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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Well, that got me nowhere....

I guess the neighbors might be the type of parents that really dont think their kids are capable of shooting a gas line with a bee~ bee gun, and then covering it up by placing gift wrapping tape over the hole. If it were me I would be like "Ok, hand over the gun" then I would have them march their little butts over there to wash windows, fold some laundry, sweep the lawn , warsh the dog , somthing.

Days like these ( by that I mean, days where my kids are up walking around, all ho hum, taking 2 hours to have lunch, walking the dogs 15 times in the last 3 hours, putting fake nails on Peyton MY 5 YO, giving me an update on how Kait is doing on mowing the yard every 5 minutes, and bickering about whose toenail polish is pinker) makes me want to head right back off to MEXICO!!! Any Takers???

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