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Thursday, November 27, 2008

LA hearts EC!!

Ok, a little background on my beliefs. I am a spirit filled born again Christ follower, and as such I wouldnt ever want to do anything that would quench the Holy Spirit in me ( believers will know sactly what I am talking about! ;)  With that being said, I was so skeptical about this " Twilight" that everyyyyyone was talking about. I just had to see it for myself....

 I Have Now Seen It 3 Times since Monday!!! I went last night at 10:30 pm and got the book, I havn't been able to put it down. My BFF and her fam came over for Thanksgiving today and as they were leaving I was joking with them, book in hand saying "Ok, goodnight, hate to see you go, byeeeee!" They were laughing all the way out to their car. But I was Serious!!;)  I stayed up till 2;30 am reading and am on page 230 right now. I only stopped to share briefly with ,my precious friends ( you) just how special Edward is to me, and now you can see for yourselves the reason(s) why...... If you havent yet seen the movie, I would seriously encourage you to. If you want to read the books first, It is my opinion that the book is so much better because I saw the movie first, and I can now picture them in my mind
Now I really must get back to Edward, he was just about to......
Oh & sweet friends, I hope you had a teriffic Thanksgiving!! Love ya, LA

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catchin up and a Winner!! ( JSYK, Your all winners to me...;)

Hey Girlz!!! As you all know, last week I had a giveaway to get some of my bloggy GF's in the spotlight and to also get our dear , sweet, Keli some votes in the Photo contest that she has been chosen a finalist in @ 5 Minutes for Mom--wooo hooo!!
Well, my precious friends, our very own Jennifer of My Life with Four Kids showed the most love, Congrats Jen!!! Please email me with your shipping address, WOOOHOOOO, You Rock Jen!!
Since I haven't been on here...( soooooooobs) I have had some time to get out and see the world. It isn't all its cracked up to be, but I did do something fun with the fam. We went a huntin at our local tree farm ( as we do yearly) for the tree that shall be adorned in all of our Christmas splendor!!I shall now take you along on that journey!!.............
We arrived full of energy for the task ahead, and they were off!!! Lil P and Big A thought a few times that they had found 'THE ONE" But alas, it wasn't to be.... Big A attempted to venture off on his own to find the fairest tree in all the land but Syd was trailing right behind him, she has a good
eye. And lil P made a made a dash for one 12 feet tall....

Foiled once again by the barren empty back side, that we are all familiar with. Just then, a Christmas Miracle happened, all of the Allens agreed on a tree! (Frankly , I think we were all exhausted and they all started looking the same!!) As we left the Tree Patch, we felt like we were now ready to Face the world -A job well Done....
I am off now to catch up on all of your blogs that I have missed oh so much, and I for one hope to never have this distance between us again.... Much Love LA
(*oh and can anyone of you brilliant , intelligent, thoughtful ladies puleazzzze help me to put my bloggy awards in my sidebar?? :) I know, I'm not as together as you made it up in your mind that I am.... :O ) Thanks , LYLAS

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm SORRY!!!!!

I havn't been able to get on because my 15 yo. is in the virtual academy and has until Monday to be completely done, so she's burning the mightnight oil and tying up our internet!! :( Asap, I'll be back to post the winner to my giveaway ;) .... Do you know who it is?..... Also, very important, if you have seen twilight, please let me know!!!! IMISSYOUZ!! Am I missing anything going on in your world? If I am, leave me a snipit so I can be sure and pop over when I am free to and catch up!!! & in the famous words of Cali's now Governor, ' I'll be back'... Hugs, LA

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Shout Out, Vent & A Heyyyy!!!

Well lets just get this out of the way first... The damoge` to my Car was ........ $4487.52. Yep, 4,500 dollas.... I'm sitting here just staring at that fat # on this screen right now. You might be askin yerself why he parked in the drive ?(for the first & LAST TIME EVER) Well he was actually trying to be sweet. He had bought me a few Christmas pressies & was going to hide them in the garage. So the 100 dollars he spent on my- I'm certain , wonderful, very thoughtful , very well planned out- Christmas presents, have now cost us 4 5 00 DOLLARS.. Ok, I'm moving on and trusting that God will do as He says in His word & will work everything to good for those that serve and are called according to His purpose.
Secondly, I wanna say that I absolutely love you gal's. I got the biggest kick reading my random email replies from you to my last post. A few times I laughed right out loud. I am so thankful that you guys 'Get Me" and love me still....I am just crazy about you too!!!

