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Friday, April 6, 2007

I smell somthing... It aint bacon!!

I have questions, soooo many questions..... Well, here I sit , just minding my own business when suddenly I get a wiff ... Ummm, I cant describe sactly what it smells like, but let me just say this, " Im no longer hungry..." So please, let me ask this question... " Why is it that you can take the dog out every 20 minutes, and as soon as you come in they " go"...??? When I get to ask questions one day , you know, up yonder, I wonder if that will be one I think about asking... I hafta write it down, otherwise I wont remember it. Thats another thing, when was it that my memory went? One day I'm just minding my own business , remembering things from like as far back as infancy, (ok, might not have been that far back....) and just like that~whamo, I cant even tell you where in the world my keys went to, or remember to get t.p @ the store when its the very thing that I went there for... I honestly think if my thirties are any indication, I am in deep doo~ doo in the next half of my life...Actually Chris and the girls are , cause I just know, I'm going to be the one in my 70's that wonders off , in the middle of the day in my slippers and bathrobe to check the mail and end up at down @ the neighbors swimming pool , naked with a bar of their soap and a wash rag, yelling for someone to bring me a towel. Needless to say, its scary in here (my head that is) This is a cry for help, and if your reading this, just say a little prayer for all of us. Tune in next time, maybe I'll have more questions ~Hugs.....☻

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