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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sit Right Back & You'll Hear a Tale, a Tale of a Fateful Trip.....

Hellllooooo Peeps!! Well, we had an interesting week @ my in laws in Michigan for CHRISTmas... We ended up taking the girls cell's the 2nd day we were there so that we might get the chance to actually visit and see the whites of their eyes... ( Let me just say that it was touch and go for quite some time after that) then they started coming around, thank the good Lord, I was thinking about fleeing during the night!!
This the the girlz & Gabe (cousin)
& what looks to be Kait soon to whip out the moon! No, not my Kait!!!....( thats her in the middle, bending foreward, with her hands on her hips. Ahhh,such a proud moment...)
I Think Chels is set to slam big A here and Kait is reloading ... Good times!!
One thing that they look foreword to for the entire year (not) is that we always take them sit on santy's lap ( yes, I know they are 15 and 14, and??)
Don't they just look thrilled?? :)
We also got to see my baby twin Nephews.
Chels holding lil C
Isnt he a doll!!!
We barely survived a category 5 stomach flu, poor lil P was down for 3 days!!!
She missed out on a sleepover, a party and riding the snow machine thingie...
Poor baby...
We left yesterday morning & on the drive I thought I'd share with you a few things that we saw... We always pass this house size chicken,
Isn't it great? I knew just you'd agree & well, I want it!!!
Then we stopped in Indy to see my bff whom I have known for 8 years. Believe it or not, I can seriously tell her anything. I get so much great advice & Godly wisdom from her!! She has never betrayed me, thrown me under the bus, tried to steal my man, stabbed me in the back, told lies or rumors or owed me money... (so rare these days , I know)
I miss her, yes I do!!
All in all it was a great trip...
Except for ... Wait for it......
As soon as we left Indy big A started feeling chills , bad gas pains and terrible nausea... Yep, you guessed it- Category 6 .....
We drove straight through, 15 hours & arrived back in Oklahoma this morning @ 3 am. He has yet to venture out from our room, & naturally has needed my assistance for various things that I am trying to block from my minds eye, & therefore shall not discuss here ( I'm sure you are sooooo thankful as you sit there all great feeling and un-gassy!!...)
Unfortunately,as I sit here, I feel my stomach kinda twisting and stabbing a teensy bit... Eakkkk, I dont want it!!! -I better not breathe on you!!!
Sooooooo I may, or may not be back on tomorrow... Stay tuned to find out.
I am just sooooo happy to be back amongst my bloggy Bff's...
Seriously missed you lotttts!!
Oh & please, say a prayer ;) ♥LA

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Road Trip,My fav caffinated beverage & 2 feet of Snow, Yeee haw!!!

Well girl's & boy's, it is now 2 days till CHRISTmas!! We are in Michigan & in the past 3 days have had 16 inches fall-OH YEAH!!!
The girls get so close on our trip's, they are just so loving & charitable to one another, & just mankind in general... (NOT) But boy ain't they cute!!!
We drive like 14 hours to get here, & make a few key stops to purchase what is refered to ( in my circle) as a life sustainin beverage!! Jealous, huh?????
Lil P has 2 cousins here that are her same age, we havn't seen much of her since she got here. When we do see them, we can't really tell who is who, I think this is her, but I couldn't swear to it!!!
I would loveeee to see some of your wonderful winter wonderland pic's/ Hmmm a MEME perchance??? :)
Ok, we'll I am off to have some chinese in a local German restaraunt here, so I hope you are all having a wonderful evening ...
**LYLAS ( & for Goodfather, LYLAB ;) - If you dont know what this means, ask & I'll share it with ya, it might also be fun to hear what you think it means, hehehehe....
Ohhhhhhh yes, & love hookin up with all of you on Facebook!!!
♥ LA

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping Frenzy Friday...

