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Thursday, April 5, 2007

No It Aint!!!

Well, as I sit here & look out of the window to my left, what do I see?? In the Month of April... You know, when birds are a singing, flowers a growing, sun is a shh.............. SNOW??? Yes , it is in fact SNOWING here in our Southern Sate of Oklahoma. Its so cold infact that our dog wont bark inorder to try to conserve her body heat ( if she aint barking, its serious!!)
Somthing my dear friends is at hand, and it occurs to me that somwhere towards the end of the little book that some of us live by (our daily bread) it refers to these types of things happening in our weather as a sign. I aint saying it is, I aint saying it isnt, but I am sayin its lookin mighty fishy...Thats all I'm sayin... You feelin me????

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