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Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, we have truely had a jam- packed week! My inlaws arrived on Wed. for the 3 birthdays, (as they do annually) then we were off to the races! We had 10 girls over Fri. night for the twins 13th, we then had a neighborhood wide treasure hunt, then various other activities which involved my planning and burning of calories, yeeeeehaw! . (I'm still pooped!) After which they camped out on our back lawn & partied well into the morning... On Saturday we had Peytons 6th, "Princess birthday party" which started here @ 5 pm then moved over to Justus where 5 "totally decked out" princess's got hair, makeup, nails & various other special treats! It is one they have yet to stop talking about, & won't soon forget! ( Peyton still has glitter in her hair& wore her new long pink beautiful, flowing gown (her words) for 2 days, we simply couldn't get her out of it! !) This morning we met my inlaws for breakfast, after which they headed back to Mi. (and I headed back home to lay in my room to just relax! Ahhhhh) . Its so nice that they get to come, we always really have a wonerful time, and the girls truely love seeing them (my mil seemingly bounds w/ energy, which was perfect for this weekend!) So now its "Back to life, Back to Reality" But I'll see ya back here soon, L.A

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