Hi ya'll!! Well, I dont know about all of you but I am just lovvvvin this weather!! The sun showed up today for a bit, but it had been down right fridged here for the past week... LOVIN IT!!  The girls all got Christmas Cash so today we all went out a shoppin. OMGAW, running 4 girls all over town looking high n low for new dudds is just plain ole exhaustin!!  We are also getting ready for the trip & its just been crazy round here... Let me see, hmmm ...what else have I been up to, Oh yeah... I went and saw Twilight again for the 4th time...  Ok yes, yes, I did & you know what?? I loveeeeeed it okay.. It was wonderful & I am not going to feel guilty-Hehehe!! If you were here and wanted to go, I'd even go again , twice!!. I truely love this movie & its ok if you didnt care for it, I will buy you one when it comes out on dvd and we can watch it together whilst I tell you all of the reasons why it is in fact the best movie ever filmed ( to me;) Ohhhh yes , Kait is going with the boy
& his fam tonight, for dinner n to see a movie... (I know that he reads this blog, lol, so if you want my thoughts, feel free to email me & we can chat ;) Oh, also, I want all of you that want to hook up w/ me on Facebook, just look me up@ Leah M. Allen & I'll add ya.
Also, if any of you text & have unlimitedwish to email me & I'll send you my cell # so we can talk incessently about what God has done in our lives n grow closer in our friendship!! ;)
Lastly, I gat 2 awards!!! Whooo Heeeooooo, made even more special because both are from great girls and it's the same award! Here is the first, it is from Megan!! (INfertile Myrtle) & the second is from Debbie(All things are possible).
Translated: "This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
Thank you so much, it is seriously wonderful Girlz, I am very Honored!!
Now I nominate: 
Elaine-Matters of the Heart
Becky- In the trenches
Jill- Jills believe it or not
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Valarie Lea- Valarie Lea in Tenn. is now in Alabama
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 Enjoy Girlies, Love ya!
**I miss you all, and therefore, I am off to see what all you have been up to!! LYLAS, ♥LA

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What all have I missed "Wednesday"?

This is a link to a You Tube Video that I saw over on"soawesomewemightgetarrested"... I have no Idea how to Post the Actual Video here,(if you know how, can ya help me? ;).. Big A and I have watched it a few times - he is in here right now reenacting it for me, ohhh yeahh!!!. So please Just Click on this link, its hilarious!! Business time... Enjoy, and be sure to lemme know whatcha think!!. ............................................................................................................................................................... Welcome back, Funny huh??.... Well, I got all of the girls Christmas pressies wrapped tonight, wooohhhhoooo!. I also got all of stuff sent out that I needed to send, so whew!. School has been out here for 2 days because we have had a huge freeze, so we had some kids over & also our very good friends, which made fer a teriffic impromptu party here last night & then again today/tonight.. ( Last night was till 1:30!!) Tonight ended a bit earlier, I think we were all just still pooped from last night!!. This week we leave for Michigan, but until then- we are slammed!!. Saturday night we have a city wide scav hunt and the "Wonderful Mom" (from our youth ministry, that you all have come to know & love through me :) will be on an opposing team, so I might not make it home till sometime Sunday, if @ all lol!!... Pray for your sista huh??
Hehehe!!! Well, I have been away a few daze so I wanna pop around n see what all my BFF's (you) have been up to... Ang, Im praying for Granny.... ( & you too honey♥ ) I hope you are all having a Fabulous Wednesday, - I have missed the heck out of ya!!. ☺ LA

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Farewell Friday....

I showed you who's team I'm on,
( as if there were ever
any question!!)
Now you show me your's......
Or , how many of you have yet to read it or see the Epic Movie??
If not, GET TO IT!!!
Also, are any of you thinking any differently about Word Verification now??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday -This Aint your Average Wordfull Post!!! (some Violence & Angst)

We'll Its happened.... My, 15 year old found a boy that quickens her pulse...Frankly, your choices about what to do are very limited !!!

