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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ohhhh Sunny Florida....

I miss it. I don't necessarily miss 'it' persea, I miss my friends & our spiritual growth while we were there really. I also miss my routine. Meeting my friend Dawn for lunch & then a latte right around the corner from our church. I miss our friends Rachelle & John comming over on a Sat. to grill out & then stay late to watch a movie. I miss my friend Janice & meeting her & a few other ladies for a late dinner and some girl time. I also really miss our friends Jen & Jason & all the sweet time our familes shared. Well, John n Rachelle no longer I've in Fl, (although we are still very close, see them a few times a year). Same w/ Dawnie & I- still very close. (Now, she doesn't go to curch there anymore)...... And we now live in the same small town in Ok. as Jen & Jason, sadly though it seems the Lord had other plans for our friendship. 'Times & Things Change'.... Except for 3 constants; 1. Chris & I are doing better than ever, 2.we also continue to grow in our relationsip w/ God and 3. if any of you know me, you know I homeschool. I don't just do it, no one who homeschools just 'does it', we live it, love it. I'mmmmm not saying its for everyone, nor do I claim to be the best @ it, I simply know I am called to do it. My sweet friend I mentiond before (whom I dearly miss) is praying about homeschooling. I am a firm believer that if your praying about it- then your well on your way. I want to encourage anyone considering it, to"pray bout it" ;o)
Well, its a windyyyyy day here in Northeast Ok . & we ( Peyt & I ) are learning Phonics....( Pray fir us!!) So, off I go : tr-uck, truck! tr-ay, tray! tr-iain, train! Till next time! L.A.


Robby said...

I so know how you feel about missing friends in the state you left. I do that a lot on a daily basis. I so wish I could meet up with my friend Patty for lunch and hugs her once again. Meet her at Church and sit with her.
I pray for you daily in your relationships and may they grow 10 fold.
I Love you

Crystal B said...

You will get the phonics down took us a while here but Hanna got it lol. Hope the weather stays good and remember friends come and go the true ones you will know they will stick by ya no matter what. Have a great Friday:)