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Saturday, March 28, 2009

wii are a lil late in the game!!

The older three girls stayed over at their friends last night, so lil P, hubbs and I went to dinner... Ahhh.
Then after, we wanted a coffee naturally and hubbs asked...
"Hey, how bout we buy a wii." Well, how could I say no?? So he and lil P stayed up well past midnight kicking each others butt at the various games. Why did we wait so long?? The girls and I created our wii~selves this morning. Ughhh!.
I've been working out with a personal trainer and the girls still made my wii girl chubby~ Sooo not fair!!!
The older three girls wern't home an hour and 2 have already been sent to their rooms!!
Well just as most of you, we got snow. It started early this morning and is still comming. We have a total white out!! We've got satelite TV and it's out today due to snow, which gives me the perfect excuse to be on here, for hours!!! ( I should have said" to do my bible study", but who am I kidding??)
Welp, I just sent # 3 to her room... This day just gets better and better!! I seriously just heard thunder right now, THUNDER & SNOW??? I have never heard of that in my whole life!!
Well,thanks to Keli's (Dream Imagine Live) update on facebook, I am heading out for wing's today~ Yum and eakkkk!!!
Okay, well I'm off to check some of you out, then get dressed to head off into the white, cold yonder to get me some wing's.... Man is it quiet here, Mama likie!! ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Is cause kansas blows and texas sucks?

I don't believe that for one minute, but we have had seriously hurricane force winds and some people here have a theory, and that's it... I grew up in Tx. have a lot of family there and miss it . Might even someday end up back there if the good Lords willing..
I miss you guys so much tho, I can't hardly take not hearing from you!!
God is so good to me. I haven't slept in 6 days, and finally slept last night. A group of ladies from my church are doing the bible study Esther ( I know, I do have a point in this lil story;) and last night one of my close friends called me and told me " You HAVE to do day one right now, it's about God keeping people awake when He is trying to deal with them about something!!" Well, I naturally had to go right away and get it. Sure enough, He had me snotty nose and sobbing in the first 5 minutes!!! I want to encourage any of you that aren't sleeping to please get this BM study and look at week six, day 1. This part of the study is where Esther told her hubby King Xerxes that she wanted to throw a party and asked if Haman would come as well.. Well, this was the night following that party and the King couldn't sleep. God revealed or rather used this time to unfold a turning point in the Kingdom. I don't want to give it away, but God was up to something HUGE. I have been wrestling with so many things lately. One is a life changing thing that has got me in it's grips & needless to say, I had a time with God last night... It was a good, draining time. I am hard headed and sometimes He has to just let me wrestle. He is so patient with me. Is there anything He is letting you wrestle with?Is it your babies, family, finances , your marriage? Well, He already knows the outcome you just have to release it so that He can work it out on your behalf.( Or so He told me last night. And I am seriously trying...)
How are you, whats going on in your world?? I Miss ya like crazy... I'm off to see what you been up to!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A trip Home....

Hello everyone...I suppose alot of you are eather about to have spring break, or its week after next. Well , I can't wait to see pic's and hear all about it ;)  Being that we homeschool, we can do ours whenever we see fit. We will prob. take it the last week in March and take a trip to my dad's in Paragould Arkansas. I was born in Arkansas. Moved from there when I was 5ish. My grandparensts ( moms parents) moved to NM from Ar.and we followed. My dad's whole family lives in Ar. and has my whole life. He and I hadn't really known one another until just over 2 years ago. God totally reunited us. My dad is now saved and a totally different man than I knew growing up, now we see him often. He has grown very close to my dh and girls. He has a twin sister and they celebrated their b-day last weekend, so off we went to hang out for the Birthday Bash. Any of you have Southern roots?? I am here to tell you that if you do & get together "Southern Style" then your gonna grub, aint no two ways about it!!!.... I ate till I couldnt eat anything else. Let me just take you through the the meal we had for lunch Sunday...
This here is a good ole pot of Beans and Southern Cornbread...
Alongside this delish dish "Fried Taters n Onions" gatta have em!!
With some "Franks And Kraut"
And lastly but certainly not least, "Banana Puddin"!!
All this followed a huge batch of Biscuits n Gravy for breakfast!!
Have I told you that I have been seeing a personal trainer??? Well, it was totally worth it and I can't wait to go back for more!!  My kids are still detoxing....
What kinds of food do you eat when you go home? I just can't wait to hear about it... I have so missed you all, and I am going to go and see what has been happening in your world!! ;)