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Sunday, May 6, 2007

We went, saw, listend, grew & bought!!!

Boy that went to quickly!! Kathy and I went to OKC and stayed at her sisters home near there. She is so sweet, and about to pop!! (8 months pregnant!) We didnt make it to the first day of the convention, but were there bright and early yesterday morning. ( she really is a good driver, we didnt get lost even once!!! :)
I once again realized just how important as a home school parent, that you go to these things, and every time I do, God really impresses on my heart exactly why we do it... Its about Him and the love that we have for our babies. I hear moms say all the time like this " Its not for me, I need my free time.." Or " I think christian kids need to stay in the public school system" Or " I'm not smart enough to teach my kids..." There are many reasons why people don't feel like they are lead to do it... But there's only one reason why you should, because no one loves your kids or thinks them so valuable, impressionable, and precious as their Lord and the parents He gave them.
Its a call that not everyone is obediant to, & I know full well why; Like being a mother, its a thankless job, it impeeds on your schedule of things "you " have planned in your day, you never get a break (or so you tell yourself). Only a parent who truly knows that they were created to nurture the children God has blessed them with, and can lay all their selfish reasons and all the doubts aside to know that God never brings you to anything He wont get you through.....
If you even have a seedling growing in your heart about doing it, please just know, none of us are perfect, but we are created in His likness, and we are never alone.
Ask yourself one question: are your reasons for doing it selfish or for the children you love so much??.... Ill get off my soap box now... till next time!!


Traci said...

so glad ya had a good time and got home safely.
I am jealous!! I miss you guys!!!!

Mc Allen said...

I miss you too!!!!