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Saturday, October 18, 2008


You have new Picture Mail!
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She's laying here beside me as I watch HGTV. She's so nice and snuggly, her little tummy rising & falling as she breathes. With the exception of the snoreing its a very peaceful scene... I lay over beside her w/ my face in her hair, and it hits me- She doesn't smell like a baby anymore. When did it happen? I've made certain to make myself stop from time to time and take it all in, to not take my time w/ her for granted. Etched in my mind are sweet expressions, games we've played, the way she says her "r's"..... I was so careful.... And yet still, its happend. I feel betrayed, like somehow I've been hoodwinked. Not long ago I held my friends sweetest little girl, she smelled sooooo- baby. She grinned that 'all to familiar' toothless grin & I was taken back in time..... We can't stop the clock... Turn back time, we just have to go willingly, or unwillingly, into the next season. She knows I don't like to think of her "getting bigger". Not long ago we were @ gap and she tried on an outfit , I was around the corner looking @ something, and her daddy says, "Awww, you look so much older in that" then, I heard her say," Then I dont want it, it will make mommy sad"..... I've got to get better @ disguizing it, I have to let go... So into this season of our lives I go, more unwillingly than willing, knowing that its all a part of the plan. Thank you Lord for your strenght and Peace, and thank all of you for holding my hand as my baby starts to let it go.... L A ( portions are reposted)


Robyn said...

I understand your pain, we just have to guide them to adulthood. I miss that baby smell with my grandkids also, they grow to fast.

Robin said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS. Still trying to figure it out too! Welcome, welcome! Please visit again.
PS- Cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I sooo know what you mean. I feel like I keep trying to hold on to the last little bits of my son's babyhood, but it's like trying to hold on to a beautiful sunset. I found you on SITS. Have a good weekend :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh my goodness, this brought tears to my eyes!! I can totally feel this too. You put it to words so well!! My daughter just turned two and I'm lost sometimes! I love the girl she is becoming at the same time that I miss my baby. It's glorious and it hurts. We can make it through though!! We have no choice, LOL. Oh, but I do miss that baby smell. Just makes me smile to think of it.

Meaghan said...


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Lilly's Life said...

Ohhh that is a gorgeous post and you expressed what all of us gorw through. The sad thing is the older my daughter got I seemed to cling onto every age. this was a brillian post, truly!

Renata said...

Hi! Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog! Your family is gorgous & your blog is great.
I also don't like my kids growing up so quickly. I love having babies & now my last 2 are 2 1/2 (sigh). I'll just have to look at the gorgous children they're becoming!