Lets go back in time shall we?? We had her around 9 am in Scottsdale Az. on a beautiful may morning. Precious little baby girl, with beautiful round blue eyes, and the softest sweetest smelling skin I think I had nearly ever smelled. As with every mother who looks foreword to her babies birth, I had so many hopes and dreams about how our lives together would be...
Her birth was scheduled well in advance so naturally we very naively assumed that we knew exactly how it would go down, we didn't then & frankly haven't known much of anything to let her tell it, since then.
What happened?? Where is my baby??? & why is it that she knows full well that I have been on this earth for 38 years & have pretty much been there, done that, yet All that gets me a huff & a roll of the eyes. ( actually I don't really ever see the rolling of the eyes naturally, because by that time, she has stomped away hating me for asking her why, for the billionth time, did she leave her straightener on, & didn't she know it could burn the house down?? ect.....(But then I hear "Mom, shes rolling her eyes again~~ SLAM"!!!) She stands now looking @ me eye to eye as we struggle, her to get me to the ground, me to keep that from happening come hell or high water, even at the expense of not being able to stand upright for the next week and a half!!! ( never , EVER let them see you sweat!!!, or limp around!!) She begins to laugh because I can still take her down ( & thank the good Lord, because if she EVER gets that over on me, I just don't know what might happen to the safety of myself and her sisters. My brute strength just might be what is standing in the way of complete & total anarchy!!!) Then all is well again, until in about 5 minutes,when I do , or say something else that rubs her the wrong way, might even be her name, we just never ever know...
I hear tell that it is her job to hate me, that secretly she doesn't, that when she says go away with her mouth she really means come here, that she needs love and affirmation... But what about when she says it with gritted teeth, screaming, whilst shaking her fist at me with the look of horror, all I see is the whites of her eyes?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, HUH??????
I just happen to have kids that are early teens & also a younger one who is 7 ( all girls) so I fit into 2 groups of mothers. Quite a few of my friends happen to have kids lil P's age, so they get a front row seat in this psychotic episode that has become my life and in seeing me muddle through this maze. I hear from them time to time,"Thank goodness that by the time I get there with mine you will have already been through it and I can look to you for guidance... WHAT??? Have you NOT heard my prayer requests??? They go a little somthin like this --" Please pray that I make it through this next week when we will meet again so that once again you can pray for me..... Sometimes you might hear" Please pray that whomever swapped out my baby 14 years ago in the PICU in Scottsdale Az. would contact me and bring my child back, no questions asked. Or it might go a bit like this: " Please pray that I get a word from God soon about when, when will he be coming back for me, I NEED TO KNOW!!!????
I know, its not all that bad, I'm just telling you , if I hear her sisters walk out of their room one more time asking " How does this look?? & hear her HUFF, & make this barely audible noise that has become the benchmark of our rivalry, then see her sister, shoulders slumped, walk back into their room to change for the um teeth time because of her disapproving grunt, I'm going to loose a grip!!!
Ok, seriously I want to end this on a positive note, so as to not offend & so that you don't mistakenly contrive from this that I am not one million percent in love with, & totally adore my child & her three sisters. I know w/ every part of me that they are what I was created for. To love nurture & yes, even mess up in my humanness & imperfectness from time to time. The good news is however, they have parents who pray, & love them plum past the moon and back. There isn't anything that I have ever done (w/ the exception of their births, my wedding day and being in the Lord presents ) that has brought me more pure utter joy or total & complete bliss, than having this life as I walk daily with my babies.
God has been so good to me, & I pray daily that I can be all that He has called me to be for them. If you don't grasp anything else from my mishaps and blunders, please remember this: They are only with us for a minute, after which they are off fluttering around learning life's hard lessons with us hopefully doing in tandem what we are each called to do on their behalf :~~Standing on the sidelines Cheering them on, while we are also " Wearing out our Knees!!" As the word says, "Teach them the way they should go, & when they are old they WILL NOT depart from it....

OK, that's quite enough for now, thank you for your patronage & be certain that I am SO waiting for sage advice and wisdom from ALL of you, because the BOY frontier I have yet to venture in to .... And, as my part of this deal, I will let you know if she gives up the grunt, but as I'm sure you know, its not very likely!! :0)

LA ☻

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yes, I've heard all the Buzz, but I strongly disagree!!!

