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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tis The Season...

Hot tub season that is! Today we got it all drained so now we have to get it all clean & ready.... Its the most wonderful time - of the year... Like the song says! Come one & all, I'll get the wine, ya'll bring your suits!~ Cept you Trace, you get Cider & to put your feet in!! ;0)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


There's NO LURKING ALLOWED YA'LL! IF YOU READ THESE - REPLY TO SAY YOU WERE HERE!! -& as Peyton would say" Thanks & have a God Blessed day" hugs

Ohhhh Sunny Florida....

I miss it. I don't necessarily miss 'it' persea, I miss my friends & our spiritual growth while we were there really. I also miss my routine. Meeting my friend Dawn for lunch & then a latte right around the corner from our church. I miss our friends Rachelle & John comming over on a Sat. to grill out & then stay late to watch a movie. I miss my friend Janice & meeting her & a few other ladies for a late dinner and some girl time. I also really miss our friends Jen & Jason & all the sweet time our familes shared. Well, John n Rachelle no longer I've in Fl, (although we are still very close, see them a few times a year). Same w/ Dawnie & I- still very close. (Now, she doesn't go to curch there anymore)...... And we now live in the same small town in Ok. as Jen & Jason, sadly though it seems the Lord had other plans for our friendship. 'Times & Things Change'.... Except for 3 constants; 1. Chris & I are doing better than ever, 2.we also continue to grow in our relationsip w/ God and 3. if any of you know me, you know I homeschool. I don't just do it, no one who homeschools just 'does it', we live it, love it. I'mmmmm not saying its for everyone, nor do I claim to be the best @ it, I simply know I am called to do it. My sweet friend I mentiond before (whom I dearly miss) is praying about homeschooling. I am a firm believer that if your praying about it- then your well on your way. I want to encourage anyone considering it, to"pray bout it" ;o)
Well, its a windyyyyy day here in Northeast Ok . & we ( Peyt & I ) are learning Phonics....( Pray fir us!!) So, off I go : tr-uck, truck! tr-ay, tray! tr-iain, train! Till next time! L.A.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, we have truely had a jam- packed week! My inlaws arrived on Wed. for the 3 birthdays, (as they do annually) then we were off to the races! We had 10 girls over Fri. night for the twins 13th, we then had a neighborhood wide treasure hunt, then various other activities which involved my planning and burning of calories, yeeeeehaw! . (I'm still pooped!) After which they camped out on our back lawn & partied well into the morning... On Saturday we had Peytons 6th, "Princess birthday party" which started here @ 5 pm then moved over to Justus where 5 "totally decked out" princess's got hair, makeup, nails & various other special treats! It is one they have yet to stop talking about, & won't soon forget! ( Peyton still has glitter in her hair& wore her new long pink beautiful, flowing gown (her words) for 2 days, we simply couldn't get her out of it! !) This morning we met my inlaws for breakfast, after which they headed back to Mi. (and I headed back home to lay in my room to just relax! Ahhhhh) . Its so nice that they get to come, we always really have a wonerful time, and the girls truely love seeing them (my mil seemingly bounds w/ energy, which was perfect for this weekend!) So now its "Back to life, Back to Reality" But I'll see ya back here soon, L.A

Friday, October 5, 2007

Is it love?

Seems to be a theme in my life right now. You know the bible says that "You can tell a man by his fruit". But it also says " The greatest of these is love". So how can the Lord remain in me and I in Him , if I don't have full forgivness and love?(cant have one w/ out the other)You think you love. . What does that mean really? That no matter what she does or says or no matter how many times you have realllyyyyy tried to "love" her & you are never enough, its never enough, nothing you can humanly do, or will ever do, will ever be enough, but you are to still "love"? ... So how then? Does that then mean that even tho I love, I don't have to be in fellowsip? But if I truely love, then wouldn't I be able to be? How can He remain in me, & I bear fruit, if no matter how hard I try, (over and over) I cannot seem to fully "love"?? I don't want to miss out on God, but this just simply eludes me "Yes, but maybe I was just to "love" for a season" Heard that one? These are just some of my thoughts... Be certain that He has heard these same lamitations..... I will report back when I have gotten word, and would surely take some "councel".... Feel free to email or call... 80) ........L.A

Monday, October 1, 2007

My precious friend....

I am hurting so much you for my friend. Along w/ the hurting, I am praying my heart out for you both. I know the fight your in right now, & words cannot express the sorrow and sadness I am feeling for you , but I want you to remember that God is so much bigger than this. I am praying "Peace" for you ..... In these battles we face in our lives, our peace is a mighty weapon. Your confidence declares right out loud that you are not falling for the lies of satan.The first step in having spiritual authoriy over our adversary is having peace 'inspite of' our circumstances. Remember whenever Jesus confronted the devil? He did not confront satan w/ His emotions or in fear, He knew satan was a liar, He refused to be influenced by any voice ther than God's. I'm praying that right now while your being pulled in so many different directions, that the only voice that you hear is the Lords. I'll talk to you this evening... I love you, L.A