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Friday, April 20, 2007

Well, The Good Lord strikes again!!!

We are going to Collide Fest this June (its a concert where 30 of the hottest christian artists will preform for 3 days, there are speakers and you camp out) The tickets are somewhere around $9o? apiece, (we will also drive to Tx.) So we have been trying to budget it, knowing God would provide... (He has shown and daily shows us sooooo much favor) Well, Mom was listening to a local Christan station this morning, & was asked to call in w/in a few minutes to win tickets to the event.
I get a call whilst I'm waiting in line @ the post office this morning, & she very excitedly (screaming into the phone, while in the background the girls are running around like a, what is it , tribe of Indians!?!!) & proceeded to tell me that she has won 35 tickets (which includes camping) to the festival!!! So we are now taking 20? of our closest friends and family!!!
I'm serious, I am blown away.........God Is so Good!!!


Traci said...

Does that mean we are invited? I mean you did say your closest friends! :)

Mc Allen said...

if you can get here, you are absolutley invited!!! ♣ COME ON!!!

Mama Cakes said...

You rock! You are on a streak, I mean the necklace now 35 tickets!! You bring good luck to the people around you. (Not that I believe in luck)
Sounds like a fun time! Congrats!

o'vanderveer said...

where in texas? prob dallas huh? sure would like a pretty invitation.