Our family's journey, & all the bumps & bruises along the way...


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Boy, what a rush!!!

We went to see the Tulsa Talons last night. Woooo hooooo!!! There isn't a local Pro. Team here, so we got to see the next best thing. We got stomped unfortunately, from a team right out of where I haled from @ birth (Arkansas!!!) I mean to tell you, it was a massacre!! I guess we are 7 & 0 , or were that is, till last night...This team beat us 3 times last year.... But the game isn't about winning or loosing ya'll, its about the free gifts and the Disney Radio gang being there & throwing all kinds of stuff into the crowd, & having awesome half time show!!! We got these plum obnoxious horn things, I couldn't even hear anything as we left the arena... The girls had a blast, laughed and played around doing the Macarena and various other crowd dances lead by the Talons Cheerleaders... It was a good family time had by all, & that truly is what matters... That and the fact that I scored MAJOR points w/ Chris, his needs are very important to me ya know!! Next week, we might even go play some golf together, that's right, I'm being a good, loving, nurturing help meet, just like the Good Book says..So let that be a lesson to the rest of ya.....
See ya next Time ~Mc Allen

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now the countdown begins......

Well, somewhere right around the first of June my mother will be heading back to N.M. w/ my sister in tow. It has been three months, and it is now time. We certainly have had our ups & downs, but one thing is for certain, I realized how much I love and cherish my family time w/ the girls Chris & I , also that God was doing something in all of it, even if I'm not totally certain of what it was yet.
It is really interesting to add two very strong personalities to an existing family dynamic (especially where there are 5 females already co~existing~ alot of stretching happening in me). I feel really confident that there isn't anything more for them to learn or do here. I have seen them grow & I know that they will be going back w/ a new perspective, & healed of alot of things. Naturally there will some readjusting for the girls, they really have had some fun times w/ them: The late night games, swimming in our pool while it is 68 degrees outside. Late nights in the hot tub. Hide and go seek w/ Jordan countless hours at night. So as you read this, if you would, please pray for the 2 of them & the road that lay ahead of them, also for the loss that the girls will be feeling as they leave. Till next time ♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There comes a time in every mothers life....

When her eldest daughter turns 14. Frankly, your choices about what to do are very limited!!!
Lets go back in time shall we?? We had her around 9 am in Scottsdale Az. on a beautiful may morning. Precious little baby girl, with beautiful round blue eyes, and the softest sweetest smelling skin I think I had nearly ever smelled. As with every mother who looks foreword to her babies birth, I had so many hopes and dreams about how our lives together would be...
Her birth was scheduled well in advance so naturally we very naively assumed that we knew exactly how it would go down, we didn't then & frankly haven't known much of anything to let her tell it, since then. What happened?? Where is my baby??? & why is it that she knows full well that I have been on this earth for 36 years & have pretty much been there, done that, yet that gets me a huff & a roll of the eyes. ( actually I don't really ever see the rolling of the eyes naturally, because by that time, she has stomped away hating me for asking her why, for the billionth time, did she leave her straightener on, & didn't she know it could burn the house down?? ect.....(But then I hear "Mom, shes rolling her eyes again~~ SLAM"!!!) She stands now looking @ me eye to eye as we struggle, her to get me to the ground, me to keep that from happening come hell or high water, even at the expense of not being able to stand upright for the next week and a half!!! ( never , EVER let them see you sweat!!!, or limp around!!) She begins to laugh because I can still take her down ( & thank the good Lord, because if she EVER gets that over on me, I just don't know what might happen to the safety of myself and her sisters. My brute strength just might be what is standing in the way of complete & total anarchy!!!) Then all is well again, until in about 5 minutes,when I do , or say something else that rubs her the wrong way, might even be her name, we just never ever know...
I hear tell that it is her job to hate me, that secretly she doesn't, that when she says go away with her mouth she really means come here, that she needs love and affirmation... But what about when she says it with gritted teeth, screaming, whilst shaking her fist at me with the look of horror, & all I see is the whites of her eyes?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, HUH??????
I just happen to have kids that are early teens & also a younger one who is 5 ( all girls) so I fit into 2 groups of mothers. Quite a few of my friends happen to have kids Peyton's age, so they get a front row seat in this psychotic episode that has become my life and in seeing me muddle through this maze. I hear from them time to time,"Thank goodness that by the time I get there with mine you will have already been through it and I can look to you for guidance... WHAT??? Have you NOT heard my prayer requests??? They go a little somthin like this " Please pray that I make it through this next week when we will meet again so that once again you can pray for me..... Sometimes you might hear" Please pray that whomever swapped out my baby 14 years ago in the PICU in Scottsdale Az. would contact me and bring my child back, no questions asked. Or it might go a bit like this: " Please pray that I get a word from God soon about when, when will he be coming back for me, I NEED TO KNOW!!!????
I know, its not all that bad, I'm just telling you , if I hear her sisters walk out of their room one more time asking " How does this look?? & hear her HUFF, & make this barely audible noise that has become the benchmark of our rivalry, then see her sister, shoulders slumped, walk back into their room to change for the um teeth time because of her disapproving grunt, I'm going to loose a grip!!!
Ok, seriously I want to end this on a positive note, so as to not offend & so that you don't mistakenly contrive from this that I am not one million percent in love with, & totally adore my child & her three sisters. I know w/ every part of me that they are what I was created for. To love nurture & yes, even mess up in my humanness & imperfectness from time to time. The good news is however, they have parents who pray, & love them plum past the moon and back. There isn't anything that I have ever done (w/ the exception of their births, my wedding day and being in the Lord presents ) that has brought me more pure utter joy or total & complete bliss, than having this life as I walk daily with my babies.
God has been so good to me, & I pray daily that I can be all that He has called me to be for them. If you don't grasp anything else from my misshaps and blunders, please remember this: They are only with us for a minute, after which they are off fluttering around learning life's hard lessons with us hopefully doing in tandem what we are each called to do on their behalf :~~Standing on the sidelines Cheering them on, while we are also " Wearing out our Knees!!" As the word says, "Teach them the way they should go, & when they are old they WILL NOT depart from it....
Ok, thats quite enough for now, thank you for your patronage & be certain that I will let you know if she gives up the grunt, but as Im sure you know, its not very likely!! :0)
See ya next time!!! ☻