First, please go and mute my playlist player, or turn it off on your speaker's, My music rrrreally rox and I want your undevided attention.. Ok, Hi , welcome back!! Now, I want to share with you why it is that I feel strongly that we as a people need to continue using the Character Verification thing. Let me see if I can perhaps persuade every single one of you to put it on your blogs. (and be sure and tell all your friends) I am one of those people who realize that when something happens to me (even tho I'm still only 38) that it is a sign for what will happen to me in the future.. Such as, sometimes when I am drifting off to sleep, I have a tremor (and lately it's not just when I'm drifting, its also starting to happen when I'm just chilaxin reading Twilight for the 11th time ( it had to be said) , or watching TV. All of the sudden my leg, (or arm) will just spasm , very briefly, just slightly. In that moment, I know, this is just further proof that I am having early signs of Parkinson's... I know, it's Ok, they are making major advances in this disease every day, and with a strong support system ( My Lord & Savior, Hubz, and good insurance) I am determined to make it...In my weaker moments I think that it's unfortunate that since I gave my life to the Lord I know I wont be able to throw back a Jack and Coke or 3 when the time gets nearer- Well, I prob. wont be able to hold the glass steady enough anyways.. Its perspective...)
Oh, and there are times when I cant remember how to spell the word 'The" or remember my own phone # . Just today I was on the phone with the Dr. at the Parkinson's research dept, He wanted my phone # when he was threatening that if I don't stop calling and leaving messages for him about the weird things that are happening to me, (like just now, I'm on the toilet as I'm typing this and my knee just jerked as I leaned over to get the tp ( you totally thought I was going to say as leaned to wipe , didn't you!? ) Hold on, I have to write the knee thing down for the Dr @ the Research Center, be right back... Ok, back, where was I? Oh yes, I'm sure you'll agree, those are definitely signs that I am due for Alzheimer's to set in at any minute. Which brings me to Character verification. I seek them out. I'm thankful to those of you that, against every ones badgering, pleading, threatening, that you stay strong and continue to use them. I strongly believe that they might just be what stave off the Alzheimer's, at least for a bit longer. Let me explain. When I pull up someones comment page, and I see it there I type my reply, then I scroll down to it, take one look at it and then try, in one take, to type it out without looking again.. I feel so good when I get it in one take.. Some of those are difficult, like 'cremuhged' how may of you could remember that in one take?? I am building my brain back, with the help of this wonderful Character Verification! So I just want to say thank you , to all of you that have made this a reality for me!! I also want to encourage you to stand your ground, don't give in to the threats and the nay sayers that say that they arnt going to come back, or that because it takes a xtra 10 seconds to leave a reply, it makes them shy away from reading your blog's. Waa waa wa, who needs those replies, not us my dear friends, NOT US!! So, wont the rest of you join us , in building a stronger future, its such a tiny way to give back, but the Brain you strengthen may just be yours, or maybe even someone you love... Take all the time you need, just remember every tick of the clock may take you closer to a ......... what the heck was I going to say...Wait, No, that wasn't.... well, maybe I'll... .......


Thursday, December 4, 2008

ahhhh, Friday... (read at your own risk)

