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Monday, February 9, 2009

Wow, 162 posts & Missed You!!

Hi Gang!! Well, I've never celebrated my post # before, & I just noticed that I have 162. Thats a good # to celebrate huh??
As some of you have noticed, I have been MIA. We have had a busy few weeks, & also going through some things with one of my daughters has honestly T totaled me.
You just arn't ever prepared for the choices that they start to make when they get to be a teen. She's been headed south lately & as a mom & someone that loves her , has dreams for her future, it's honestly overwhelming.
I'm taking some steps to get her help, but I just have no idea where to go from here.
So I'm here letting it out with you, my blogsphere bff's.
If you want to talk more about it & you have my didgits , just text me ;)
I also wanted to share with you all how great the womens retreat was that I went on. God is sooooo Goood. He knew I was stuck - some awesome things happend there.
One thing was that I kept teasing a girl that was a personal trainer to give away 5 free sessions , well she did & guess who won... THATS RIGHT I DID!! I tripped out & so did she. Well I met with her last Thursday & she told me that she wanted to offer me 3 months of training for FREE!! 12 weeks, no moola. I told ya He is good!!! She said she just felt like she wanted to do thast for me. I was blown away. On the flip side of that, she's having me keep a calorie journal... OMGash, its soooo difficult. I just tallied it all up since last Thurs. and I am now having an apple for dinner, lol!! I also got to do some very cool things like skeet shooting.. I rocked at it!! My shoulder ached after for 2 days but it was totally worth it... What a stress reliever...Here is a pic of me during one of the talks just being silly...
I have also put a bunch of new pix on Facebook - check em out ;)
 I have been tagged in the 4th of the 4th pic( you go through your 4th folder or page in your pic's and choose the 4th pic... by Mayberry so heres the pic..
This is a pic of myself (2nd on the right, black shirt) and 4 of my girlsfriends on a girl trip to Mexico!! Soooo much dang fun.....
I would love to have another one of these!! Anyone game for a few day's in our condo in SW. Florida right on the water?? ;)
I also have to choose 4 peeps so I choose
Dana My neighbor here in Ok.
And Last but by no means leastanother very special feller Okie
Jen of Living our own Fairtytale & is 10 weeks Pregnant! Yay JEN!!!
I'm watching the bachelor right now, quick, who do you think he will choose??
 I thought it was really wierd that Melissa 's family wouldnt meet him...
 What's up with that & what do you think he thinks about it??
Okay, well, I'm off to wrestlle with Lil P, she's on my bed and fiesty!!...
I hope you all have a teriffic Tuesday!!


kel said...

COngrats! I just celebrated my 160th!!

Elaine said...

So good to see you back. Wow, what a great story about the trainer, holy cow, what a great opportunity. God is awesome. Three months free, amazing.

So sorry to hear about your daughter, being a mom is so tough. I'll be praying for you guys.

Love ya,


Jill said...

162... I have a ways to go! Congrats!

I am glad you are taking some me time because you need it! With all the stress with the problems with your daughter you have to keep taking care of yourself.
I pray that things get better with her! :)

Valarie Lea said...

I have been wondering where you went!

The Thompson's said...

So glad you are back, you have for sure been missed! So glad you had so much fun and big congrats on the free personal trainer thing. They are SO expensive.

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are still going through a rough time with your daughter. I'll keep you in my prayers. Have fun with your personal trainer!

Robyn said...

Wow sorry to hear you are still doing the teen attitude thingy. I'm here if you want to talk.

Tabitha Blue said...

Congrats on that prize!!! That is AWESOME!! Can't wait to see how it goes. Good luck on the calorie journal.... those aren't easy, but soooo worth it!



HeatherPride said...

The retreat sounds awesome and 3 months of free training??? WOW!!! You will be one hawt mama (not that you aren't already!)!!

Ali said...

Free trainer? Awesome! Post 162? Woo hoo! Kid issues? We're here for ya:)

mayberry said...

Yay!!! You did the tag! You're awesome. Honey, I hope that everything works out with your daughter. I was a rebellious teen who was SO wrong....

My email is on my profile if you wanna talk about it.


Kam said...

Sweet friend, I have been wondering where the hockey you were! Parenting is so hard...parenting well is soooooooo hard! But I will pray for you!
Hold fast! God is good!

Traci said...

Yay on the 162nd post!!! I'm still there with you on the teen girl thing....sheesh.....I think I need to walk around w/ a blood pressure cuff on 24/7! The retreat sounds like fun....we are having ours on the 20th....I'm counting down the minutes!

Emily said...

Welcome back friend:) Ive missed you:)
Hope you get everything lined out with your daughter! Ill be praying for you guys!

Lindsey said...

Welcome back, missed you!

Briony said...

thanks for the sweet comment. that is awesome that you got 3months of training! How exciting...and by the end you will know exactly what you need to do so the trainer won't be necessary any more. I was part of a training program and I learned everything that was best for my body-type and everything I learned I apply on my own now.

As for your daughter, I will be praying for you. I mentor a group of 12 and 13yr old girls and some of the things that talk to me about blow my mind. I can only imagine what it would be like for it to be my daughter. Continue to love on her, and to encourage her to be her own person and find her identity in truth not in her friends or peers. So many young girls base their whole self-worth on what others think that they end up making unwise choices. Your daughter is lucky though because she has a mother that cares, that is more than a lot of kids now-a-days.