Even after all of the car drama, I had a really good birthday. My girlies wanted to take me to Red Robin for lunch, and we had the best time!!!
Then 2 of our very good friends wanted to meet us fer dinner, so we went to Cracker Barrel then out fir coffee!! It was nice to chilax!!
Well, it's been getting chilly here lately & Big A wants to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf before its to late. He and his buddy are heading out at the hairline crack of dawn to play golf. I got myself in a bit of trouble because I just happened to mention in front of lil P that she might like to tag along. She & Big A have been hitting the course & she just loves it... Well OMGAW He blew a gasket.. By the way, Do NOT mention this to him because he just cruised by here all nonchalant & said, " Your not posting what happened earlier on that blog are you?? Well, naturally I didn't answer him, but is this, or is this not the perfect forum to bid this question: (YES , Yes it is!!!) "Doesn't he want her to get a feel for the game or not, & if so, is that only possible when none of his buddies have a few hours to spare~ mid week, mid day w/no advance warning?? Well, sounds fishy to me!!! We discussed it at length ( w/ him leaving every room she & I entered for some strange reason) & him asking the question over and over "Why did you ask me that in front of her ??" & I bashfully retort" What do you mean, I didn't know it wouldn't be a welcomed idea!!!?", then proceeded to ask him if he thought that Tiger Wood's ( oh -yes- I -did) dad ever made Tiger stay home because a better offer came along... So after a few repeated outbursts, thrashing about on the floor & the dreaded tears (I tried to console him, but it did very little good) Peyton came strutting in just a bit ago & said, "Well mommy, I just layed out my golfing outfit for tomowow, & if daddy thinks he can wake up before me, he is wong, I had Katie set the alam!!" ( she really did!!!) Ahhhh, She just gets more and more like me every day!!! Alright Gang, Much love and happy Friday!!! LYLAS- LA

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dis Day aint all DAT...

It's the day before my birthday and was shaping up to be a purty good day... Temps in the 70's , not alot of girly drama goin on, hubb's' came home early , not- to -shabby... Until; The girls all started getting ready to go to Wed. night church, before I realized it, allll 4 of them had taken shower's, and when I go to take mine, NO HOT WATER!! GRRR...I just had to freshen up, so I washed my pits, and my hoo hoooo with a wipey, thats right , I said it... Then Later I was running off to get the girlz at church, and guess who had parked his truck in the drive for the first time ever in over 3 years?? athasright, & guess who backed into it with her Escalade???--- Rightttt AGAIN --- MEEEEE! .........Somebody hold me.... I am still not fully recoved, and its been over 4 hours.... .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO A- ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO , A- MEEEE.... not. Therefore, I had better be getting some bloggy love and encouragement , I am very fragile People!!!

I'm sure after some sleep I will be fine, its just a vehicle, and thankfully no one was hurt....I shall return when I have recieved from God the Peace that I am about to ask for... Thankfully I know, He is faithful... Right, RIGHT!!! ;) LA

Win this Wednesday....& Ang, your Cat Prayer from Hell was Answered.

Originally uploaded by LA'S DAZE

Ok, it's on Saturday that you actually win...-- Tell all your bloggy Buddies about My Sweet Giveaway and dont forget to give a Klick For Keli ( Klick On Keli's name Below in My last Post) and then Check out My Bloggy Buddy Roll .. Check Back Daily for More Chances to Win!!! All Info and Rules are in My Last post... ;) Leah

We'll just got a delivery of a something that I know is going to really test my resolve..... I didn't realize what I was gtting into when I looked into the deep blue puppy dog eyes of the little girl who was pushing this racket, as she shared w/ me that she was very close to reaching her goal. How could I say no now, hmmmm, How? Well now the 2 tubs (3 lbs a piece )of White Choc & also Black & White COOKIE DOUGH are beckoning me!! How, How am I going to go about my daily buisness knowing that just beyond my freezer door lies pure -unadulterated- Most delish...... GET AHOLD OF YERSELF LEAH MARIE ALLEN...I just dont think can deny it---IF IT's WRONG I jUSt dont WaNnA be RIGHT!!! Pray for strength for me ya'll!! L.A

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hear Ye Hear Ye- I tell you I need your help & I get 8 reply's, but I tell ya I got pulled over & pee'd myself & I get nearly 30?!!