Hi gang, well the weekend is mere hours away. They are very dangerous for my family. You see, where they are a time of relaxation and merriment for the average American family, for us it is a time to be on full alert and protect our young...For we are a part of a secret society, and when you read this, you will see a little bit deeper into who I, L A , really am. Go no further until you can say, right out loud, right now this vow: I, being of sound mind, vow to not utter a word of what I'm about to read, among any living creature, great or small, and if I do not keep my word, I give you Leah full permission to unleash your hijinx on me and my kin for generations to follow... OK, you may now read on- For you see, I am a youth leader -Have been for going on 6 years. And as such, I have a very , lets just say, dark, daring, fearless side to me. ( I think you have to to some degree, otherwise you couldn't stay on your game!!) You know the type, go's to 4 camps, back to back, is in bed for a week after because of sheer exhaustion, has sleepovers & stays up all night so that no one can ambush or ever say that they got anything over on me... ( yes, some might call it paranoid, I call it prepared) I am the one that assembles her troops and gets her hands on that house in your neighborhood that gets tp'd, gummied, forked & wrapped.( if you have any questions about these terms , consider yourself blessed, it means that you are not yet in my line of sight) ..We'll ,its recently come to my attention that there's another seemingly adventurous woman in our ministry, and she's challenging my position as the crazy, fast and loose & unpredictable rogue mom... I just can't have it,it must be settled immediately... Being who I am, I'm sure you can just imagine the kind of rivalry that is about to ensue. I have come to the conclusion that she shall have to see,first hand my unbridled unleashing, the likes to which I am certain will make her whimper off, never to even utter any doubt about who owns this territory, my very reputation is at stake.
I will now give you a glimpse of what will be my first call to action; I have a good friend on the police force, I will 'inadvertently' check to make certain that he is in fact on duty said night, then I will take the week to get my supplies -out of town naturally, in case there's any chance they can trace anything... Then I will........
I cannot divulge anything further, you will have to tune in to find out, and you , my dear friend's will soon be the first to know the depths to which I will go to, to continue to stake my claim on Northeastern Oklahoma.... You will not know the hour, but I assure you that once the heat dies down, I will report back with photo's -it just may be password protected, for your own safety naturally.... Please dear friends,do not think any less of me, I have tried and failed on more than one occasion to simply walk away, the pull is just to great for me... Sweet dreams, dear ones. Mwwwwahahahahahahaaaa..... LA

I have a 15 year old daughter & to protect the onery, I shall refer to her as ummm, Maria (just because I feel like it, that's why). Well any of you that have teen girls from about the age 13- 17 know that its typically very difficult to get them to do anything that doesn't include a mirror &/or cold hard cash! I don't know why that is, its just a fact! I, (grin) was able to finagle my Maria (exotic heh?!) to agree ( & totally freaked even me out) w/out much prodding, to wash my car in our drive today, Wooohooo!.... Sooo, we get home, she comes in & gets changed, & I start my journey into digging up ( & I say digging because I have a place for everything, but if my precious husband or girls get ahold of it, whatever"it" is, only the good Lord knows where it might turn up).So I imediately feel the pange of my just masterd plan falling apart at the seams, because it seems, that my very well stocked car washing bucket & the instruments of mass dirt destruction ARE GONE! I looook everywhere & then it suddenly dawns on me, my husband had mentioned somthing about cleaning his truck out last WEEK! So, I phone him & to my horror- he did infact take, & not return my beautiful bucket to its home. I felt deflated. I stand realizing that there stood prob. my once in a lifetime, chance of getting my Maria to agree to doing anything like this ever again in our whole entire lives ( ok, a touch dramatic) - shoulders slumped I walk in the house, where she greets me with a loving "Hurry up mom, geeze, I don't have all day!" ... As I'm walking away, stiffeling back the tears, I say" Its , its not going to happen today Maria" - in an almost whisper I say " my bucket, it wasn't returned".....

Moral of the story? Always , Always HIDE YOUR BUCKET! Amen

Ok, I just had to sneak a pic of my fab dueo in, just makes me feel better, thats all... ;)

And to all a Fabulous Thurday!! LA

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WOrdFul wEDnEsdAy!!!

