned it better myself!!! One reason why I just love when my dad drops by is because he and Big A have forged this friendship that totally blows my mind! Let me give you a little background... My dad is from the hills of Arkansas. He and all 100 generations of his kin. He's got a purty good drawl , he pick's and grins on his guitar @ his church on sundeys and he just tar'd the roof of his camper trailer that he and his life long bff use to go huntin ever year,cept his buddy got bagged and fined last year for takin more than his share home ;) soooo, they aint a huntin for 3 , 2 more years. Fast foreward to last year, dad drops by , I'm at the homeschool convention (out of town ) and I get a call from Big A , They are out on the golf course and my dad is "plum havin a ball!!!" He is now addicted. I couldn't ask for a better playmate for my husband or a better role model for my yungins. Thanks Lord for knowing what I needed even when I didn't... LA