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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's the big deal?

Ok so I live in a house w/(counting me) 5 women (hence the blog addy) & we are heading south to Texas for a long weekend w/ the girls. Well there has been a series of pickin out outfits, warshin clothes, & packin for the last 2 days now. ( & that's just the girls) We leave tomorrow around 10 am & I havnt even opend my suitcase yet. Well we are eatin Tacos for dinner & the girls start talking about loading the car (its 7 pm!!!) to which I say" I havnt packed yet & still have stuff washing " OMGAW, you should have seen their faces. I had to leave the room cause of the rucus that broke out - they are ovbiously extremely concerned!! So it got me thinking, maybe I'm the one that's abnormal!? Well now I have to know, ladies are you a last minute packer or do you plan & take days to get ready for a trip? Alright, I've got to get finished puttin my sundries in my overnite bag! Till next time! LA


Robyn said...

I pack for days so I'm ready.
Hope you are done with yours by 10 am.

Dawn said...

Ummm... well, uhhh, I sorta wait until the night before! ;)

We are headed to Texas this weekend as well. Although, we aren't leaving until Friday evening. Sooooo, I'm guessing by Friday morning I'll be packed! LOL

I do wish I were more motivated, organized, inspired, something!!!!

Crystal said...

I pack for days getting ready I have the car packed night b4 we leave. I so want to have everything in car so I don't forget something lol.