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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Papa and the girls!

Papa and the girls!
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Well we just got back from Wichita with the NOAH Jags and boy am I tired. My dad is in town visiting us and the girls just simply love it when he's here because he's a 55 year ole kid himself. As I mentioned before the twins will be 14 tomorrow and he just gave them each money. (as all good grandads of teen grandaughters do, he lined their pockets with cold hard cash!!!, oh to be 14 again!!) So off they went with him at the helm to shop till they dropped. I just have to mention that the mere fact the he is in our lives is seriously only because of my precious Lord. Up until 2 years ago we didnt even know one another, and to top it off , he is a spirit filled christ follower, I seriously couldnt have planned it better myself!!! One reason why I just love when my dad drops by is because he and Big A have forged this friendship that totally blows my mind! Let me give you a little background... My dad is from the hills of Arkansas. He and all 100 generations of his kin. He's got a purty good drawl , he pick's and grins on his guitar @ his church on sundeys and he just tar'd the roof of his camper trailer that he and his life long bff use to go huntin ever year,cept his buddy got bagged and fined last year for takin more than his share home ;) soooo, they aint a huntin for 3 , 2 more years. Fast foreward to last year, dad drops by , I'm at the homeschool convention (out of town ) and I get a call from Big A , They are out on the golf course and my dad is "plum havin a ball!!!" He is now addicted. I couldn't ask for a better playmate for my husband or a better role model for my yungins. Thanks Lord for knowing what I needed even when I didn't... LA


Margo said...

I'm glad you are getting some time with your dad! He sounds like a fun guy from them thur hills of Arkansas. :)

Crystal B said...

I am glad you are having a fun time with your dad.

Robyn said...

Wonderful to see your dad with the girls, and hearing the promises that God has given you with your family.