So I'm gonna try a lil different tactic.-some may call it brilliant, some may call it shady, whatever ya call it, I wanna see those replies rollin in-... As I mentioned before , I really want our friend Keli to win this contest ( we know she's the best) I would also really like for you all to get to know each other and maybe visit blogg's you havn't before. So I'm gonna offer up a lil incentive.... I found the most beautiful 3 candle hanging obra, It will look so wonderful all aglow with red candles on christmas eve - I got one for me & naturally one for you too!! ( Its a foot and some inches tall, smokey glass surrounds on three hanging tiered lamps- seriously CUTE, & larger than it looks in the pic!!) Ohhh, you say, and how do I go about winning such a de'light'ful gift so close to Christmas time??... We'll I'm glad you asked!!! I am having a contest- If you want to win this precious beauty, you must first go and give a click for Keli (Dream Imagine Live-please read the last post of mine for more info) then visit at least 3 of my trusty sidekicks listed on my blog roll to the right-And please tell them that I sent ya ;) --(The first 10 or so of you that arnt listed and would like to be, please let me know and I shall at once add you!!) Then return here and let me know you have completed the task ( you may visit My thread and 3 blog roll buddies once a day until Saturday Morning @ 10 am CST (but YOU CAN ONLY CLICK FOR KELI ONCE, so make it count ;).
At which time I shall count the replies and then the person that showed the most bloggy love and reported back here to let me know shall be the sole owner of this truly lovely lil Beaut!!
If there happens to be a tie, I will then put those names in a hat and the Hubbs shall draw the name... On Saturday afternoon I will post the winner , you can then email me with your address, & off shall go your sweet lil prize!! Sound like fun?? & please also check out other posts on my blog if you havnt already;) Okay Peeps, Yes Yes, Be sure & TELL YOUR Friends on your blog about my giveaway, and let the voting and replying begin!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey, can you do me a Favor??

One of all of our BFF's ( Keli at Dream Imagine Live) is in a contest at 5 minutes for Mom PULEAZE go and give a lil click for her, you all know she rocks out the recipies. HaVe YOu SeEen tHAt loADeD pOtaTo soUp? Whadasay gang???!! Mmmkay I'll se ya there!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Back & it's a Birthday Day day!!

Today is big A's B-day!!! He's the Big 38 and his B-day precedes mine by 4 days, so I love to rub in his face that he is 4 days old- er!! On his special day he makes certain that we do what he want's so here we sit after going to lunch with the girlies to have pizza, watching 4 football games back to back.... I'm trying to think about what I could have him do on mine that would cause him to whimper just a teence, I would LOVE some ideas!~ :) I have to admit something to all of you, Big A and I changed churches a little while back and it seems that unfortunately when you do that you loose contact with all of the people you have served and worshiped alongside- my friends.. I'm making friends at the church we are now going to also at the co-op we have joined, but it takes some time so this past year a been a little bit lonely for me. I'm sharing this with you to say that since I have started blogging and became such great friends with you gals I'm not lonely any longer. I truly feel blessed to have such special women in my life in you, even tho we don't have lunch or take in a movie together "yet", I am loving having such a Special Circle of Friends!! . . I know this is a Sunday but I want to do a thankful Meme and I hope all of you that pop on here and read will leave a reply letting me know to visit your blog & join me in being thankful.
1. I'm so thankful that I have been bought by the blood. My life otherwise wouldn't amount to anything other than pure utter pain and darkness. Thank you God for loving me when I was so unlovely.
2. I'm so thankful for my husband. I know he was hand picked for me.There are constant reminders in our marriage that resound in the fact that big A was meant to love and build a life w/ me and I w/ him. First off he gets me. I know that sounds so passe but he really loves me in a way that can only be an annointin and he see's the me in me that I wish that I did..
3. I'm so thankful that my girls have parents, grandparents and people who love and faithfully pray for them. I see the fruit in their hearts and lives already, praise God!!!
4. I'm thankful for this blog and those of you that have blogs that I read faithfully. Its just wonderful to get on and see that others of you are laughing, crying ,encouraging, & just generally keeping up w/ myself & each other, What a Blessing!!
5. I'm so thankful that I live in a country where I can openly worship my precious Lord and savior. I am so thankful for those who fight the good fight right now so that we are assured that privilege. Bless them Lord, and be with their precious families while they are away defending our great nation. ~So now that I'm filled to overflowing who's got some blessings seeping out of their lives they want to share? Love ya'll all, LA

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hasta La Vista Baby!!!