Hey Ya'll- First I want to say that the song your hearing (if your speakers are on) is a song from the Best Movie Of All TIME ( in my humble opinion, naturally)and although the lyrics sound abrasive, I assure , its perfectly harmless, just about love an all ... For those of you that have seen Twilight, this is the song playing during the baseball scene, ( sweet Edward...) If you havn't seen it, please do, see what all the fuss is about, then report back and let me know!! !! ;) And if this song is just to rowdy for ya, simply click on my music player to the next one, Bella's lullaby- Very Beautiful and also from the movie, I wont be offended a tall ;)
Now onto Buisness...Hows everyone's Wednesday? I was JUST now able get on here because Kait finished school & I thought that since the Cullens are talking over their lunch, (sort of!!) I thought I'd share with you some of our thanksgivin lunch Pics!!
These are our precious friends Dave & Kelly, her Mom Sherry, & our families!! There was so much food, & I'm blaming that as the reason that I may, or may not ,have seen a double chin staring back at me this A.M. in the morror. I thought you told me that eating on the holidaze didnt count??!! We'll, we had a really wonderful day, I truely hope you did as well...
For more wordfull Wednesday's , please Check out Angie @Have a Teriffic Day!! LA

Monday, December 1, 2008

As Promised!!

First, I gatta tell ya, these Twilight books have taken every second of my free time, I am seriously ( for lack of a better word) addicted...I know, I know, surly not me?!! Well, it was totally unexpected and a wonderful distraction over this long weekend!! Found  that Rob Pattinson has a gift aside from his acting, he is also a profound singer/song writer  LOOk here....  I have a sincere infatuation with him ( which I have shared with Big A, and he is totally ok with it, hehehe ;)  I did manage however to steal away from Twilight ( all 4 books I devoured in 3 days) to go and get our beautiful, fragrant tree and as promised, I have pictures to share with all of you.. I also would like to offer a challenge to all of you to please share all of yours with us too!!! I hope you had a teriffic Thanksgiving!!
Now Lets See Yourz!! ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

LA hearts EC!!

Ok, a little background on my beliefs. I am a spirit filled born again Christ follower, and as such I wouldnt ever want to do anything that would quench the Holy Spirit in me ( believers will know sactly what I am talking about! ;)  With that being said, I was so skeptical about this " Twilight" that everyyyyyone was talking about. I just had to see it for myself....

 I Have Now Seen It 3 Times since Monday!!! I went last night at 10:30 pm and got the book, I havn't been able to put it down. My BFF and her fam came over for Thanksgiving today and as they were leaving I was joking with them, book in hand saying "Ok, goodnight, hate to see you go, byeeeee!" They were laughing all the way out to their car. But I was Serious!!;)  I stayed up till 2;30 am reading and am on page 230 right now. I only stopped to share briefly with ,my precious friends ( you) just how special Edward is to me, and now you can see for yourselves the reason(s) why...... If you havent yet seen the movie, I would seriously encourage you to. If you want to read the books first, It is my opinion that the book is so much better because I saw the movie first, and I can now picture them in my mind
Now I really must get back to Edward, he was just about to......
Oh & sweet friends, I hope you had a teriffic Thanksgiving!! Love ya, LA

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catchin up and a Winner!! ( JSYK, Your all winners to me...;)

Hey Girlz!!! As you all know, last week I had a giveaway to get some of my bloggy GF's in the spotlight and to also get our dear , sweet, Keli some votes in the Photo contest that she has been chosen a finalist in @ 5 Minutes for Mom--wooo hooo!!
Well, my precious friends, our very own Jennifer of My Life with Four Kids showed the most love, Congrats Jen!!! Please email me with your shipping address, WOOOHOOOO, You Rock Jen!!
Since I haven't been on here...( soooooooobs) I have had some time to get out and see the world. It isn't all its cracked up to be, but I did do something fun with the fam. We went a huntin at our local tree farm ( as we do yearly) for the tree that shall be adorned in all of our Christmas splendor!!I shall now take you along on that journey!!.............
We arrived full of energy for the task ahead, and they were off!!! Lil P and Big A thought a few times that they had found 'THE ONE" But alas, it wasn't to be.... Big A attempted to venture off on his own to find the fairest tree in all the land but Syd was trailing right behind him, she has a good
eye. And lil P made a made a dash for one 12 feet tall....

