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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Im done, hook line and sinker!!!

We went out and about today, down to Skiatook, across the dam, went out to the camping area by the lake then out to Sperry... You know, just crusin along checking out our beautiful surrounding areas that we hadn't yet seen. Then we came back towards town across HW 75 . As it turns out, they were having some open houses in a community that I will now refer to as
"Where we now live" (we don't yet, I'm just prophesying) We walked through 4 models, and Im telling you right now, one was stolen from my very dreams~Copper down spouts, peakes and all... I cant even describe the eerie feeling as I climbed through the window to unlock a door that was so very obviously mistakenly locked ( after all, there were ribbons and flyer's tied to the mail box, and strung from the garage to the street was infact flags eluding to the fact that indeed they were encouraging us to " Come on in" ...) So as I'm scurrying across the gynormous great room to let the rest of the family in, I let out a shrill scream alerting the rest of my clan to my utter sheer extaticism (emphasis mine) as I round the corner to see what shall now be deemed as " My master bedroom" and see the beautiful stacked rock fireplace.... As surely as I'm sitting here, Chris and I ( mostly me, and very seldom him) will speak of little else... Check back in the next few days and see my comments after I call tomorrow and ask to be "Shown" the models that the doors couldn't be pried open and locks picked with a hair pin or a credit card....☻


Mama Cakes said...

You are a crazy woman! I wish I could've seen you climbing through the window. What a sight that must have been. What neighborhood is it in?? Can't wait to see your new dream home. Lylas, Kathy

Mc Allen said...

Hey, you want to go with me tomorrow and check them out??? Chels say's she will hang out with maddy and nate @ no cost to us, heheheee, call me!!☻