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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gone Home...

I know Most of you have heard about Precious Haley, but I want to just take a moment to share some of what I have learned about her life and what she meant not only to our little town in NE Ok. but also to countless people all over this planet. We attended her funeral Wed. at the church we called home for 2 1/2 years and it was such a precious ceremony. The entire room was filled to overflowing, and the color pink was in full bloom (it was as we all know, her very favorite color) Haley was going to be 13 next month, she was a star on and off the soccer field, on the honor roll, student council, and truely loved by all. She was diagnosed w/ CF when she was 3 years old, but she never complained and she never let it get her down. Not only was she the ambassador for CF, she helped to raise over $100, 000 for CF research! As I sat to listen to what an amazing little person she was, I also watched a video stream of pics of her from her life I was so touched by not only what a beautiful girl she was but also just how much life she packed into those precious 13 years.. She was a serious warrior for Christ, & she believed w/ all of her heart that she was going to raise money and awareness for this disease, which she did. There were 2 people that rose to speak about her, the overwhelming theme of the day was her strength, courage but most importantly her possitive attidude, she was an encourager. Im going to now post somthing that was written and shared w/ all that were in attendance at the service, and I pray that it touches you the way it did me. We love you Haley, and thank you for sharing your love, courage strength and wisdom w/ all of us, you will not be forgotten..

Sitting on the knee of God
she looked into His face,
I know I have a job to do
Please send me to that place
And so He smiled down at her
and said, for yes its true
Now is the time for you to go
I am so proud of you
And so was born one August day
A precious little girl
Who came to show His love and grage
All across the world
She came to show us how to live
She taught us how to love
She showed us how to be strong
With her faith in God above
And all the while she suffered
She struggled just to breathe
But she had a job to do
And knew she couldnt leave
And so she reached across this land
To teach all that she knew
She touched so many hearts
Haley we are so proud of you
Take your wings and soar so high
Never be in pain
Gram is waiting just for you
Until we meet again
And when she entered through the gates
The angels singing loud
He looked into her face and said
You have made me proud.................

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