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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Phantom Mystery Spot Does Exist!!

Its a real phenom @ casa Allen! The girls have chores & as typical teen girls, they don't do them properly- they do just enough to get by.Well today Chris had had it- Syd sprayed ant spray , left the jug sitting in the corner on the floor & dead ant carcus's were all along the wall in the kitchen left there for goodness knows how long... So @ first noone would admit who did it (we have soooo much of "no one did it" round these parts- its an epidemic actually!) Chris then said" well, your all three loosing your cell phones for a week then- because this is getting ridiculious! Suddenly, Syd realizes that hmm, it may have been her, but that the sand & surf of Gaveston for the past 4 days might have affected her memory. I sat w/ my mouth literally agape! ( they will w/ out hesitation, resort to anything to shirk responsibility) Needless to say, I then wrote an entire list of things they have to accomplish by 4 pm. As I write this, I smell the sweet odor of pine & hear the vaccume a runnin! Oh Happy Day!

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Crystal B. said...

Lol ya know how fast it is that the memory comes back when stuff is taken away lol. I love all the excuses here as well. Oh how I wish I could convince mine to just do the chores the right way! ugg hope ya have a great day!