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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey, where's my Aunt Jodi???

Have you guys seen John and Kate Plus 8? Well, God love her, she has her best friend Jodi right around the corner. On Friday's Jodi comes & gets all of the kids so that Kate can have a break. She sometimes will keep all 8 kids overnight!!! She go's on trips with them to help out, she calls in the evenings to see how Kate is doing, she cooks dinner & has Kate over ,they just sit and chilax... . She and Kate have a wonderful relationship, never get competitive, always say nice things about one another. Yep, I'm jealous. I want an Aunt Jodi!!!
OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Okay, so I'm writing this & I do a google search for a pic of aunt Jodi to put on here-you wont believe what I found- I'm totally shocked- here's a video clip of Aunt Jodi crying because of all the fall out from what has been touted as Kate thinking that she comes off looking better than her on the show, & also Discovery Channel offered Jodi $ to be on the show to which Kate says NO WAY-That only her family can receive money for the filming of this show . Read one or read them all, it's up to you.. I found it interesting.
Here is part of a letter about it:
... http://www.supernannyrules.com/jon-and-kate-plus-eight-aunt-jodi-on-a-blogging-warpath/
And here's a video about it from Aunt Jodi:
And here is the blog she refers to, where all of this is talked about by Aunt Jodi's sister:
Gheesh, I really thought they were tight as the spandex on a cycle cop making his usual rounds at Duncan Doughnuts...
( Umm, I apologize in advance if you are one, or are married to one :)
What are your thoughts on all of this & as usual, am I the last to know???
Oh yes, & sweet Jodi when your ready to talk , I'm here for you girl - stay strong!!
** & on the prom dress front, my instinct doesn't have a flash so I wasn't able to take pics :( but as soon a we have some options, I'll post them.
Thanks to all of you that replied to my post!! ;)




I know I know,, ok I have the blog on my blog as well, a friend of mine is a friend of jodies and things are not all how they seem on the show, now i can relate yes kate has alot on her plate but jodie btw is hewr sister in law and they jon and kate already moved like 7 months agao way before christmas they mored to i think noth carolina and they got a huge house with lots of space so forth well jodie was a sanit and took care of the kids and a fight happened with the two in refence to money and kate cutthem out of the whole show ect ..... i saw the viedo her sister has a blog and we all know kate she can have her moments and scream hello no one is perfect,, but jodie always seemed to be a loving help to kate and went to teh opera shoh ect.. well they are long gonme they use to like 5 house's down and now they are in north carolina, next monday they show the new house and the inside ect.. jon is wroking for a new comapny , i supose but they have written two book ect.. so things arent as they seem she has tonz of helo and she has a cook maid ect.. they make enough money and are invited to those trip and do not pay so they do very well... they get lots of help with gifts and so forth .. well what ever they do i hope they all are happy and maybe kate can calm down a bit since she is not near jodie now.. thats what I know.. I love watching to see the kids grow up....

chacha said...

Seriously!? Wow. I do watch the show from time to time and I wasn't sure about Kate's personality, but now I can see that she he a wee bit of a nasty streak.

That's very selfish of her to not to let Discovery Channel pay Jodi for being on the show. Yes, it's her 8 children, but, Jodi is a friend helping her out, a character on the show getting zero compensation while Kate gets both the help and all the money.


JODIE IS HER SISTER IN LAW SHE IS FAMILY , ITS SO SAD, BUT ITS' TRUE IT WAS OVER MONEY AND JODIE SAID I DON'T CARE BUT KATE WENT OFF ON HER AND HAS A REAL TEMPER WHICH WE ALL KNEW .... POOR JODIE THEWRE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES BUT THE SIDE THAT KATE ALWAYS SHOWS IS NOT SO PLESENT t all even to her husband, I always say jon is a saint to put up with her , i hate the hello jon i can use your help talks to him like a servent a dog.

and sosorry my compputer is doing ity again with the caps grrrrrr

Jill said...

You know I have watched every single episode and I have always felt that Kate was horrible to Aunt Jodi! That woman has bent over backwards for Kate and has been treated with no respect. Did you watch the gumball episode when Kate FLIPPED out that Jodi gave them gum. Kate should be ashamed of herself.. thinking she is the BEST mother in the worlds. I love the show but Kate is a bit like Hitler don't you think?? How many people are the Gosslins going to take from their kids lives because they didn't agree on something. It's not healthy or fair for the kids!

*Keli* said...

#1 I've missed talking to you! : )
#2 I love that show! I always said I wanna be Kate when I grow up. But she can be a little hateful! But we all can! I love their honesty and the show seems REAL! And I did see the gumball show and that was rediculous! She is a little weird with Jodi and Jodi should get some $$! Why not??? Ugh!

JanaBanana said...

I watch the show from time to time too... my biggest complaint is how they allow Mady to act like such a brat! That little girl needs a serious arse whoopin! :)I never heard about the Jodi fiasco either?

Anonymous said...

I actually don't watch this show on a regular basis. I have turned it on when nothing else is on. I think that's terrible to treat someone badly that is helping you out.

Stephanie said...

I've known about all this for awhile, after doing my own investigating. There's a lot of other stuff about Jon and Kate that no one knows. Check out www.gosselinswithoutpity.blogspot.com.

Annie said...

Time for themtogo off air and return to normalcy. The show is always so similar anyway!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

I was reading all the stuff a few months back but it was affecting my like of the show, so I stopped reading the behind the scene gossip! I'd rather bury my head in the sand.

Alicia said...

I've never watched an episode but I was always curious about it! Now it seems more interesting! LOL

lagirl said...

I found this very interesting. I always watch the program, and have even been to hear Kate speak locally. Hmmmm. I have often wondered that they seem to have no relationship with extended family. Too bad.
Thanks for the links.

DeeBee said...

I was a fan of Jon and Kate and then I got tired of her being so rude to him and everyone else. Has she gotten worse? Anyway, I'm not surprised by the Aunt Jodi ordeal.

On a side note, you will definitely have to come to our next blogger get-together. All the girls were really great and like you said, much closer than your other blog groups.. how did that happen? lol.

Another side note: I love Edward Cullen!! OMG!!

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Dana said...

Hey fellow okie. I came across your blog and thought this would be a good blog to follow. You seem like such a nice gal. Love your words. The roads are still iced over enough there is no school again tomorrow in Stillwater. Your area really got hit hard with ice.
I'm sipping on hot tea and have a large blanket across my lap.
I have my faucets dripping and plenty of patience tonight. Hopefully we will get above freezing tomorrow. Be careful and keep warm. Will write again soon~ Dana

Anonymous said...

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