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Monday, October 13, 2008

Takin advantage!!

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One of our Co-Op's went to a local orchard, I took all of the girls & we had the best time!! There was a maze, an old fashion corn splitter ( was a huge hit!!) and alot of games that even the older girls enjoyed.When we had our fill of the games, we headed over to get our apples. After a short while the object wasn't just to pick apples, it became to pick the biggest apples and the challenge quickly spread throughout the orchard, you could hear little voices all around saying " that ones huge" and also smaller apples being dropped from sweaty little hands. I have to admit that I got drawn into the competition and my apple was a monster to which other apples were being sized up against... Good times. Then we all sat around under a lean- to on bales of hay to eat our lunch and fellowship with our friends. As the day came to a close we all were laughing and sharing our favorite parts of the day . Peyt said hers was that she had the largest apple.... I just dont understand where she gets that competitive nature ;) ... I'm going to take advantage of having all of my babies under our roof. I know the older girls get to thinkin they are to big to take part in these type things, but I just lovingly remind them that soon enough they will be on their own and then they will be thankful that they went along and built lasting memories!! Hope you all are enjoying your fall ya'll!! Till next time, LA


Margo said...

I am SO completely jealous! I want to go apple pickin' so bad...SUCH a Maine-type thing to do! I'm glad you had such a great time!

Crystal B. said...

I am jealous looks like so much fun! Glad you had a good time with the girls.

Robyn said...

That looks like awesome fun, and yes the girls will have fond memories of these times. My girls bring up their fond memories with me often and it really warms my heart that they remember these things, and reinforses that I did something right.