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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm A Winner!!!

Helllllo, hows my peeps? I hope your all having a fabulous summa. We are having a really great time!! Im just a lovin this Oklahoma heat ( ok, not really, but what can ya do??) I have alot to report but we"ll take it slow. First off, 2 of my teens are off in Iowa visitin family and boy has it been quiet round here!!
I have also been on a "Eat Clean" diet for 3 months. I have now lost .. wait for it.... 54 lbs. Ohhhh YEAH! I was in a "Summer Slimdown" challenge & I won 1st place, also $450.00!!!... Not to Shabby eah???. I am going out tonight w/ Big Daddy (for the first time in over 90 days) to celebrate & I am reallllly looking fwd it it!! I know I have told a few of you how I lost the weight, but if any others of ya wanna know, just zip an email over to me and I'll spill the goods!!
Syd is back from camp & we have had such a good time hanging out & having one on one time. I love it! Although, she has a busier schedule than I do so we have to squeeze in time... Ahhhh, to be a teen again!
Also, I dont know whats going on (other than I prayed specifically for it) but I have started meeting some of the most precious women (in computerville & round town!) & have really enjoyed these precious, genuine, loving friendships!!. Here are just a few pic's of em: ( Lisse above w/me & JW down with my man;) Very excitin, God is so very faithful aint He?!!
Well gang, we are off to our fav. local Mexican joint, but I hope you guys are enjoying the sun, fun & freedom the summer brings.
I LYLAS/B and I'll post again reallllly soon! ♥ LA

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh the fun that was had!!

Hi gang! I surely do hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful July. Its been nice here the past few days, in the 80"s, a little rainy & I love the rain!!  We have had alot going on this summer (as Im sure you all have!). Two of my older girlz are out of state seeing family, and the other (older one) was in Waco last week on a poverty mission trip w/ our church. She had some amazing stories. One was that they did the prayer of salvation with two sisters who wernt saved. I cried. Its such an awesome feeling to see how Gods plan is unfolding for your baby. We are very proud of her!!! Lil P hasnt gone anywhere except over to a friends to sleep over. She said the other day that she is LOVIN the sisters being gone. She's "not treated like poo and she gets to do what she wants" ( her words!!) We had a wonderful 4th of july party with friends.There were about 12 people and lots of food n fun. The kids swam for hours then we did fireworks for even longer. Here are some photos of the fun filled night...(at the top in our bff Kevin and Syd!)
 This lil P and her friend Abby.
These are my sweet friends Christy & Jw.
This is Abby's older sis. Makenzie...
My bff JW & my man!!
lil P and her bff Kenzie
and JW's sweet lil self w/ moi!
The forth was one of the first nights that I had been out in awhile, for 2 reasons. One is that Im doing this weightloss challenge and OMGAW its been realllly difficult. Ive lost considerable weight, but I've barely made it through!!(thank you honey for your love and patience!!)
The second reason is because I fell in my back yard...(ugh!) Sprained both ankles, my right knee, anddddd peepled all the skin off my big toe on my right foot.( I posted pic's on FB case yer interested ;)
So Sat. night was a very special treat, not to mention the fact that we were celebrating the men and women that have fought and are fighting for our freedom. I am so very thankful to live in this counrty, and am deeply thankful for the sacrifices being made!!
I miss all of your beautiful selves and promise to be here way more! Hope your having a fabulous week!!
xoxoxox ♥ LA