I, my dear sweet friends whom I drealy love seeing daily, am off to OKC to the Women of Faith. I shall be checking in at night from my Instinct and it would be so nice of you to leave me comments telling me how your doing, or what your plans are this weekend, what your latest blog post are about( so I can have it to look foreward to reading when I get home). You know, so I don't miss out on anything - Yes, ok, Yes I do want my cupcake and eat it too!!! Alright, I'm off to the shower, hold down the fort till I return!! ;) Miss you already, LA

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally someone Recognized How Fab-u-loso I am Friday....

Yes, I am not one to gossip, so you ain't heard this from me, but I have been honored with my - wait for it.... ....... Second award, and I must say, it's a doosey and I for one, couldn't be happier!! Thank you Briony from here on out, we are TIGHT like my lil red dress after Christmas!! Check her out gang, she's Awesome!!
Now onto the business of getting right with all of you and letting you know what a truly flawed individual I am. I, my sweet friend's have a real problem. I know it's wrong, and I'm not going to sit here on my laptop, in my bedroom watching the office,and make excuses, there just isn't a good way to tell you this, so I am distracting you with my run-on-sentences... Ok, here it is. IlovethesongRockStarandIwalkaroundsingingitallthetime...
There, I said it. The lyrics are seriously terrible and I won't dare let my girls listen to it but I secretly LOVE it I am just so ashamed. Here are the lyrics -
I'm through with standing in line to clubs I'll never get in It's like the bottom of the ninth and I'm never gonna win This life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be(Tell me watchya want) I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs And a bathroom I can play baseball in And a king size tub big enough for ten plus me(Tell me watchya need)I'll need a Credit card that's got no limitAnd a big black jet with a bedroom in it Gonna join the mile high club at thirty-seven thousand feet(Been there, done that)I want a new tour bus full of old guitars My star on Hollywood Boulevard ,Somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me(So how you gonna do it) I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame ,I'd even cut my hair and change my name'Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars,And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars,The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap,We'll all stay skinny as we just won't eatAnd we'll Hang out in the coolest bars In the VIP with the movie stars,Every good gold digger's gonna wind up there,Every Playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair and well, Hey hey I wanna be a rock star,Hey hey I wanna be a rock star.I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels,Hire eight body guards that love to beat up #$%holes,Sign a couple autographs so I can eat my meals for free (I'll have the quesadilla, haha)I'm gonna dress my butt with the latest fashion,Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion,Gonna date a centerfold that loves to blow my money for me(So how you gonna do it)I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame,I'd even cut my hair and change my name'Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen carsThe girls come easy and the drugs come cheapWe'll all stay skinny as we just won't eat,And we'll Hang out in the coolest barsIn the VIP with the movie stars,Every good gold digger's gonna wind up thereEvery Playboy bunny with her bleach blond hairAnd we'll Hide out in the private roomsWith the latest dictionary and today's who's whoThey'll get you anything with that evil smile Everybody's got a D*@g dealer on speed dial, well Hey hey I wanna be a rock star...

Now what I need gurlz is help!!! I have asked for strength in dealing with the fact that this song is just plain seriously WRONG, and I really don't wanna be a rock star per sea, I don't want a dealer on sped dial, as a matter of fact that appalls me, seriously... I do want to be skinny, and wear fancy clothes, I might like to be on cribs, I really haven't thought about it, I am a fan of the tassels tho... ...I'M JUST SO CONFUSED!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like Nacy Kerrigan said as she was clubbed by Tanya Harding's boyfriend in Detroit in 1994 " Whyyyyyyyyy?"

