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Monday, March 23, 2009

Is cause kansas blows and texas sucks?

I don't believe that for one minute, but we have had seriously hurricane force winds and some people here have a theory, and that's it... I grew up in Tx. have a lot of family there and miss it . Might even someday end up back there if the good Lords willing..
I miss you guys so much tho, I can't hardly take not hearing from you!!
God is so good to me. I haven't slept in 6 days, and finally slept last night. A group of ladies from my church are doing the bible study Esther ( I know, I do have a point in this lil story;) and last night one of my close friends called me and told me " You HAVE to do day one right now, it's about God keeping people awake when He is trying to deal with them about something!!" Well, I naturally had to go right away and get it. Sure enough, He had me snotty nose and sobbing in the first 5 minutes!!! I want to encourage any of you that aren't sleeping to please get this BM study and look at week six, day 1. This part of the study is where Esther told her hubby King Xerxes that she wanted to throw a party and asked if Haman would come as well.. Well, this was the night following that party and the King couldn't sleep. God revealed or rather used this time to unfold a turning point in the Kingdom. I don't want to give it away, but God was up to something HUGE. I have been wrestling with so many things lately. One is a life changing thing that has got me in it's grips & needless to say, I had a time with God last night... It was a good, draining time. I am hard headed and sometimes He has to just let me wrestle. He is so patient with me. Is there anything He is letting you wrestle with?Is it your babies, family, finances , your marriage? Well, He already knows the outcome you just have to release it so that He can work it out on your behalf.( Or so He told me last night. And I am seriously trying...)
How are you, whats going on in your world?? I Miss ya like crazy... I'm off to see what you been up to!!


Robyn said...

hmmm I'm not sure about the blocking aspect of blogging, I will research that for you.
I Miss you so much, and hope you can get that figured out.

Glad you were able to sleep, and that book is helping.

I'm back to school and struggling hard!

Robyn said...

Ok go to settings and click on that, then go to permissions and click on that and follow the directions on how to limit you readers to your blog.
Hope this helps!

Alicia said...

Hey girlie! So good to see you posting again!!!

I know it's hard to post things when you know for sure that certain people are reading it! You could make your blog private and only have invited readers have access to it.

Oh..and your bible study sounds awesome! We're studying the book of Hebrews right now, and boy, that is definitely a wake up call for any believer who could be falling away!!

Valarie Lea said...

I'v missed you too! If you need to talk just call, I might not have answers but I can listen and nod my head in the phone. :)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Yes, you can totally block someone from your blog. I will find you on facebook and send you how to do it. You have to know the users name tho.

I am glad that you are finally sleeping. I NEVER thought of that before..you are totally right and the whole Esther story totally hits home. We spoke on that at church in the last couple of weeks. Same thing when you are hungry....don't go grab food...grab GOD...someone once told me that and it is pivital!!!

Hope that everything is getting better !!!Glad to see you are blogging again!

Dr. Wifey said...

i am starting the Ester study next week, can't wait! God is good :)

Kam said...

So glad you're back!
Hang in there!

HeatherPride said...

In my case, it's my job. I have been praying for years that God would lead me to a job that allows me to be of service to others and feel fulfilled. I know He's listening, and I know it's all in His time, but the waiting gets exhausting!

Anonymous said...



Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!

kel said...

I've been missing lately too.. Glad you're back! missed ya!!!

Jo said...

so glad you are back I love your blog Elle and you are so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss ya call me

.Keli. said...

Leah honey, I am so behind in commenting cuz I'm to busy Facebooking you! Um, I was unaware of your struggles and I'm sorry! I loves ya!!! I'll pray for you too!

Now...would mind sharing with your good friend stuck here in Indy, the bible study materials that you are using? I would love to start.

Did I mention that my pet kissed your pet on FB??? Well she did...just thought you should know.