Our family's journey, & all the bumps & bruises along the way...


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gheesh, its 2008??? What happend to 2007,6,5,ect? Well, I guess what they say is true... "Time waits for no one" , no I dont know who said it, Im just certain someone did. We are gearing up for the same ole same ole in our household; same schooling, same sisterly love ( hehehehe) same daily routine with a few exceptions. The first being that we have started attending a new church (not new as in newly errected, new as in we have just recently started visiting) right down the lane. We really like it. Not only do we, but the girls also seem to be carving out their own little nitches as well which is very important to us. I really miss my friends. I like the ladies that I'm meeting but I really miss seeing the ones that have grown dear to me a few times a week. I know, I'll make more, its just an adjustment thats all. There has also been a really wonderful thing that has transpired out of all this transitioning, and that is that the Lord has reconnected me w/ a close friend. She and her family are also making the transition to this "new" church, its been really nice. Its so hard to know what God is up to in all of this, so in this season of being seasoned, I am just going to "stand" as His word says to do and hang on to my hat because He knows far more about what my family and I need than I do. We are also gearing up to take our bi-annual trek to Michigan. We were unable to go for Christmas, so we are going to try and go here in the next few weeks. We want to go before it gets warm out because part of the experience is to go and freeze, the girls really look foreward to it. Ok, well we are @ library story time and it is about to start so I have to go but I hope you all are having a wonderful transition time as well, wheather it be a new beginning, prayers answered or just a change in your heart. If your not growing, your dying, right?! Hugs, and see you next time L.A.