Ya'll may,or may not remember but about 4 or so months ago we got a tornado warning @ like 3am , being a (not so) recent transplant from SW. Florida, we reallllly wern't accustomed to the protocol of a TORNADO WARNING... Well, I awoke to my very calm ,sensible husband yelling @ the top of his screaming voice "Runnnnn , honey, runnnnn for your life" so up I come, eyes dried shut w/ him saying ( still very loudly) "Get in the closettttt"- I still @ this point have no idea why- off I go completely entangled w/ blankets & sheets ( I grabbed them for fear that my not-so-very-un unattractive-fireman neighbor would happen on the scene and find me in my closet unconcious and bra-less). Well, what must have been close to an hour later I awake completely alone, flashlight battery on the verge of dying, suddenly realizing that I have no idea where my youngins and the hubb's are... Off I go in total darkness wrapped in said bedding, get to my closet door & crack go's my ankle! I drag myself, ankle throbbing, down the hall to my loving family who are all cuddled up watching the news in one of the girl's room and hear " Mommy, where have you been, we are under a tornado warning you know?".... I turned right around, dragged myself back to my bedroom and said " Lord, if it's my time to go, you'll find me in my bed plotting my husbands death"....Fast fwd 4 months & here I sit w/ it still acheing, burning & throbbing . I ask my dear husband & precious gift from God (whom I've worked very hard to forgive) to please apply sports cream to it because I am in pain, and he lovingly says to me "Can you do it yourself, OR CANT YOU REACH IT?! (Words his, Emphasis Totally Mine) ... I will let you know how the rest of the convo go's after he wakes up, hopefully w/out a concussion... T( That pic up there ^ mean's to say "months' not days"!!!)
Ok, I gatta go, he's comming to.... till next time, LA
PS. I googled sprained ankle and this pic literally said she looks like this because of a sprained ANKLE!!! Gurlz, am I gonna be ok????

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WOrdFul wEDnEsdAy!!!

Everyday around here

is such an adventure, & in these parts

(w/ a 7 y.o. & / 3 teen girls)

a chance to draw closer to God.....

You know, He must sit up there lookin in on our humble little home (that He provides) filled to over-flowing w/Ugg boots, camisoles, scrunchies, painted fingers n toe's and now, an over abundance of texts messaging, w/ total amazement!! I would imagine that He has such a heart for Chris & his being vastly out numbered.... Somehow, to our amazement we must be on the right track, because we daily see them plugging in & growing leaps & bounds. (I know it has less to do w/ us & everything to do w/ the prayers that cover them, @times hourly) I'm really encouraged. They are just getting so big and so much fun, if we could just get the back talkin and huffin under control my blood might go weeks without boilin!! If any of you momma's have advice for me , I seriously will sit with you over a hot cup of coffee ( or coacoa if you prefer) and take notes!! Lil P keeps us in stitches, is always saying the most hilarious things, just today I was getting her out of the car and she was watching a movie and wasnt't ready to get out and she said " Sheesh Homeslice, my movie's not even over!!" - she was being totally serious!! Good times... Ok, Well, I'm off to tuck them em in (thank Goodness Lil P still let's me, earlier I tried to tuck the twins in & they physically removed me from from their room!! How rude!! Hey um, when did they outgrow me~Seriously?!!) For more wordful Wednesday's or to join in on the fun, please pop over and see Angie @ I shall see ya next time.... (tomorrow, naturally)

Oh, & thanks to all of you that left comment's on my last post, you truly have no idea how much you helped me... ;) LA

S.O.S.- I am so MAD!!!

Ok girlies I need some perspective because I am praying about this and still I am feeling my flesh!! My girls have cell phones and we have texting. We first allowed this because we have family in other states and they want to communicate with them , also for when they are away from home I can keep in contact with them ALWAYS. Well one of my girls asked earlier this year if she could text a boy. (a brother of her sisters friend) We know the family and so I said she could. Well he tapped on her window at 11;30 one night so Big A told them they couldn't text him anymore. Long story long, one of my girls came in here last night and said "Mom , I have to tell you something , but please don't freak out.." ( uhhh, gulp.. No Mom wants to hear those word's) She then tells me that the boy that they weren't allowed to text anymore has been texting vile hateful things to my other daughter. Things like , she's a wh*@e , she's fat and needs lipo, that if he had a gun she wouldn't be in this world anymore, and other things. ( I really don't remember what else because I just got so angry and had to make myself sit and listen without reacting.. )I've noticed this child acting different lately. Just this weekend I had her come in and sit to talk to me about what is going on with her. She's moody has been very concerned about her appearance to the point that she hates the way she looks and doesn't want to go places sometimes, very angry acting, and shows no grace at all- A noticeable difference. I asked her to come in and talk to me about it last evening ( after I got my thoughts together) and she sat crying telling me all of the nasty things he said to her (and to her friend's about her). I assured her that Big A and I would be taking care of it, and that she is precious, beautiful and just exactly the way God made her- then we prayed together. My heart is breaking, she is changed because of this, there's an innocents that is gone. Big A and I sat talking about it last night after he got home, and he was really outraged and still feeling it this morning. I know this is somthing that as christians we are called to show grace and love , but as a mom and lover of my baby I am angry, hurting and OUTRAGED!!! I am sharing this because I need wisdom and perspective ( I am emotional as I am typing this) before I go to this family. We will meet with them as soon as they return from a trip. ( thankfully God knew we would need this time) In Him I will find strength , In Him I WILL find strength.... I'm off to have lunch with my girls, but I'll BBL!! -Thank you sista's for being here. LA