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I am having a great time cause my very good friend Tracy is here. She Kathy and I have spent the last 2 days together,except for today for a few hours when I took Kait on her B~day lunch/shopping extravenganza w/ her bff Faith (and w/ the exception of the running of the bulls I entered into by being the first to finish my plate of freholes in the Placo del Rio while on vacation in Mexico when I was there last month w/ a few of my compradres, I cant remember being so plum wore out & sore.....) Kait was very blessed by people that love and care for her this year , we are very thankful!!
They my loyal /trusty girlfriends, are sitting here right now being really mean to me @ 10:55 pm & I am totally undeserving of it......It is their belief (I say their, but its mostly Kathy, and less Tracy) that if I would put into a Roth IRA what Chris & I spend on coffee each month, we could retire in 10 years...Like I'm going to fall for that one.....
Back to the fun Im having, last night we went out to dinner at our fav. local spot for mexican, Compadres, where we were joined by another sweet friend Erin and her husband Eric, as well as Tracy's husband George whom I was very miss informed about, he is to a United States citizen and very easy to understand....
Tomorrow will be another fun filled day of lunch with the girls and a day getting work done... Mani's & Pedi's for the lot of us... I tell ya, sometimes the hanging out and having to "Socialize" when kin comes a callin, it really wears me out!!!
We have so much going on this summer. My calendar is very quickly filling up, and as Im sure will can guess, the girls are very ready to get our summer underway!!! We will school for 2 more weeks, then we will be off until sept. They are going to their dad's for 3 weeks in Aug, so we will resume when they return home.
Ok, well we are watching a movie now, and so I must focus, so good night and see ya next time!!

God Bless!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

We went, saw, listend, grew & bought!!!

Boy that went to quickly!! Kathy and I went to OKC and stayed at her sisters home near there. She is so sweet, and about to pop!! (8 months pregnant!) We didnt make it to the first day of the convention, but were there bright and early yesterday morning. ( she really is a good driver, we didnt get lost even once!!! :)
I once again realized just how important as a home school parent, that you go to these things, and every time I do, God really impresses on my heart exactly why we do it... Its about Him and the love that we have for our babies. I hear moms say all the time like this " Its not for me, I need my free time.." Or " I think christian kids need to stay in the public school system" Or " I'm not smart enough to teach my kids..." There are many reasons why people don't feel like they are lead to do it... But there's only one reason why you should, because no one loves your kids or thinks them so valuable, impressionable, and precious as their Lord and the parents He gave them.
Its a call that not everyone is obediant to, & I know full well why; Like being a mother, its a thankless job, it impeeds on your schedule of things "you " have planned in your day, you never get a break (or so you tell yourself). Only a parent who truly knows that they were created to nurture the children God has blessed them with, and can lay all their selfish reasons and all the doubts aside to know that God never brings you to anything He wont get you through.....
If you even have a seedling growing in your heart about doing it, please just know, none of us are perfect, but we are created in His likness, and we are never alone.
Ask yourself one question: are your reasons for doing it selfish or for the children you love so much??.... Ill get off my soap box now... till next time!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tomorrow we are offf!!!

Tomorrow Kathy and I leave for OKC for the Homeschooling Convention (yeaaaaa) ....I haven't been since the first year I home schooled & went to the one in Kissimee Fl. I really loved being around 1500 others who had the same heart for their children and the call on their hearts that I do, to try and instill in their lives what I feel God wants them to know, about Him, life and even the love of themselves and others. Its wonderful to get some fresh perspective when your at the end of the year and might not be "Feelin the Love" for it right now...
I wasn't sure when I went to bed last night that I would be up to going, Chris and I both were feeling like we had been hit by a Mack truck. I am starting to feel alot better now,and so is he, thank the Lord. ( although I am getting wore plum out from all the rain... Feeling a bit like Noah must have felt...;0) Well, we found out that our Homeowners Ins. will not be paying for our septic, so I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned to knock our socks off in getting this all worked out.... I know its going to be good. I just keep telling that mountain to "MOVE"!!
Kait plays softball and hasn't had a game in over a week due to the rain, I'm wondering is she will ever have another one... I just saw the forecast and looks like a few clear days and then back to rain, and since the septic is not working, we have a little pond in the back yard~ EAK!!!
Next week, a really wonderful, loving, friend of ours ( Kathy and Mine) is bringing her family down for a visit, I am so excited I just cant wait, we just need really some happy times around here about right now!!! ☻
I'll see ya soon to let you know whats happening in" The days of our lives here in Owassa Oklahoma!!! Till then, God bless, and good bye !!!