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Saturday, June 14, 2008

When life doesn't seem to be going your way,Gods got a much sweeter road ahead for you. - Corrie Ten Boom

"Ahhhhh". That's the emotion that reading the above quote envokes in me, if only I could truely embrace it. The road He has chosen, what does that look like? I thought it might maybe look a lil somthing like; married to my Godly man
(ok,1 down) 6 children, all serving God (I know, there's still time enough!) seeing (because I believe) His hand in miraculous ways, daily ,even hourly -The road I'm on looks long & winding, frought w/ old hurts healed & unhealed ( by Gods grace & love, on the way to mending)- new friendships budding- old friendships evolving , growing - & a less passionate love, deepening, healing , protecting , sticking. I could be in reference to my precious man, or to my precious Heavenly father- infact I'm refering to both. My husband was & is the love of my life. He has shown me (through his simple act of going through his daily life w/ me, side by side) what it is to trust & to love -completely. I don't know what lies around the next bend in the road, but I have the assurance that it can only sift, bless, grow, challenge & strengthen me, and my God will be there to carry, lead or walk side by side w/ me, & that's alright w/ me. What does your road look like? Are you truely able to lay "it" down & fully trust your God? I challenge you to look for Him daily in the little things. When you see Him in those, He'll knock your socks off when you are called to believe Him for the "Bends" in your road! Till next time- L A

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Dawn said...

Very nicely put and what great tribute to your husband. :)