***On a lighter note, if you really wanna laugh your bootay off you must go HERE. Then come back and tell me what you thought!! ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

woOOoHoO yAY mE!!!!

I received a bloggy award, and it just happens to be my very first!! I know right, SHOCKING !! Thank you Thank you Thank you Lori of I'm no Super Mom Your Awesome & thanks for passing this on to me!! ;)

Ok, so the rules are :
1. Name 5 things you love.
2. Pass the award on to 5 blogs you love.
3. Please link back to my blog & tell how fabulous I am.

Five Things I Love:
1. I love that I have been bought by the blood and I am a new creation in Him -no matter what I have done in my past!!

2. I am madly in love with the Man that I know that God hand picked for me. We are both very aware of the fact that if we wern't a cord of 3 we wouldn't have ever made it...

3. I love love love being a mom, and I have the most amazing 4 girls & I just can't wait to journey through their lives ...

4.I love spending time with other women and this weekend I am going to OKC to the Women of Faith Conference with 20 ladies that I can't wait to hang out with!!

5. I know this is totally going to sound cliche, but I love getting to know all of you! I look foreword daily to getting on and seeing what's happening in your day's , Thank you all for sharing them!!

Ok, now onto the hard part, the bloggy love ... ( so hard to choose just 5 of you I love so many!!!)

ChaCha at Chasing Imperfections
Kate at
This Crazy Life
Candy at
Everyone Has a Story to Tell
Jen at
My Life with Four Kids
& lastly
The Davis's at

LYLAS Gals so Blog on!!! LA

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funny, just had to share this....

Today our church had a festivus. We had bounce house's
pie contest, pie eating contest , lots of delish food and a Clown that made balloon hats ( Lil P wasnt to fond of her side of the hat because she got the gray part, and lil L wasn't giving it up, also, P had just twisted her ankle and was ready to head home!!) Well, apparently the clown had quite an impact on Chels. Have any of you read NikkiCrumpet at Blah blah blah blog's post about clowns? If not, head over, its an eye opening post. My Chelse is NOT a fan of the clown and today she was told by our clown that he had her same shirt..... As you can clearly see by the look on her face, she was NOt impressed, infact she wanted to come right home and change!!! I couldn't help but laugh, and Nikki's post didn't help with matter's, I thought surly it would but now Chels said she may infact have nightmares ... Thanks anyway's Nikki, I know you really tried... LA

Saturday, November 8, 2008


-FIRST: I C U Lurkers- Since your already here, Ya might as well Leave a comment!! ;)

*Peyton is in here right now giving her daddy one...(A Raspberry that is- it's where you bury your face in someones stomach while you blow) She licks her lips so they are extra sloppy & wet squealing w/ pure delight. She's really, really fond of giving them. He on the other hand has to lay on his hands inorder to let her do it to him because he dislikes it so. You might be askin yerself why he allows her to do it then, and the answer to that is reallysimple... He adores her. Plain & simple, no doubt about it. And not just her, he loves the 4 of them plum past the moon & back- just ask them they'll tell you so. They are all so precious & we are now in such a sweet rythm even as 3 of our babies are now teens. God is so faithful in every season of our journey ... I have to remind myself to stop & take it all in.. As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord our precious memories to keep. Don't forget to stop and share the raspberries....Till next time, L.A

PSSSSS!! Do you gals' love me?? Well, I need some blog help- putting on a new template - I know there's a few great free sites but they dont seem to allow for all the widgets that I have and I know someone that just recently tried to put a new one on and lost EVERYTHING, eakkkkkkk!!! So can any of you sweet, beautful, loving Very Talented ladies help lil ole Me?? If you can leave it on your comment or email me @ We_allens@yahoo.com Much Love!!! Oh &, I've seen all of your blogs and I KNOW how talented you all are so don't even try to welch on me... :) LYLAS!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Turkey Feathers- Part Deux......