Foiled once again by the barren empty back side, that we are all familiar with. Just then, a Christmas Miracle happened, all of the Allens agreed on a tree! (Frankly , I think we were all exhausted and they all started looking the same!!) As we left the Tree Patch, we felt like we were now ready to Face the world -A job well Done....
I am off now to catch up on all of your blogs that I have missed oh so much, and I for one hope to never have this distance between us again.... Much Love LA
(*oh and can anyone of you brilliant , intelligent, thoughtful ladies puleazzzze help me to put my bloggy awards in my sidebar?? :) I know, I'm not as together as you made it up in your mind that I am.... :O ) Thanks , LYLAS

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm SORRY!!!!!

I havn't been able to get on because my 15 yo. is in the virtual academy and has until Monday to be completely done, so she's burning the mightnight oil and tying up our internet!! :( Asap, I'll be back to post the winner to my giveaway ;) .... Do you know who it is?..... Also, very important, if you have seen twilight, please let me know!!!! IMISSYOUZ!! Am I missing anything going on in your world? If I am, leave me a snipit so I can be sure and pop over when I am free to and catch up!!! & in the famous words of Cali's now Governor, ' I'll be back'... Hugs, LA

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Shout Out, Vent & A Heyyyy!!!

Well lets just get this out of the way first... The damoge` to my Car was ........ $4487.52. Yep, 4,500 dollas.... I'm sitting here just staring at that fat # on this screen right now. You might be askin yerself why he parked in the drive ?(for the first & LAST TIME EVER) Well he was actually trying to be sweet. He had bought me a few Christmas pressies & was going to hide them in the garage. So the 100 dollars he spent on my- I'm certain , wonderful, very thoughtful , very well planned out- Christmas presents, have now cost us 4 5 00 DOLLARS.. Ok, I'm moving on and trusting that God will do as He says in His word & will work everything to good for those that serve and are called according to His purpose.
Secondly, I wanna say that I absolutely love you gal's. I got the biggest kick reading my random email replies from you to my last post. A few times I laughed right out loud. I am so thankful that you guys 'Get Me" and love me still....I am just crazy about you too!!!

Even after all of the car drama, I had a really good birthday. My girlies wanted to take me to Red Robin for lunch, and we had the best time!!!
Then 2 of our very good friends wanted to meet us fer dinner, so we went to Cracker Barrel then out fir coffee!! It was nice to chilax!!
Well, it's been getting chilly here lately & Big A wants to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf before its to late. He and his buddy are heading out at the hairline crack of dawn to play golf. I got myself in a bit of trouble because I just happened to mention in front of lil P that she might like to tag along. She & Big A have been hitting the course & she just loves it... Well OMGAW He blew a gasket.. By the way, Do NOT mention this to him because he just cruised by here all nonchalant & said, " Your not posting what happened earlier on that blog are you?? Well, naturally I didn't answer him, but is this, or is this not the perfect forum to bid this question: (YES , Yes it is!!!) "Doesn't he want her to get a feel for the game or not, & if so, is that only possible when none of his buddies have a few hours to spare~ mid week, mid day w/no advance warning?? Well, sounds fishy to me!!! We discussed it at length ( w/ him leaving every room she & I entered for some strange reason) & him asking the question over and over "Why did you ask me that in front of her ??" & I bashfully retort" What do you mean, I didn't know it wouldn't be a welcomed idea!!!?", then proceeded to ask him if he thought that Tiger Wood's ( oh -yes- I -did) dad ever made Tiger stay home because a better offer came along... So after a few repeated outbursts, thrashing about on the floor & the dreaded tears (I tried to console him, but it did very little good) Peyton came strutting in just a bit ago & said, "Well mommy, I just layed out my golfing outfit for tomowow, & if daddy thinks he can wake up before me, he is wong, I had Katie set the alam!!" ( she really did!!!) Ahhhh, She just gets more and more like me every day!!! Alright Gang, Much love and happy Friday!!! LYLAS- LA

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dis Day aint all DAT...

