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Friday, April 6, 2007

Me and My Gang!!!

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Kelly said...

I finally got to read your blog!! I love it, you are cracking me up!! It's late so I'm trying to control myself so I don't disturb the peace here, as soon as I make a noise it's all hell breaking loose with the dogs and then up come the chillins...and so on...Now that I know how to find this, I'll stay up to date on you and yours! By the way, I didn't tell Traci the other day that I thought you were mad at me and that's why you weren't calling, I said I thought you "fell out of love with me!" and I promise I was only kidding! (I forgot to tell Traci that too, so she can just read it here. :) I love you and miss you, CRAZY girl!! :) Lylas, Kelly