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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot tub hotties

Hot tub hotties
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We had framily ( friends that are like family, my word) over for dinner last night and these lil hotties couldnt wait to hit the hot tub!!Here they are last night chilaxin in it.. First is Chels, lane, lil P and Kens. They even put a tube in to float around on...I really likie the hot tub, but Big A isnt a huge fan so I don't get to get in much, (also, its not real nice to his lil swimmers :( )but believe me, it gets alot of use. P seriously will ask to get in when it's like 70's out but its much nicer in the 50's, like now!! This family that was over moved here from out of state and our families are very close. Her lil one and my P are thick as thieves. Its just been one of the many things I've seen God do and I am so in awe and continiously reminded of how His plans are far better than anything we can strategise! What a relief huh, cause I have been known to get in His way and make a mess ;) . This time of the year is may FAV, even the brisk air has a special feeling not to mention the beautiful leaves and gettin out the hoodies ( a real celebration here in the Allen house.) If you will, please share with me what are some of your fondest things about this season, and Happy Fall Ya'll ... LA


Robyn said...

The girls look like they are having a great time, I wish I had a tub to climb in everyday.
My favorite fall times of the year were in Oregon, with the warm days and the east winds. Here in Alaska fall doesn't last long before the cold snow washes it away.

love hot tubs said...

I love sitting in the hot tub with crisp air all around. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to running back into the house in the crisp air after though!

Anonymous said...

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