It's the day before my birthday and was shaping up to be a purty good day... Temps in the 70's , not alot of girly drama goin on, hubb's' came home early , not- to -shabby... Until; The girls all started getting ready to go to Wed. night church, before I realized it, allll 4 of them had taken shower's, and when I go to take mine, NO HOT WATER!! GRRR...I just had to freshen up, so I washed my pits, and my hoo hoooo with a wipey, thats right , I said it... Then Later I was running off to get the girlz at church, and guess who had parked his truck in the drive for the first time ever in over 3 years?? athasright, & guess who backed into it with her Escalade???--- Rightttt AGAIN --- MEEEEE! .........Somebody hold me.... I am still not fully recoved, and its been over 4 hours.... .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO A- ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO , A- MEEEE.... not. Therefore, I had better be getting some bloggy love and encouragement , I am very fragile People!!!

I'm sure after some sleep I will be fine, its just a vehicle, and thankfully no one was hurt....I shall return when I have recieved from God the Peace that I am about to ask for... Thankfully I know, He is faithful... Right, RIGHT!!! ;) LA

Win this Wednesday....& Ang, your Cat Prayer from Hell was Answered.

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Ok, it's on Saturday that you actually win...-- Tell all your bloggy Buddies about My Sweet Giveaway and dont forget to give a Klick For Keli ( Klick On Keli's name Below in My last Post) and then Check out My Bloggy Buddy Roll .. Check Back Daily for More Chances to Win!!! All Info and Rules are in My Last post... ;) Leah

We'll just got a delivery of a something that I know is going to really test my resolve..... I didn't realize what I was gtting into when I looked into the deep blue puppy dog eyes of the little girl who was pushing this racket, as she shared w/ me that she was very close to reaching her goal. How could I say no now, hmmmm, How? Well now the 2 tubs (3 lbs a piece )of White Choc & also Black & White COOKIE DOUGH are beckoning me!! How, How am I going to go about my daily buisness knowing that just beyond my freezer door lies pure -unadulterated- Most delish...... GET AHOLD OF YERSELF LEAH MARIE ALLEN...I just dont think can deny it---IF IT's WRONG I jUSt dont WaNnA be RIGHT!!! Pray for strength for me ya'll!! L.A

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hear Ye Hear Ye- I tell you I need your help & I get 8 reply's, but I tell ya I got pulled over & pee'd myself & I get nearly 30?!!

So I'm gonna try a lil different tactic.-some may call it brilliant, some may call it shady, whatever ya call it, I wanna see those replies rollin in-... As I mentioned before , I really want our friend Keli to win this contest ( we know she's the best) I would also really like for you all to get to know each other and maybe visit blogg's you havn't before. So I'm gonna offer up a lil incentive.... I found the most beautiful 3 candle hanging obra, It will look so wonderful all aglow with red candles on christmas eve - I got one for me & naturally one for you too!! ( Its a foot and some inches tall, smokey glass surrounds on three hanging tiered lamps- seriously CUTE, & larger than it looks in the pic!!) Ohhh, you say, and how do I go about winning such a de'light'ful gift so close to Christmas time??... We'll I'm glad you asked!!! I am having a contest- If you want to win this precious beauty, you must first go and give a click for Keli (Dream Imagine Live-please read the last post of mine for more info) then visit at least 3 of my trusty sidekicks listed on my blog roll to the right-And please tell them that I sent ya ;) --(The first 10 or so of you that arnt listed and would like to be, please let me know and I shall at once add you!!) Then return here and let me know you have completed the task ( you may visit My thread and 3 blog roll buddies once a day until Saturday Morning @ 10 am CST (but YOU CAN ONLY CLICK FOR KELI ONCE, so make it count ;).
At which time I shall count the replies and then the person that showed the most bloggy love and reported back here to let me know shall be the sole owner of this truly lovely lil Beaut!!
If there happens to be a tie, I will then put those names in a hat and the Hubbs shall draw the name... On Saturday afternoon I will post the winner , you can then email me with your address, & off shall go your sweet lil prize!! Sound like fun?? & please also check out other posts on my blog if you havnt already;) Okay Peeps, Yes Yes, Be sure & TELL YOUR Friends on your blog about my giveaway, and let the voting and replying begin!!