SORRY, I seriously just walked in , I have been gone all day!!! --OK Here is the answer you have all been waiting for... After swallowing somthing that scratched my throat, I took another bite and bit somthing hard... I spit the whole bite out and then fingered through it and saw 1000's of teeny white feathers AnD BEAKS!!! It was teeny baby beaks and turkey feathers -all seriously less than an inch long... I dont think they cleaned them off when they made the salami!!! They just ground it all up together feathers beaks and all... I yanked Kaits away from her and threw it away she yelled " Why did you do that??" I told her she didn't want to know... Was that as gross as you thought?!!! God only knows what other ... I'll stop there.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ahh Turkey Feathers!!!

Ok, if your squeamish, do not go any further in this post TURN BACK, ABORT ABORT!!! For those of you that think your all brave like somebody w/ Parkinson's pickin their nose w/brand new inch long acryllics on, have I got a story for you...We went to the Market (It's a wonderful place in Tulsa that sells all sorts of things. Different vendors have booths and sell anything from home decor, to health and beauty, I love it!!!) Next we were off to Sams club ( aint nobody livin that dont know what that it~ right??) Chris and 3 of the girls want pizza, but Kait and I want to eat somthing healthier, so I get Cream Cheese, Olive Tapenade ( Mediterranean Olive spread (with black & green olives, garlic, capers, & a few other ingredient's) to spread on Jenny~o Peppered Turkey salami... Yum right?? We get home, cook the pizza. ( smells delicious!!) I prepare our Olive , Cream Cheese Salami rolls, and we sit down to eat. ( my stomach just did a jerk as I'm writing this) ... Everything is great, the other 4 are really going on and on about this pizza, Kait is enjoying the wraps, then I bite down on something hard, I reach in to get it, while trying to not let the girls see me... I seriously cant go on....What do you think it was??? Justtttt take a guess, and Ill tell you if you are right.....
( FYI: This precious baby was NOT hurt during the posting of this, she is perfectly fine and making millions, no- billions in royalties from this picture!!) LA

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That's it Thursday...

Well.... I have no excuse, but I do partly blame Jen ( stinky bee) ... It started innocently enough. I am a good christian mother who left the house tonight to go and pick up my girls from church.. Why wasn't I at church too you ask? I was darning socks for the local orphanage and driving elderly people to their Dr. Apts... So as I am leaving my home I was checking out few really cute blogs, I say to myself " Hmm, why dont I take the laptop and I can simply glance at it as I drive"... So off I go, laptop in hand .. Little did I know, this would be a night I would'nt soon forget. Because I got so stunned about why a certain blog hadnt been updated in over 15 hours and looked to be abandoned I was already running 10 minutes late, "Not to worry, I'll just drive a few miles over" I tell myslef as I exit my drive... I click on over to My Dr. Wifey girlfriend to celebrate her winning one million dollars, I nearly drove off the road, good thing she's a Dr. I think I pulled something... -Note to self dont EVER try and do the happy dance whilst driving 60 in a 40 in the rain!!! After I wipe the seat off, I pop over to look at the EYE and then see the most beautiful Green Cupcake and then on over to Davisix, I'm just starting to look at all of her wonderful pics as I happen to glance up--- all of the sudden I see lights and as I'm sliding sideways--- Just as I come to rest against what smells like very strong coffee, or a skunk..( you guys know that sometimes you can't tell the diff...) I hear " Maam, please put your hands outside the window and surrender, what is a that, a laptop?" Well, that was it, I was'nt about to give up the puter... I stuck my finger down my throat and began to heave... Tears streaming down my face I opend the car door and started to see the Jave chiller I had just recently stopped to get, streaming down the side of my running boards... ( Man, $3.42 down the drain!!, grr) He seems takes a wiff of the skunked coffee and see the regergitated chiller just as the rain begins to come down in sheets and says " I should run you in, but I'll let you go this time" I slowly lean back in my seat and ask Lil P for the wipies because I know for certain that it isnt the coffee I'm smelling now... As I get home and hobble in to clean myself up I am once again reminded just how important you girls are to me, that I am willing to give up a perfectly lovely Java Chiller and use up half a box of wipies!! - YES You mean that much. Now I'm off to find a throat losenge, I'm pretty sure I scratched the back of my throat with one of my acrillics..... LA
NOW Tag your it ladies... If you CAN, I challenge you to make a post and link to me and 5 other really awesomely great and wonderful blogs that you really enjoy!! - Plz post back here and let myself and others know that you have completed said mission!! ANYONE can play, you don't have to have been mentioned in my post!!( Just link back to me ;) Go with God ladies, I believe in all of you!!

