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Sunday, October 12, 2008

hello world!!!

Hello there!! This is Sydney! I'm blogging to tell you of all the fun I had today.
Today was an awesome day, we had a cook-out (which i really wanted), i was craving those burgers and hotdogs! I also got some money! but you know... it's not all about the gifts.
I loved spending time with my aunt kelly and uncle dave! I love them!
But the part I loved the most was getting to be a year older, 14 oh yeahh! And spending time with family and friends. thank you all for wishing me a good day! I had an amazing day!!! thanks for all the love, Sydney!


Robyn said...

I'm so glad you had a beautiful day. Sounds pretty Blessed to me, enjoy being 14.

Sister's W/O Mercy said...
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Angela Linton said...

Hey Sydney! It was so nice to talk to you on your birthday. Glad the day was great. I miss you so much and you are growing into such a lovely young Women. You are a perfect blend of your Mother and myself, not a bad mix my little beauty!
Look forward to talking to you more.
Love you!
Aunt Angie

Love to everyone!!! :)