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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New year, I'm here!

Hi peeps! Well I'm posting this from my Palm Pre in the middle of an ice storm, so we'll see if it works! I wonder if any of you know if you can post pics on here from a mobile? Anywho, I just returned from NM. My mom found a lump so off I went. We just got the results back & Praise God, it was just a tumor! Things have been crazy here as usual when anyone has 3 teen girls @ home! Kait has a boyfriend- whom we really like!  - (God-is-so-very-faithful! ) We also really like his parents, which is such a nice bonus! Man, I can hear the sleet hitting the window right now! Brrrrr! The girls just went on their church ski trip last week. They had so much fun but were sore! The place they went is only 5 or so hours away & we are thinking of maybe going back before winter is gone. Everyone seems to hate this time of year (including hubbsie) but I just love it & I really can't explain why, but for you I'll try :). Theres just somthing about bundeling up ( scarves, gloves & nice warm fur boots) & feeling the snow on your face. Looking out the window & everything is covered in white!. Makes me feel all warm & cozy inside- nevermind the excuse it gives me to make a fire ;). What's your favorite part of winter? Or are you one that just wants it to hurry on by? %ve missed you guys & what's happening in your world (although a good number of you are friends of mine on FB ;) so I'm gonna get going & pop around to your places & see what's up wicha! (also lil P has just asked me to start a fire. How could I say no to that :) LYLAS/B. & stay toasty warm! LA



aww thank you so much for taking teh time to stop by , please coem back again. . i LOVE YOUR BLOOGY TOO, IT IS RELAXING! HUGS GOD BLESS YOU MICHELLE


JUST SENT YOU A FRIEND REQUEST ON FACEBOOK ..... HOW is your mission work doing ? what is new ? nhow is the adorable family !

Robyn said...

It's so good to see ya blog! I love ice storms to other than the road if I have to go out!
I Luv you

Maria said...

So glad you're back!!
Missed ya!
Glad to hear things are well, and what an AWESOME work God did for your Momma!

Alicia said...

Hey there! Yes, I believe you can post pictures via your mobile!

We don't get snow around here, but I'm sure we would love it too!!!!

I'll have to look you up on FB! I'm going to see if you have a link here on your blog!

Missed you too!

蚵仔麵線Jeff said...