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Sunday, April 15, 2007

MY Required Read....


It is my Hope that any of you that read this realize that these are my own interpretations of reality & that I can in no way be held liable for the content being "Accurately depicted" on this blog. It is completely @ the discretion of my own creative depiction and I am in no way saying that any of my ramblings that are posted here is the "Truth and nothing but the Truth" .... In fact, I would say that 89 % of it is reality, and the rest is simply my "Version"of the truth.... In other words: I may at times stretch, shall we just say, reality, in order to interject humor into what might seem a "Not~ So~ Funny" happening.... Comprende?? Furthermore, If your reading to much into my bloggings, this might not be your cup~o~tea..... It is my hope however that you grab a drink (pop, tea, water, whatever you prefer) kick up your feet, come and hang out with me in "The day's of my Life". Please also be sure weather your my bff, our family, my ex , his lovely new wife, my girls nana , or just a passer by, to please post comments and let us know what you think of our little place here.... I hope to see you on the blog, ☻ L

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