WordFUL Wednesday....

Today above all day's I just needed a reminder of a happier time in our lives. This is the day that my precious Hubs and I were joined together & these are my three precious babies who joined with us in the celebration... Arnt they just beautiful?!! We are all very blessed. What can you think of today that you can share about how blessed you are? I look foreward to reading about it!! To read more "WordFUL Wednesday's" or to get in on the fun, go and check out Angie over at 7 clown circus -- be sure and tell em that Leah sent ya ;) LA
Love is....
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nothin but a G thing?? ( generational)

We are watching the classic movie E.T (the classic !??? so wierd huh!?) My gf Kel & I were talking about how old we were when this came out... Drew Barrymore is older than I am & she's like 5 in this so I must have been realllly little?! There are a few things that occur to me as I'm sitting here: 1 is the laungauge.The kids in the movie curse, was that acceptable in the 70"s? I truely don't remember, but mmmm, don't think so, lol. 2 is how intresting it is to think that 30 some odd years ago I watched this movie & thought it was awesome (that wasn't the word we used back then it would have been something like "totally tubular", or "totally rad" but the meaning was the same! ) & my kids are sitting here glued to our TV watching this & loving it!. It also didn't occur to me that she was a single mom, not real common back then. Boy how times have changed!! I as a mom realllly fight the old sayings my parents used to use on us: "do as I say, not as I do" , or my personal fav: "Because I said so that's why!" but nevertheless I find myself spouting them off. (really urks me too!!!) So I just want to ask ya'll to share what comes to mind when you think about the first time you saw E.T & how old you were. Also,what sayings did your parents use on you that you swore you'd never say & now find yourself pulling out of you own bag-o-tricks? .... We are @ the point in the movie where E.T is gravely ill & the mom is now being told , she's freaking out & just spilled her coffee - all around the room tears are streaming down cheeks because he's so ill & my littlest just came & crawled in my lap. I just loveeee this movie!!! Till next time! LA

Saturday, November 1, 2008

No chickens

No chickens
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Our church had a youth trip about 3 hours from our home this weekend. I'm one of those moms that go's to these type events, and this time I decided to just let them go and chilax with their friends without me ... I'm regretting my decision a weeeee little bit .( ok, alot) I know that I can't be with them 24/7 but I genuinely like my kids and enjoy their company .( I know, wierd huh???) Also, I might just mention that a cute little fella went along and he and my 15 yo have started a friendship recently... (I like him, he's a cutie, fits in with our motley crew very well.) So, ok this is where ya'll come in ( and puleazeee remember , I'm fragile...) How old are your daughters going to have to be before you will allow them to start dating, and what will that entail? What can you share with me about how you were when you were that age (insert fragile part here...) and will you parent the same way your parents did about this... Is anyone out there going through this right now too?- I am the only one I know that has a daughter this age, all of my friends have kid's my lil P's age so they arnt even close to thinking about this stuff...
This" Raising teen Daughter's" stuff aint for no Chickens!!!

PS. If your thinking for even one second " Oh my daughter is 3, 7 11, whatever , "I have plenty of time to prepair"...LIES!!! It will be on you in a flash...Just yesterday mine were potty training... I am just so thankful that I know they are in Gods care and He loves them even more than I, they are His... There is just so much peace in knowing that..... And let me just encourage you with this, even if your in a season where they "hate you" ( yes, it will happen to you, and when it does, I'm here for you...) deep down they will always love and need their mommy... Hugs, LA