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Monday, September 8, 2008


Hi gang! Sorry, I've been so busy I know I've neglected my blogging. I've heard from a few of ya that you've come in looking & I've not been on.... Well let me tell ya what's been happening in the Allen home! I've got one of my babies starting her sophmore year, also has a ery hectic schedule playing ball for NOAH jags! Also teaching 2 8th graders & teaching lil P to read & add! I know, a lot of us are hitting it hard this year but honestly having 3 teens, their schoolin & schedule is a serious juggling act. I want to make so certain that I don't skim over teaching P because these times are just so special.Today we did word families. She really for the first time made some real progress & was really excited, sooooo was I! I've also been involved in helping to get a new academic co-op started & off the ground, that's been such a blessing! So now I'm just finding my rythm.We don't have a home computer so I do all my net from my Instinct but soon I'll have the net ! Then I promise,I'll post pics & be more creative ;) If you want to see pics of the gang, check us out on facebook! Leah M Allen! Till next time, LA


Anonymous said...

Hi, its MM and yay is right!I'm just so happy your back in action!!! I know you've been going through some really trying personal stuff, but you, I, God and anyone who knows you know the truth.I truely wish we lived closer now so that I could encourage you but you are such a special person and I want you to cling to the truth of what Gods word says!!! Thanks for shareing your days here! Everything happens for a reason, just believe!!

Jo said...

Glad you got back to blogging and your facebook pics are awesome!!!